Offering a few free photo readings

  • upload a photo of the subject of what you want to know more about and I will give you more insight as to what you are seeking.. I can do all kinds of readings sometimes it comes to me right away and sometimes I will need a little time to meditate and I will get back with you as soon as i can. I have been doing readings for quite a while and would love to help anyone in need .

    Grouchygranny1-aka (YellowMoon)

  • Hi grouchygranny/YM! Thanks for offering these readings! I'm including a photo of myself and a friend--I'm curious as to some more insight about our friendship (as you can see from the photo, we're opposite genders but both of us are g*ay), I suppose your general impression of our relationship, and/or any insight on either of us as individuals. I have had this photo read before, and I wish I had a more recent one with a different setting (this was the last time we saw each other).

    Thank you again! 2010/0820101406.jpg

  • Hi Hon, I am glad to help in any way. I am picking up so much energy from the young man. He is very strong hearted, has great willpower,and is a very Loving person. I can see that you two love each other very much,be it as friends or whatever. When I concentrate on him I keep hearing the word Phoenix. Perhaps maybe he moved there, or was born there . You are a strong person as well, but tend to hide your fears. I see fear and sadness in your eyes. You are a go getter and dont give up on things, but you must put your fears behind you. Let them go. This is the only way you will be free. I sense that you are in pain. Also sense frequent headaches. I dont know if this is much help, but I truly believe the Phoenix is very important. Let me know if I can be of any more help. Love and Blessings, GG/ aka Yellowmoon

  • "When I concentrate on him I keep hearing the word Phoenix."

    Very interesting. I have some theories, but I'll definitely keep it on my radar and see if it comes up at all in our relationship. I'm pretty curious myself!

    "You are a go getter and dont give up on things, but you...tend to hide your fears."

    Caught! I won't even deny it, lol. But I DON'T give up on things either. That can be a good and bad thing...usually turns out to be good.

    "I sense that you are in pain. Also sense frequent headaches."

    Do you mean physical pain? I've been experiencing some minor health problems that sometimes are painful. And definitely, with a ton of school, life, money, and family stress on me as of late, I've had quite the string of headaches the past couple weeks lol!

    Thanks again! It's been very helpful!

  • Attached is my photo. Anything you pick up regarding career and love is appreciated. Just started dating Virgo. Wondering if hes the "one" for me.

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  • I need insight on being on my own and someone I care for

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  • I am trying to upload photo again. Anything on career and love is appreciated. Just started dating a great guy and wondering if he is the one I'll grow old with.

  • If you wouldn't mind reading my picture and giving me any insight into my love life and career future (I'm in grad school right now.) Thank you!

  • Sorry it didn't post. I'll try it again lol 🙂

  • Glad I could help !! Take care of yourself and take time to relax and meditate. You know the Phoenix could mean that he is going to rise again,I am not sure of the meaning,but I heard the word repeatedly. You are a very strong person and will go far in this lifetime.. I will keep trying and see if i can come up with the meaning of Phoenix, or something else..

    Have a Blessed day..GG

  • Hi grouchygranny1, just wondering if you could give me some insight,

    I posted my picture in page 1.

    Thanks so much in advance, 🙂 Have a nice day!!

  • Hi Grouchygranny1,

    Please tell, what do you 'see' here? Photo approx a year and a half old.

    Thank you very much! I appreciate your effort/insight 🙂

  • Sorry here is the pic; had trouble attaching b4. Hope this one works.

  • Having trouble here with upload 😞

  • ~Hi there, grouchgranny!!

    ~It's very kind of you to offer to read for us.

    ~Well, here are pic's of me and someone I'm getting involved with. What do you think about us as a couple?

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  • .....and here's me

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