Ex-Cancerian Male Friend.........?

  • I posted about him (My Cancer FWB Dumped Me) a while ago. I've been keeping my distance since.

    Found out he's leaving out agency a few wks. ago (we worked together).

    After he "de-friended" me, INITALLY-he ignored me. Then, as the days went on, I would catch him staring at me. One day I'm walking in the hallway, and so was he. He stared at me, following my gaze as I walked by...looked to see if "people were watching", then gave me a slight head nod. I spoke, and kept walking. Seems like after that, he was feeling 'comfortable': he saw me in the halls again, this time, craking a joke about my walk ("you walk like you're on the runway"-his words). Then, as I was leaving the office, he saw me and held out his hand. I gave him a handshake without blinking an eye. Then today (which is his last day in the office), he saw me. As I was walking, I said "Bye! Best Wishes!"--he holds out his arms......like, for a hug. I don't know if I should've, but I did. Totally unexpected for him to do that.

    Do they (Cancerian men) do this? Considering he's the first for me (I'm a Taurus), I don't know that much about them........was he acting like this b/c he was leaving? Why would he do it at ALL?

    Any input is greatly appreciated. :))

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