Psychic needing healing and assistance.

  • Hello everyone, first of all to those of you who are psychic, please try to connect with me and tell me what I am doing wrong in my life. Tell me what psychic gifts I have and how to best use them. Tell me anything you can see or feel about me. Also, Please pray for healing of my body. I had surgery for a herniiated disc and still am in very much pain and found out that I also have copd. Please pray for this to go away so that I can use my gifts as God planned for me. Thank you so much....Grouchygranny aka Yellowmoon

  • GG, I feel you are gripped by an intense fear of being your true self and revealing who you really are and what you believe to the world, but also a fear of not being noticed, of disappearing and nobody caring or even realisiing you are gone. You must come out of the closet you have locked yourself in and risk exposure through facing your first fear in order to resolve the second fear.

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