Emotions~are they really mine from deep within or aquired from others

  • Hello everyone!

    I have never had the need or guts (for lack of a better word) to start or ask a question of my own. But today seems to be my day!

    We all know that feeling you get when we have that awful gut feeling something is wrong or is not going to be favorable. And my intuition is usually correct and I find out sometime during the day that can verify that feeling. Well today is no different. I just feels like it is really hyped. My heart is racing, my leg won't quit bouncing, my hands are shaking and I just can't concentrate. I even started crying at a point in my morning for who knows what reason.

    And since I am new and really wanting to find out more about me and how to handle things-How can you tell if it is your feelings (maybe things that you are ignoring for some reason) or feelings you may be picking up from the ones around you. Is this too deep and personal of a question to ask? Is it really based more on the individual? I really don't even know what to ask. Just kinda lost. Sorry

  • aqua2378,

    Is this too deep and personal of a question to ask? No.

    Is it really based more on the individual? No.

    I really don't even know what to ask: you are just overburdened, too much stress.

    Though fully aware of the danger that lies on the narrow path ahead, be fully commited to move forward. The future is uncertain.

    You are asleep and part of the whole world. You have known the sleeping mind within yourself; you do not know the awakening within yourself. You know only one dimension of your being; you are ignoring the other dimension.

  • P.S.:

    The Emotions are really yours from deep within.

  • yes, its possible to pick up on other peoples negative emotions, if your surrounded by discord and negativity. Try using a sage smudge stick, or clear quartz crystal to clear the negative energy. Visualizing white light and meditation helps too. Try to examine the reason for your feelings. Good luck.

  • for Aqua, they are your emotions from deep within. learn to accept those feelings, and once you do, you will be able to deal with them. what is really bothering you. I am picking up anxiety over YOUR future.. no one elses.

    Best wishes, sunny

  • Thank you everyone so much!

    I am going through tough emotions right now for some reason. They seem to have sprung up from nowhere. I know that I am deeply fearful of falling in love again. So worried that it will be the wrong one and he won't be everything I want. I'm afraid that I will hate pieces of him. I fear that these pieces will make me unhappy and I won't want to leave the commitment and I will feel trapped. I think I am also so much more fearful of being abandoned and not loved the way I need.

    This seems to be a pattern in with the people I have in my life. They let me down and disappoint me so easily. I very much need to find the one that can be everything I want when I feel I need it.

    Hanswolfgang-I guess with all the confusion in my head, can u help clarify your second paragraph for me?

  • aqua2378

    Somehow you asked the questions that I also asked in my topic and I liked all answer here!

    It really helps me to went through difficult time .....

    Peace and Love

  • aqua2378,

    clarify your second paragraph for me? let your inner man and your inner woman meet and fall in love with each other, because the outer is only a big mirror of your inner world.

    A wise woman falls in love only once, then she knows everything about it. She penetrates the whole mystery, she lives the whole mystery of it, she moves into its world, but so totally that not even a corner is left unlived. Then she comes out of it. Then there is no question of falling in love again – she has lived and she has known. She has become wise through experience. A foolish woman will repeat the same thing again and again and again, and will never be able to learn anything from it.

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