Can you help me to understand my dream

  • Two nights agoI dream that I was with my girlfriend and we were walking as if in a tunnel. As we went around a corner I saw a big Brown Paper bag. My girlfriend bent over to touchthe bag even though I tried to hold her back. As soon as she touched the bag it started to vibrate for as long as she touched it. While this was happening I then saw two laides dressed as if they were nurses in green uniforms and white nurses cap. Then I looked back at my girlfriend who was still holding on to the bag she also was now dress in the green nurse-like uniform. This is puzzling me so much as I never had this kind of dream before which was so clear as to who was involved. Then last night I was in this big hospital-like building on the Ground Level which seemed to be recently painted in Bright Blue then I now saw an ex-coworker leaving the hospital with her daughter, but she seemed to have had one of her leg amputated as she was now walking with crutches. her daughter was close behind with a very big bouquet of bright red roses mixed flowers. (Note this coworker is having problems with he knee, not that serious for amputation though). Help!!!!! what is happening to my life? Do you think I might be lucky in winning some money soon?

  • Hospitals

    Hospitals really bother us a lot. We are exposed to them at many levels in our own lives and through media and entertainment. Whether you are the patient or the visitor, no one wants to be there. Yet to dream of a hospital is not uncommon.

    As often as not, hospital dreams have little to do with sickness. However, in many hospital dreams, we have good reason to be there. They break down into dreams involving the emergency room, general care, intensive care, being unable to leave, and receiving nonsensical treatment in them.

    Emergency room dreams have more to do with the well-being of significant persons and relationships than the emergency room itself. Many times, people involved in emergency room dreams are worried (excessively) about the people coming to see them or the person they are going to see in the hospital.

    General care dreams reflect our sense of needing or being needed by others. Differentiated from the above dream, general care dreams do not reflect a crisis-level anxiety, but more of a dependent lifestyle. The relationship in a hospital is a one-way flow from care-giver to patient. This is a picture of dependence.

    .Intensive care is a place of danger and, at times, release. We all understand that the really sick people are there. It may be that you are needing to let a person go, especially the chronically ill. It may also be a place that reminds you of someone who has already passed.

    Being unwilling to leave the hospital may show that you are ambivalent about facing the world independently. For the nuisance that the hospital is, it is also a place of intense care and support. The nature of your illness may be a metaphor for the aspect of your life where extra care and support are needed.

    Receiving nonsensical care in the hospital is often a way of working out or illuminating unbalanced needs or demands in life.

    Everybody is paying attention to something you feel is unworthy of notice. Or, conversely, nobody will treat you for what you perceive to be the true problem. This can be truly funny if, for example, you acquire a large growth that strikes you as perfectly normal, but concerns others. It may become an object of obsession for numerous doctors, some of whom you may recognize as a boss from work, a romantic partner, a peer from some sort of leisure pursuit, etc. The darker version of this is feeling genuinely ill and being unable to receive treatment for it

    Green - fertility, renewal, wealth (greed, envy)

    White - purity, wholesomeness, sacred ritual (emptiness)


    Most of the time, we dream of colors because visually we live in a colorful world. However, when those colors become prevalent or unusual in the dream, they may be an interpretive object in themselves. This is especially true if an entire dream setting in is different hues of a particular color or if a significant object seems unique for its coloring.

    Since many colors have archetypal feelings and emotions attached to them, the approach taken by Jung is often helpful. However, it may be that a particular color transcends a Jungian meaning because of an experience you have had with it. If Jungian types do not fit, try freely associating significant objects from your waking life with the same color as the dream object for meaning.

    Color - positive meaning (negative meaning)

    Blue - nobility or tranquillity (depression)

    Black - power (death or mourning)

    Brown - Earth, nature (scatological)

    Gray - neutral (passionless, death)

    Green - fertility, renewal, wealth (greed, envy)

    Red - sacrifice, sex (carnality, taboo sex, humiliation, physical injury)

    Orange - adventure, change (forced change, disruptiveness)

    Purple - royalty, positive personal growth (injury)

    Yellow - enlightenment, (cowardice, illness)

    White - purity, wholesomeness, sacred ritual (emptiness)


    You may be trying to slow down your pace or lack the means to make speedy progress. Walking is a dichotomous symbol in that it can be both frustrating and relaxing to walk.

    Walking is much more of a discovery-oriented journey than driving, flying, or other modes of transit. When walking, you are forced to experience your environment in much more detail since you are moving through it so slowly. To walk in a dream, especially if your perceived destination is far off, may indicate that you are missing some of the pleasure life has to offer by fixating on destinations, rather than on journeys.

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