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  • I'm new to this forum and came across Dangla and was hoping you could read for me like you did for others. I was wondering if there is any new hope for my love life soon. There are men in my life, but I feel like they just want to play games and are all talk and no action. Any insight would be very much appreciated. My DOB is 10/31/1974

  • Hello Holly

    Your perception on the men around you is 100% correct. There is nothing to be gained from these men at all. In fact it will lead to disappointment and gloom. I see deceit and feet dragging. Going at the speed of a snail.

    You need to do some spring cleaning and get rid of all that is not working in your life, People, beliefs, the past. Know that one can't control anyone but their own actions and thoughts. There needs to be a shift towards a more higher resource. More spiritual, more giving. You are withholding yourself either out of fear or for someone you are waiting for. Love is not concentrated,it should not take all your energy away. Both energies should flow within each other. No control is needed and both should put in the effort not just one.

    Next 12 months

    Unfortunately I see heartbreak in future if you don't change your course now. I see a love triangle and you in tears. as I always tell people, this is not set in stone you can always change the outcome. For outcomes to come good one needs to be honest with themselves and see where it is they are failing and what needs to change.

    All the best 🙂

  • Dangala,

    I can't thank you enough for taking the time to do for this me. It's spot on about my feelings and things that are going on. I just have to take a step back and look. Blessings to you for helping everyone on here.


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