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  • Captain,

    Yep, it's me again asking for yet another favor. Could you possibly squeeze in a reading for my friend? His birthday is 8 Nov 1951. As I mentioned to you when I asked for the reading on what he was here to learn, he's going through a hard time with his current lady. They have been together for 10 years but have been going through a very rough patch for about the past 7 months. He says he wants to settle down and live happily ever after but I think she has decided that she doesn't want to settle down with him. Can you pick up anything on this one? I don't know what year she was born but she was born on 12 Nov.

    Thank you!!


  • This relationship can be remarkably easygoing and natural. Its freedom from conflict and stress can become a problem however if the partners slip into a self-satisfied and materialistic haze in which they neither attain nor sometimes even desire any kind of personal or spiritual development. Your friend may want the relationship to offer a fuller emotional palette and can show signs of impatience or frustration if it does not. His lady friend may prefer to be left alone and not be reminded of whatever is lacking from the relationship, since she may be quite satisfied with the way things are. She may have trouble facing her own feelings. If your friend tries to push her into doing something she doesn't feel comfortable with, she will rebel. Both a love affair and marriage can be quite satisfying and long-lasting between these two people if they work at it. They are generally thoughtful and considerate to each other, and loyal and hardworking people. A love affair will usually acquire greater meaning if it can develop into a permanent living situation or marriage. Your friend has a strict moral code and set of standards and his rigidity may be his downfall in this relationship if he tries to have his way too much. His partner can be very stubborn too (especially with regard to her bad habits) and, unless some happy compromise can be met, this relationship will fall apart. An 'all-or-nothing' attitude here will only led to trouble. Your friend must cultivate a willingness to adapt and stop retreating into escapist dreams of a magical solution that occurs without him having to change his stance, if he wants this relationship to survive. And his lady friend must be willing to compromise too.

  • Awesome, as always! Thanks, Captain -- I'll pass along your advice!!


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