Need advise about an aquarius man!!!!!!

  • I am a Virgo, and I have been seeing an aquarius man for 2+ years off and on. I am very affectionate, emotional, and open with my feelings, however he is not. When I ask him about his feelings for me, he says things like "I don't talk about my emotions, just go by my actions". It is very hard to read how he really feels about me. I know that he cares about me, and he opened up a lot more from the time we first started out. When we are together it is very magical. We talk about everything, we are very passionate, and get along great. The problem is that it is not that often that we are together. He works a lot and when he is not I don't feel like a priority in his life. He goes out with his boys a lot and sometimes calls me to come over when he comes back. I've been told that aquarius' so not express emotions well. I don't know if I am wasting my time, but it is hard for me to let go because I've never met anyone that like so much and that I connect with so well, but it doesn't seem like it's going anywhere.

  • You want him to change so that he is more emotional and affectionate like you but that is not going to happen. Why should it? There are probably things about you he doesn't like (he probably thinks you're too emotional which is why he sometimes needs to be with his mates or colleagues who don't pressure him to show his feelings) but he hasn't asked you to change for him. He is what he is and you are what you are. If you don't like what he is, find someone else.

  • Virgo,

    It sounds to me like you two are speaking different languages. I suggest you read (together if possible) The Five Languages of Love. Your love language is Words of Affirmation and his is Acts of Love. Chances are he is feeling as empty as you are because while he is not speaking your language you are not likely speaking his either. As an Aquarius I will say he probably wouldn't stick around if he didn't love you.

    Aquarius Woman

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