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  • Ok, ex, Cameron (Leo), dated for about two years, but then he got all distant, & I (Virgo) misread his signals & broke it off as a result. Now, I make it a point to stay friends with all of my exes, but I'm always over them. This is the ONE guy I can't get over. He still flirts with me, we talk every day, & we've talked about why we broke up, but he won't resume dating me. Should I just give up, or should I keep trying? Should we remain friends? Please help me!!!!!

  • oops...i meant My ex, Cameron & I...sorry

  • You haven't really broken up have you? If, for example, I was asked out on a date by Cameron I would be very wary because his ex (ie you) were still on the scene and I wouldn't consider your relationship as being over. I think that its admirable being friends but you can be friends without the flirting and the daily contact....and I think flirting and constant contact with an ex could be offputting to both sides potential partners. So, if you're flirting and in constant contact ...what is the reason he has given for not dating and resuming your relationship? The answer to that question should give you the answers to your questions.

  • I agree with rnrchick, break all ties, stay away, no matter how difficult. That is the only way for you both to really evaluate what you both want. Good Luck, and keep us posted...

  • Hi, If you still have feelings for him and it's not reciprocal then consider yourself his friend. If this is too hurtful, avoid the situation. Don't wait for him to explain his feelings because he may not want to hurt your feelings, or maybe unsure of his feelings. I would avoid situation and move on.

  • Hello Angel,

    So you've talked about why you broke up, and the fact that he won't get back together with you I am assuming to mean you've also talked about getting back together. If you haven't talked directly about that, then I suggest you bridge the subject directly before going through any more angst (is that how to spell that?). If you have bridged the subject directly and he doesn't want to, I suppose that's the answer. Most things happen for a reason, and he may be of that mindset. Or he may figure that since you broke up with him once, then you can do it again and therefore he won't trust you as he once did. Whatever the reason only he knows, but if that is his stance then you are waisting your time and your energy thinking that you can go back to 'the way it was'.

    Focus on what you currently have. Is it valuable to you as it is? (Or is it valuable to you because you consider that a bridge to be able to get more?) Be open and honest both with yourself and with him. If you value the love and friendship for what it is (without additional alterior motives) then develop that. But if that is not enough for you, and what you do want is no longer an option, then you're probably are wasting your time, and setting yourself up for a painful conclusion to this saga.

  • well... i believe he is scared to tell you that he still wants to be with you . the reason why is b/c he doesnt want to lose you again, he may believe that if he asks you to come back, you might say no and you might stop talking to him. i think you she go with your heart and talk to him about getting back with each other. he may be waiting for you to tell him or make a move before he does , since you broke uo with him

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