Confused about the Numerology of Some Cards

  • Hello all!

    I recently purchased a deck of Tarot that I absolutely love. The pictures are beautiful and they give me great readings. I use a book based on the Rider-Waite deck to interpret them. I'm not sure what my deck is 'based' on, but it's called Deviant Moon.

    I'm not sure how to read a couple of them, because what I have in my deck is different than what's in the book. They are both Major Arcana cards. The book shows VIII as Strength, but my deck shows it as Justice. Same thing for XI--the book shows Justice and my deck shows Strength.

    I know the numerology is important in these, so I wonder what everyone's thoughts are. Usually when I get one of them I end up using a clarification card to sort out the meaning. Any thoughts on how I should interpret these?

    Thanks in advance!

  • When it comes to tarot, your first deck should always be the Rider-Waite deck. In this way you can learn the basic meanings and what they mean to you. Play with it for a year or so and learn what Strength and Justice mean to you personally. Several decks will switch the two. It is all based on your own personal interpretation. If you go on to not like Justice & Strength in that order, you may find you don't like your new deck....

    It would be good to read the story of The Fool as he makes his journey through the Major Arcana, to find out what these two cards represent. From there, you can try to understand what it would mean to switch their position. I, personally, like Strength where it is. Because 8 is the inifinity or "enlightened" symbol, and I feel that in finding Strength, one has found the power of God's wisdom within his or herself.

  • AFTER you have practiced with the classic Rider-Waite deck, then you will look at other decks differently. It is useful to find tarot decks online, such as this website for instance, where you can use different ones and view the pictures as you get a reading done. Some people's interpretations of the cards may not prove to be relevant to you, and what may have at first been a beautiful deck will be a bit irritating because you don't agree with their portrayal of certain topics.

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  • Hi Dafphodil, thanks for the response! I have had two other Rider-Waite decks in the past. I had some water damage in my kitchen/living room, and in the subsequent tearing up of the house, somehow a few of my cards disappeared from my favorite deck....and I honestly don't know what became of the other one that I was not as fond of. So a couple of years later, (now), I decided to buy a new deck. I was so drawn to this deck by the beauty of the artwork, and it is honestly the best of the three by far when it comes to the readings and feelings I'm getting from it. But, I'm a little book-dependent and therefore not very confident in my own ability to read, so I thought I'd ask more experienced people. I really do like Strength and Justice in 'name order' also. Thanks so much for your thoughts!

  • Ty watergirl, I wish the publisher would have mentioned that in some of the printing that came with it, but they did not. If you two haven't looked it up yet, you should check it out to see what I'm talking about. I just feel so connected to this deck unlike my other two.....really beautiful. Have a great night both of you!

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  • oh I like that thought of Justice as Adjustment.... but then I still like it so much more after the Wheel of Fortune

  • It did come with instructions, but I prefer my book. It breaks each card down into 32 categories; family, special guidance, outcome, etc. Sometimes I look at the little booklet that came with the deck, but it's a little cryptic. I'm trying to do more just getting a feel for the art and in what position in the spread a card is in, but it's a little tough to break my habit of someone interpreting them for me.

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