Card Reading help please?

  • Hello, I'm Kaethe and I was wondering if anyone would be willing to help me with a tarot card reading? Is the "once upon a time" reading I believe...I would like to know what each of them mean, regarding my question about a love interest.

    "Zach is a person who has been on my heart and mind since we have departed, time was not on our side. I would like guidance on how I should deal with these feelings for him."

    Foundation of Love: Hansel and Gretel

    Inner Child: Four of Wands

    Hidden Limitation: Seven of Hearts

    The Future: Seeker of Crystals

    Magic Key: Two of Hearts

    Current Love Status: Seeker of Swords

    Wish Upon A Star: Six of Wands

    Thanks for you help and patience!

  • What deck are you using?

  • fairy tale tarot...if that helps at all >.<

  • i believe its a whimsical deck, but its not my deck. its a friends.

  • mmm.. i'm sorry, i'm not familiar with it and i don't want to attempt it without misleading you

  • sigh its alright. thank you so much anyway 😉

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