Confused Cancer Please Help

  • So I've written alot about this man already, but I still need help. I cant seem to forget about the father of my child,(hes a taurus, not sure that really matters) but Im dating someone else (scorpio). weve been seeing each other for almost two months now and obviously its still in the begining stage. I cant stop thinking about my ex, no matter what I do, no matter how extremely hard ive been trying with everything in my power to let him go (weve been broken up for 9 months now) but i see him all the time because were co parents. is it because im seeing him all the time? you cant forget something thats right in front of your face. Its making it impossible for me to move on, beside the fact that he still wants me so he flirts with me and will every once in a while profess his feelings for me. Somehow I feel like no matter what I do I always let him in.. Ive never shut my doors on him and my boyfriend is starting to get jealous and upset at me about me even hanging out with him and i told him basically that he had to just live with it if he wanted to be with me. I just dont know how much longer he's gonna put up with it but I protect my ex every time & not my current bf. I know thats bad but I cant help it.. I think my heart still belongs to my ex and no matter what I will always be loyal to him. Idk what to do 😞

  • barbara2107,

    I still need help: you are suppressing your actual wishes in favour of worrying about yourself.

    is it because im seeing him all the time? no.

    Idk what to do 😞 : express your ideas freely without pressing them into a certain range, otherwise you will find any real contact no more.

    You were trying to show your knowledge. Stop all this exhibitionism!

  • " Idk what to do :("

    Leave the Scorpio you don't love him. Remember Karma always comes and you don't want to be in Scorpios shoes one day do you? Being A Scorpio I don't think he will put up with this much longer, they are very jealous. Much healing and deep thought needs to go past before you can find love again. This doesn't have to take a life time if you start to heal now.

  • i thought that taking care of myself was what i was supposed to do.. in the words of the bible, "to thine own self be true." so i thought by focusing my attention on someone new, i would get over him and could move on with my life and I was happy for a while the happiest ive been and this current boyfriend treats me 100 times better than any boyfriend ive ever had and i feel ungreatful because no matter how sweet he is and no matter how much i want to love him I cant. my subconcious has been torturing me making me feel like i made the wrong decision every single day.. I cant take it, so which one should be happy.. the surface me or the inner me? because they are at war with each other

  • and to dangala... i thought i had healed, he was out of my thoughts and i felt healed enough to start again with someone new, i wouldnt of gotten into the relationship if i hadnt but about a month into seeing this new guy..being as happy as i was.. my subconscience started to invade my feelings and mind.. i started having weird dreams where i would reject my current boyfriend and all this other crap.. i didnt know what was going on with me until one day i just bursted into tears about my ex and it was the same feeling i had when i was in the healing process i didnt know i still felt that strongly about him.. & no matter what i do i just cant get him out of my head.

  • Girl, from the way your talking I don't think your ready to date again. Being true to yourself also means being honest with yourself...what do you REALLY need? If you can't get over your ex, the answer is NOT another boyfriend. You need to take some time for yourself, focus on you -as in HEAL yourself, forget about him, find out what you really want in a man. Once your confident with yourself, comfortable being alone and sure of what you want, you can date again. But you are definitely doing a disservice to this Scorpio, so you really need to figure things out and probably take a time out from him.

  • I thought i had healed, I was confident... if spending almost a year alone isnt enough then what will be

  • & everything i want in a man is right here in front of me, my current boyfriend is all ive ever wanted and more for a boyfriend but then why isnt it enough? why is the man of my dreams suddenly not what i want at all

  • "everything i want in a man is right here in front of me, my current boyfriend is all ive ever wanted and more for a boyfriend but then why isnt it enough? " Bab

    You don't feel you deserve to be treated like this. You feel more comfortable around men who are not able to give you what Scorpio is giving you. You like bad boys, you like drama, passion, you don't want a grounded union because stability is alien to you. The war between your inner and outer self is because you are reading so much about spirituality and how to find your inner strength you are getting confused with all the contradicting info.

  • so should i stop trying to be so spiritual? is that whats causing all of this? I have too much time to think, hopefully things will simmer down in a week when i switch to days, i currently work nights and have alot of time to do nothing... remenissing is often on my mind.. idk its just too hard to know the correct path to take, sometimes i just feel like spinning in a circle with my eyes closed and then just start walking.

  • "so should i stop trying to be so spiritual? is that whats causing all of this? "

    lol.. no! Keep learning, you are here for a reason. You are asking questions because you want to learn to progress, to grow. Have patience and keep learning, keep searching, the journey never ends. I would suggest you talk to someone though, maybe a Psychologist to help you understand yourself.

  • a psychologist would just charge me lots of money to tell me that im crazy.. but thanks for the advice

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