How do you know if you're right?

  • This is such a broad question, but I've always been told by tarot cards and people to trust my intuition. But how am I supposed to know if I'm actually right? Like, especially with regards to people you're interested in and if they're interested in you. Because, in the past, i've felt like I've had that feeling and it turns out I was wrong. So...I'm paranoid now. I'm having some strong instincts, but I keep remembering being wrong in the past. Is there some special alarm bell that goes off?

  • Its hard to explain but I find I have a real gut ache when something is not quite right - and it has never let me down is almost a physical gut ache that doesn't ease until I have discovered the truth...this feeling alerts me to disloyalty...when my ex hubby admitted he had been having an affair for over 6 months the gut ache I had had for almost a year disappeared ! Regarding, interest in other people and whether they are interested back....that does take time to develop...the lust stage at first clouds judgement...then it becomes obvious.(but I can't actually explain why!)If you are getting strong vibes from someone...don't hold back and radiate your vibes back to them...the past is past, move forward....Good luck.

  • Here is what I think, Tarot will never tell you exactly what is going to happen, it can nudge you in a certain direction and warn you of things to watch out for, but, the bottom line is...When you are told to trust or follow your gut instinct, what the cards are really saying is, regardless of how this turns out bad or good, listen to your inner voice. You need absolute blind faith, go forward never look back and trust in your faith.

  • We are all in agreement. Always listen to your gut. That's what I tell everyone. Your gut won't lie to you. Its that inner voice. It will give you the answer whether it agrees with your heart or not. You step back when your gut is giving you that feeling and ask yourself does this feel right and if you question at all then there is a reason. Just listen.

  • Hi, You aren't always going to be right. I don't think anyone is always right. It would help w/embarassment, of course. Maybe, if someone is enjoying themselves in your company, it's easy to misread feelings. Enjoy having good times, meeting people and shared interests. Cultivate friendships because you'll always need a friend. Hard to explain but Love can happen w/shared interests and bonds, not just by attraction. Sometimes you have to be wary of just physical attraction, it's deceiving and not really a good indicator of a lasting relationship. So, lighten up and enjoy yourself.

  • Unfortunately, there isn't a sure fire trick that will ensure you never are wrong or make a mistake. Besides, if there was it would take all chance or variety out of life, and I think would make existance rather dull. I think that it is true however that your natural energy that is part of you does know the past present and future 100% accurately. That it does have all the answers. The problem is that we've got to learn how to communicate with this energy and to understand the lessons and knowledge that it is trying to convey to us. That's that 'gut instinct' that we feel inside of us. It's what you feel when you search your heart. You can use mediums such as tarot or crystals to help communicate with this energy as well. But there is no guarantee that we are always reading it correctly. But I believe that this energy does have all the answers, and it is centered around your heart or your chi (pretty close to the same area anyway). Getting to know yourself very well, recognizing the nuances of how this energy feels and learning how best to communicate with it I believe is the best answer to your question. It's what you feel when you search your heart or your soul. Learning to feel those instincts, and learning to trust those instints is the answer. At least that's what I believe.

  • I personally use the tarot to guide me... I only do a reading when I am having strong vibes/feelings/dreams I look to the cards for further distinction as I never get an exact exact thing unless my own life is at risk... As to those you like just don't come on too strong because chances are that it is an indication that if you get to know them personally that they will find themselves drawn to you... This is what I did with my now husband after several failed attempts with others that I got strong vibes from and we have now been together for 9 years and married 8 years... Either way good luck in your journey

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  • Maria I do not think that you can be wrong. If you have to go for a person, you know and you do it - there is no wrong or right. What do you mean by wrong ? It did not work out ? He / she was not what you expected ? Then this acquaintance was important in your life to learn a lesson or to continue a direction .... there is no wrong. Your life is your path on this earth and you walk it and make a habbit of noting the positive aspects nothing happens without a reason, be happy and thankful for every encounter.

    I am an aquarius and I listen to my intuition all the time and this does not mean that my life is perfect filled with happiness only it is a full life of wonderful special unique encounters and I am content with being an aquarius and feeling special all the time. Because only we do really know !!!!

  • I sometimes question my gut or that inner voice. Never easy answer. All I know is that when I looked to Tarot or readings it would throw me into a tail spin and then I would question the cards and readings. Lately I have been asking (or praying) for a sign and I get my answer. My friends tell me that I am so intutive and I should listen more to my own voice than looking else where. It's hard sometimes to do this but I am practicing.

  • well the first thing is to know, to put it right , to know and understand the inner-self; [ or gut, voice, call it anything ] and try to have a period of communication with it. Gradually, you start to ask him/ her questions. Initially it may appear as if there are no answer~~, but definitely there is an answer, you may not understand it. After sometimes you start getting the answer~~.~~~~

    i do know that there are solutions to my problems because i always write them down and go through them after six months, a year or two years. To walk with your gut you must have patience and understanding, what you call mistake may not be mistake at the end . the day~~~~

  • I believe it's like everything else is practice, practice, practice. After I spent alot of $ on readings and relying on others gut I figured that I could learn to trust mine for free. I am not bashing readers out there but there comes a point where you give up on what others are telling you and you starting feeling. I sometimes doubt my intuition but I know that I didn't have to rely on others or spend $ on doubting what the reader has told me.

  • I am an Aquarian with a Capricorn Ascendant, cusp to Capricorn and yet my energy is mainly fire. Strongly in fact. A good psychic can pick your main elemental energy. I work full time as a psychic, Healer and Certifying teacher. I have had "unfortunate relationships" in the past but always learned something very important from each. I have five amazingly gifted children, two grandchildren and one of the main things I learned was how to clear myself of inappropriate attachments, energies, and how not to stay stuck in the healer role in a relationship. I was born with my abilities and always seemed to attract people, friends and partners who needed healing. I used to be reactive though in true Aquarian style, understanding and impartial but after much clearing of past life issues, genetic links, Soul links and core or childhood stuff I find that i no longer react. I am with a Pisces ( very Pisces) man whom I know is one of two possible soulmates I have on the earth in this lifetime. We drew together because he had asked for me and I him. He has many issues and also disassociative disorder but patience, understanding and an ability to put yourself in the other persons shoes can go a long way to resolving issues for both. We have learned to trust....especially him. He is emotional without much logic and I am emotional (cancer moon) but very logical and level. he is used to emtional outbursts getting him what he wants...pushing people away. This doesnt work here because I am more likely to want to discuss, talk and nut out the issues. (yes healer stuff I read professionally so I do have additional insight into all the purposes to our relationship. He trust the healer in me but the psychic comes too close to all his secrets so this is scary. To think that someone may truly know you is actually very very scary for some people. It requires a level of honesty not experienced by many. Still we progress. He has his mood swings and periods of isolation and dispondency but comes back easier now.

  • Hi Maria,

    I know exactly how hard it is to learn to trust your own intuition. Over the years I've come up with an analogy: It's like talking on the telephone. You have no idea who I am, so if I were to call you on the phone I'd have to identify myself. But if your mother or your best friend were to call you'd know them just from the way they say hello.

    Your intuition is just like that; it always speaks to you in the exact same voice (although that voice will be unique to you, describing how I know may not be useful to you) and the more you listen to, and learn to recognize, it's voice the easier it will be for you to identify it.

    I'd have to say that I would never recommend learning to recognize your intuition by choosing relationships - especially not romantic ones. As other posters have mentioned all the emotional turmoil of lust, etc makes it really difficult to hear the voice of your intuition (which is really very quiet to begin with) especially if you don't already "know" the voice.

    For deciding on the person I'd go with two general things. First, check your body's reaction. If there's a tightness in your stomach or a hesitancy then back away. Your body can always be trusted to tell you if someone isn't safe for you.

    After that, I'd be willing to give them a chance; take things slow and allow some emotional space to be able to hear your intuition as the relationship develops. Remember, nothing's flawless. This may be the person for you, but they have their own will and can make their own choices and they may still hurt you because they aren't ready for the relationship. Anything that deals with other people so intimately is a difficult balance.

    If you want to start learning to recognize the voice so that you can know it well enough to use with people, then that's easy. Every time you acknowledge your intuition your "inner ear" places a name to it and starts to be able to pick it's voice out from the many other inner voices. Start using your intuition for little things (which direction to turn, what dress to wear, who to talk to, etc..) and eventually you'll know the voice well enough to apply it to anything.


    Megan Potter

  • Hello Mysticquetheta, Your story and insight amazed me as my recent relationship with a man I knew from the past has been so difficult for me to over come as I felt like I wanted to be hopeful that it would work this time, but I just can,t get passed the feeling that it won,t work.I would love so much for it to be what others I know seem to have & I just can,t get him out of my head. my gut feeling tells me he is not going to make you happy as he is too troubled and he drinks a lot. I too am a grandmother and because of his behavior I have not included him in family functions. I fear I would loose respect yet I am in horrible pain, with him or without him. . Do I just pray for it to all go away . Would love to hear from you or any one thank you ..... Leonida He calls me all the time.

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