Cancer phase gone? Discussion

  • I have to admit--when I first joined these forums in September, there were a TON of threads related to people struggling with their Cancer friends, lovers, and family members. Even I had one--the reason I joined. Recently, I've noticed a dramatic dropoff, almost elimination in the frequency and activity of these threads. That's definitely not a bad thing--hopefully it means resolution has occurred in one way or another.

    So, for those of you who could relate/participated in those threads, what's your take on it? Anyone who's actually a(n) amateur/professional astrologer care to share any insight? Have any of you who've been having "Cancer problems" noticed the change too? And/or how has the situation with you and your particular Cancer progressed since then, if it has?

    I'm glad to say that, personally, my Cancer friend and I finally did make contact over the past weekend and completely resolved our issue (silence) in the matter of a few minutes, and that same day I noticed a big influx of other Cancer friends seeking me for advice and help on personal issues of their own.

    There were quite a few of you in similar boats before. I hope things have been working out, and hope to hear from y'all soon!

  • Hi. I'm not sure if the "cancer problem" i've had with my cancerian husband has been resolved nor it's considered changes but maybe you can tell me what it is....I've posted a thread earlier "Problem with Marriage between Cancer and Gemini HELP!!" and is summarized as follow.

    I'm married to a Cancer male and 20 months into our marriage with a 9-month old baby boy. There are good happy times as well as bad unhappy times along the way. At the beginning of the relationship and marriage, everything was good...we could talk about anything, anywhere and anytime and the conversation is just endless....As time flies and with the pressure building up from moving home 4 times, my pregnancy, arrival of the baby, his new job, misunderstandings from in-laws, etc., the situation between us began to get worse. I was constantly throwing tantrums and he would swallow all that was dished at him. Starting in Aug/Sept we went silent on each other and that was when I felt the distance between us. I, stupidly suggested a divorce and the impact was huge because he later on agreed to it but I regretted ever saying it. I didn't want a divorce. I said it to see his reaction but it's too late....that was 3 weeks ago and since then we have had minimal communication. There was no talk about our issues nor the divorce. I don't know what the status is, whether divorce is still on his mind or he's put it aside for the time being and concentrated on work (he's been very busy with work recently). So please tell me if this is some sort of changes? How do we resolve the issues? I'm almost afraid to see him (i moved out with my boy) let alone sit down and discuss our issues....

    How did you resolve your issues with your Cancer friend? When is the right time to bring up the issues for resolution?

    Any insight will be appreciated.

  • Pollux, I really wish I could comment on your marriage--but I am probably the last person able to give any sound advice. I've been single for years and have HUGE commitment issues, and have never been married. I don't want to chime in on something I really have no place speaking about. I wish I could, because as someone who has just gone through a pretty tough time with a very dear, close Cancerian friend, and after some bitter struggles and tough times with other Cancers in my life, I can certainly empathize with the need and desire to reconcile (especially with your sun in Gemini; both my rising and moon are Gem. Believe me, I understand the NEED to fix things and communicate! And how it just gets stronger when a Cancer clams up and quits communicating! 🙂 It ain't easy but it's usually worth it!

    To answer your other questions: here is most of the issue between myself and my Cancer friend (who I re-named "Dave" for the sake of conversation, and TOO MANY Cancers in too many conversations! Lol) It's a little old but that's the gist of it. Pretty much the way we resolved it was that I reached out in a time of need. I recently had a death in the family and it's really been messing with my head, and he's one of the few people I trust to talk to about it, etc. So after weeks/months of silence I finally just got in touch and told him what happened, nothing more, nothing less. Our conversation was short but he extended an apology for his behavior (without prompt), and I did the same. It just feels like we picked up right where we left off when I last saw him, and the air is clear, all is forgiven, etc etc.

    My answer to your last question kind of segues from the remainder of the situation with my friend: I waited a couple of weeks after the loss before I talked to him about it (he didn't know before). I didn't know whether or not to but one day the voice in the back of my head just would not shut up until I finally did contact him. He knows very little about the circumstances, but somehow he said the exact things I needed to hear, and reaffirmed a connection that I needed to know was still there. We also shared a few other things, and it turned out he needed to hear from me as well. The answer to your question, I suppose, is the lesson I learned the hard (easy?) way: when you think or feel you need someone, you do. There's no specific time or anything. I'm also 100% intuitive; I might as well have no sight for all the "feeling" I have. I just knew when it was time.

    I don't know if this was any help for you, but all the same I wish you the best with the situation. Do what you need to do for you and your child. 🙂

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