Give up from college?:/

  • I feel so lost.I think i choose wrong college,and don't know what to do.I do not want dissapoint my family,but I just feel it is not for me.

    I don't know what to do keeping up on college ,or giva up.there are some also problem with my sleep ,and i'm so tired everyday

    It important decision.soo please help what to do.

    thank you

  • Doree, could you explain more about your situation? what are you majoring on and why do you think it's the wrong college...

    and also how do you see yourself in three years from now?? (doing which activity?, what kind of lifestyle, what kind of financial situation?)

    and then ask, would studying (what it is you like) would help you achieve that idea....

    this answers could help you decide what to do, more importantly whatever you choose to do it has to be for yourself, because in the future you will be the person to live with the consequences of your decisions...

    hope this helps, talk here, vent, write the answers to the questions above and while typing listen to sudden ideas that come to you that feel like "aha" moments...

    Cheers and good luck 🙂

  • Thank you

    first :about college, it isn't the one i want it.and it's pretty hard ,and i move to antoher city everythings differnt and dosen't make me happy.

    in 3 years i would like to be on college that i want, fin some love..

    financial ..maybe this college gives more oportunity to find a job.but in this country my it's hard anyway..

    i think a have to give up too much for smth that dosne't make me happy.

    in my country college dosen't garantee anything so i wouldn't count on that...

    hm i don't know

  • well can you go to college somewhere else??

    don't be afraid of disappointing your parents, hopefully they'll understand because they love you...

    as long as you respond well at school because that's what will make you happy, be responsible, attend classes, have a genuine interest for learning the profession you want to achieve, keep good grades that in the future can open wonderful doors for you!

    remember the person that is prepared is the one that gets the opportunities!

    I changed schools after 1.5 yr of being studying something I didn't want... and I talked to my parents and they didn't want me to change schools.... but the universe help me and facilitated everything for me to enter this other school where I could pursue the career I wanted....

    so if you do want to change do it, but make your best effort to make it work because like I said before it is YOUR future that is at stake here... 🙂

  • Doree!

    You did not choose wrong college. You just overloaded by intellectual work. My advice to you do not give up for now because you are overloaded, simply slow down. ANY KNOWLEDGE AND STUDY IS NOT EASY TASK so slow down but do not give up! If you give up now it would be much more difficult to start. My advice for you choose one subject in your college you like the best and look also for the good teacher in the college that give best lectures, who likes what he/she is teaching very very much and then follow this subject with precision and pleasure first. Then look for other subject as secondary and do minimum on them however. When you feel comfortable with one subject (it takes may be one month to be on the top of it) you can apply the same attitude for another subject. Talked to good teacher about subject and perspective and goal of the subject. What are you study right now is to learn get knowledge....You know one thing after the college you can choose and change direction in your life in a better way. Your family supports you but you need to do this study for yourself not for the family. I suggest you to do Tai Chi that helps you to slow down and reconnect your mind and body from pressure of the society. IN learning there are few step:

    First is confusion… your expectation do not corresponds what you are learning and that confusion bring fear … you need to overcome this fear and only the way to overcome it continue to do what you are doing learning and pass exams that will be your first goal but not the last as you need to see bigger picture… after that you will see much clear what you can do and what suit you the best.

    [English is my second language, so apology for mistakes]

  • thank yo all for advices 🙂

    i have 10 subjects -and most of them i don't like isn't thet easy i will try for sometime ,for 1 semestar and then decide. because i'm in another city and have to pay for living i don't want to waste my money and time..

    i' have some my own problem ,with sleep and i just don't know...what is the best. i will take time ..

  • Doree,

    don't know what to do: do both.

    I don't know what to do keeping up on college: no

    or giva up: yes.

    help what to do: stop creating conflicts.

    In deep sleep the ego disappears, but in deep sleep you will be unconscious. So when sleep does not come, then just lie there and relax, being conscious yet without the mind.

  • thank you 🙂

    so I should give that best for me now?

    will i have a succes next year?

    how my friend will be without me?

    what my father will think about that?

    sleep,yes that's true.but how is that connected with my problem?

  • Doree,

    so I should give up: yes. that best for me now? no.

    will i have a succes next year? no.

    how my friend will be without me? unafraid.

    what my father will think about that? that you need a goal for which you are ready to collect all your energies to achieve it.

    sleep,yes that's true.but how is that connected with my problem? just read your own posts again, maybe then you will know. I recommend especially Thursday, November 11, 2010 5:29 PST.

    Just watch. Don't decide. Don't take sides. Go on

    watching. Watching is a little arduous, because the

    mind says 'DO something. Either be for this side or

    that, but DO something. Don't just go on sitting there

    silently and watching' -- because mind becomes very

    much afraid when you simply watch.

  • thank you :)))

    soo it seems that i should give up..

    why i won't have sucess next year?

    i will not get in college?

    will my friend find another roommate?

    will my sister be better with me if i come back?

    ok,i think i understand now ,what you wanted to say when i read post again.:)

  • Doree,

    why i won't have sucess next year? because this is an occasion for downsizing to fighting trim.

    Simplicity and economy are strong defenses against the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. Whether this is a time of want or a time of plenty, it is an auspicious time to shed a dependency.

    i will not get in college? no.

    will my friend find another roommate? yes.

    will my sister be better with me if i come back? yes.

    An old chicken farmer is very proud of his brood, so

    when two smartly dressed city gentlemen ask to look at

    them, he quickly obliges.

    "A very fine bunch of chickens," says one of the men.

    "Thank you, sir," replies the farmer.

    "And what do you feed them on?" asks the second man.

    "Special chicken fertilizer, imported from China,"

    says the old man, proudly.

    "A-ha!" cries the first man. "Just as we suspected.

    That is illegal. You will be fined two thousand


    A month later, two more well-dressed men show up and

    ask the farmer what he feeds to his magnificent

    chickens. The old man, wiser than the first time, says,

    "I just feed them on s-hit."

    "A-ha!" say the men. "We are from the Health and

    Hygiene Department, and what you are doing is illegal.

    You will be fined two thousand dollars."

    A few weeks later, another city gentleman arrives and

    asks the same question. This time the farmer shrugs and

    says, "Listen, mister, I just give them fifty cents

    each and tell them to go to the market and buy what the

    hell they want!"

  • so to sum all in, i guess i should come home,my frined will be ok without sister will be better. 🙂

    so what i have to do to make succes next year?

    what should i change'?

    this is story veery intersting .what means in my case ?I'M not sure if i good understand it.i think but not sure.

    thank you 🙂

    have a nice day

  • Doree,

    so what i have to do to make succes next year? You have run up against an obstacle at the very head of the trail. Keep to your course. Seek mutual aid.

    what should i change'? trying to be extraordinary, seeking attention of others, being the local hero. Just be normal and ordinary, just be relaxed and natural.

    what means in my case ? it makes correlations stand out in relief.

    Just use any method of creating distance, and you

    will be amazed: this anger that has tortured you so

    much simply disappears, because you start looking for

    its roots, or you start looking for the person who is

    angry, or you start looking at all the aspects of the

    anger. You forget all about the person towards whom

    your anger was arrowed; your whole attention is focused

    now on the reality or unreality of anger itself. These

    are experienced, absolutely valid methods of

    transforming your mind into no-mind.

  • Hi Hans,

    I liked your chicken story. You always put a smile on my face. Keep well, 🙂

  • fanofkmm,

    thank you, that´s what I like to do: putting a smile on your face.

    It is still beautiful

    like a sunset…

    the birds are coming home,

    the first stars are coming,

    their colors are in the sky.

    Can you see

    the smile on my face?

  • Doree:

    First: A vison or contrivance is insilled in you and it will manifest as long as you believe in you and embrace the divine path that nutures you creative abundance: Affirmation-

    "I ambrace the divine path that nutures my creative abundance true to my hearts desire"

    You are the holder of your will sweetie and anyone telling you yes or no is wrong. The answers lie within your divine's the questions, the truth seeking introspectivly that get us to the answers. Its the simply just be as well..I feel your energy and you can definatly slow down a bit and rid that have time hun...

    A way foward: hopefully this touches you and instills awakening...

    Ace Wands: situation-aha-A new begining, defining our direction. internal creative fire in hand and holding it out far all the world to see. Now is our time to spread our warmth, passion, and vision to others. Questions:

    Am I letting my wants/desires control me? What is my hearts desire passion?

    persistance will pay off, inpu output, keep the energy positive:)

    Cause: 10pentacles-your legacy od prosperity, probably the resources you must attain to have that optimal security concerning your foundation and career. a climax in our foundational life that required the spice of actively living in order to enhance the flavor of our experience.

    How can I bring about positive change that attracts harmony and stability?

    Main point of interest: aha 6 cups-again enhance the flavor...How can I gain more security in who I am so that I might be the best me?Am I giving my talents freely or am I hiding my light for fear of retribution?

    Trust and forgivness regarding reunions......aware of the blessings that saturate every inch of our lives, and take a moment to thank the people around us for simply being who they are.

    WAy Foward: Hang Man, surrender, non-action, sacrifice for a higher self purpose of enlightenment...

    Are there things/people in your life you are trying to control? Can you let go of that need to control?

    Is now the time to make a big decison, is the timing right? again look to the ace wands? do you trully know in your heart what your passion is to your hearts desire to manifest that abundance and foundation in the (cause) 10 pentacles?

    Outcome: Devil-loss, error, illusion, disruption)-

    The truth is that love and acceptance can never be gained because they are always ours - they are at the core of our being at all times. 🙂

    Am I feeding an addiction?

    What do I gain by letting my ego control my life?

    Do I think I'm unworthy of love? Happiness? Peace? Why?

    Do I always feel like I need to answer to someone? Why?

    What is pestering me all the time? What can I do about it?

    Do I feel like I never have enough, can never be enough? Why?

    How can I lift myself out of these lower levels of thoughts and feelings

    Peace Love and Prosperity

    Divine Love


  • turbox and hans thank you

    it's so hard to make decision ,i feel so bad ,that i'm going dissapointed people i love and maybe not succes next year

    i'm feel like crying .i'm not happy here 😞

  • Doree,

    we know and yet we do not know. We know

    everything and yet find that everything is unknown.

    Existence is present all around us, within, without, in

    every pore of our being, in every breath -- yet it is

    unknown. What have you known?

    The waves have lapped the shores of the ocean since

    time immemorial, yet they know nothing of the shore;

    nor do the shores know anything about the waves. Leave

    aside the waves, you yourself will know nothing more of

    the shores than the waves even if you walked them a

    thousand years! What do we really know? There is only a

    superficial acquaintance and this cursory acquaintance,

    we call knowledge.

    To know this shallow acquaintance as knowledge causes

    many illusions, which deprive us of the knowledge of

    the Mystery.

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