• i was with my ex partner for almost 8years.... we have a little boy he is 3 together.. we split up months back and i cant get him out of my head i do still love him but he left me and i recently found out he has a new girl... i was shocked as i never thought he would move on and leave his family... i went to a pyschic and she said he didnt know what he was doing and he wasnt in love this girl means nothing to him and he would come back into my life someday in the next year, i got 3 readings and they were all the same, but my faith is slowly dying and i'm finding it hard now.... is it possible for us to reunite, i love him very much but i losing my energy for this....... help?????

  • What are the birthdates of you and your ex?

  • mine is the 12.12.83....... his is the 9.6.84..... 🙂

  • Problems and misunderstandings won't necessarily arise immediately in marriage or a love affair here. Issues will hinge on giving one's word and holding to it because truthfulness and carrying through with one's commitments are important here. Yet your ex will have his own highly individual communication style and may interpret what others write or say in his own unusual way, so it may not be easy to bind him to a simple agreement. Similarly you Danni, who tends to see the bigger picture, may dismiss smaller details as petty and insignificant when in fact they have considerable meaning. So it could very very difficult for you two to come to an ordinary agreement, contractual or otherwise. It's only when serious difficulties and even partial breakdowns surface however that disputes over written or spoken intentions emerge. Your ex will try to hold you to the minute details of any previous agreement while you will argue from a broader sense of the overall situation. Matters of integrity are of basic and vital importance here. In love, promises made and broken may prove the sticking point - especially if the partner accused of breaking their word, sending mixed messages or leading your child to have false expectations is you, Danni, who is usually the more dominant partner. Your ex can feel terribly wounded when a central fact that he assumed to be true is suddenly called into question or revealed as an illusion. If this has happened in your relationship, it is unlikely he will get over it in a hurry - if ever.

  • oh really i would do anything to change to make it work as our family is very important to me, i honestly feel he is my soulmate i think of him everday and miss him.... he is very good to our little boy tho 🙂

  • What people love in others are qualities they want in themselves. When you develop these qualities in yourself, you no longer need to have that person in your life. You may still like them but you won't NEED them.

  • ok thanks 🙂

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