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  • As I go on with more of my teachings on Karmic Debts, today I want to focus on the number 16.

    Did you ever wish you had a super sweet 16 party? Many people consider 16 to be a right of passage for a teenager; it is their first step towards being an adult.

    How true this is, as the 16 breaks down to a 7, 1+6=7. The 7 is the number of intellectual and spiritual growth. So it makes numeric sense that, when one comes upon the 16 that it will demand sound judgment, and above all faith.

    Is the number 16 as sweet as we think it is? Yes and No. The number 16 in Numerology is referred to as a Karmic Debt number. The number 16 has the power and potential to totally disrupt one’s way of life, in more ways than one. On the flip side and only in some cases can the 16 be considered auspicious.

    Since Numerology believes in the basis of reincarnation, the number 16 tells us what we abused in a past life, and how we are to pay for it in this lifetime.

    The 16 suggests that love, commitment, and responsibility have been forsaken and taken advantage of. In a nut shell it represents an abuse of love or partnership. It suggests that there may have been “illicit affairs” or a deceitful personal and or business partnership.

    Individuals meet with this number meet with much resistance until they can devote themselves to a selfless type of behavior. Some negative traits that the 16 will exude is indifference, aloofness, selfishness, and standoffish.

    The 16 is represented in the Tarot by the Major Arcana Tower card. It symbolizes destruction of the old, and a rebirth of the new. An extreme example of this type of energy is what happened to Japan in WWII. Japan resonates to a 16/7, and we all know that the great empire had fallen, was almost destroyed, and definitely humbled.

    The tower indicates an awakening of our spiritual self that lays deep within us. The 16 carries the same message, essentially a spiritual rebirth is required to release a “karmic debt” or that which does not serve you anymore. When this happens, there is a fall from the “tower.”

    While it sounds scary and dreary it is not. In order for something new and better to be brought into the world, the old, the remnants of our past must die. Through death it brings new life. This is how we must look at the number 16.

    If you have a 16 in any of your major numbers in your chart, going through a 16 cycle or transit, this does apply to you.

    At one time or another we all go through some form of the 16/7. Although, there are some who are fortunate enough, and never encounter the 16 in their entire lifetime.

    In the end the individual will learn one of the greatest virtues of all “humility.” Through this experience we can see the world and ourselves for what it really is, and can begin to elevate ourselves to a higher state of consciousness.

    If you are encountering a 16/7, just remember this “let go and let god.”

    Create A Great Day!


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  • Thank You, Loving Silver Wings!

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  • Wow!! Markie808 this is interesting and eerie at the same time!! My ex has a 16/7 Heart's Desire! On 1/31/2009 he was involved in a near fatal car accident!! I believe that was a wake up call to him to give up his selfish, egotistical, and self-centered ways, but unfortunately it made him "harder" more detached, more aloof and indifferent 😞 The vibration of this data appears to have been a destined event to clear him of this debt, but based on outward appearances I fear that he may not have learned the intended lesson.

    Very interesting information! Thank you for sharing!


  • TT,

    I am glad your ex is ok, and lived.

    While the 16/7 encounters obstacles and trials, it is "quite lucky."

    However, that is why everyone needs to understand that "free will" exists in our world.

    Astrology, Numerology, etc. all speak of potentialities and probabilities. It is up to us to decide what we will do with that energy, with that lesson, with that power.

    Unfortunately, like you said for your ex, he has become much more "detached." Instead of recognizing it as the Universe telling him something, he became a victim of his circumstances.

    Pray for him that one day he may see the light, and be able to share his experiences with people, and help many in the process.

    Create A Great Day!


  • Hey Markie, My name is Sarah, I like what you have to say and how well you know your numerology. I have a couple of lucky numbers. 69 and 27. I actually don't know if they are my lucky numbers but they are numbers that pop out at me. I love adding numbers and the coincidence, if someone shall call it a coincidence, that it brings up. How do you know if 16 affects your life. Can you tell me what my "lucky" numbers mean to you?

  • O.K. so I read the rest of your post 🙂 and more understand how you will run into a 16 affects your life. So I guess you don't have to get into that one again.

  • Oh yea, sorry you can't erase these posts and add more. How do you know if there is a 16 in your chart. What chart are you talking about?

  • Oh my gosh that is so weird. I just now added up my daughters numbers in her name and it ended up to be 16 in the end. Well I guess actually 7 but that is soooo weird to me!!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi Deffy27,

    You can find out if you have a 16/7 in your chart by adding up your entire date of birth.

    Adding up the vowels in your birth name.

    Adding up the consonants in your birth name.

    If your personal yearly cycle, or long range cycles add up to a 16/7.

    Many ways.

    As for the numbers you are seeing, they can mean a few things.

    27 is a great number, it is the number of great spiritual strength. It says that great success can come your way, if you follow your own "instincts" and not be swayed in any which way by others. Creative mind is present, and a love of beauty and art.

    Negatively this number can be expressed in the following ways: confusion, intolerant, afraid of failure.

    69 says that you have the talents and ability to acquire material success.It does say honor, fame, and money are on the way, if your past efforts have been professional, productive, and honest.

    Both numbers mean success, it is up to you to push it to excellence.

    Anymore questions, feel free to ask.

    Create A Great Day!


  • D,

    Congratulations on letting go. One of the most difficult things to do, but one of the most powerful as well.

    Wishing you prosperity and most of all happiness!

    Create A Great Day!


  • Wow that does make a lot of sense to me especially with the 27. I am afraid of failure. It has stopped my from accomplishing a lot in my life time. As for the 69 well I guess I am afraid of failure so I have not much on the way. That is so interesting though. I really had this feeling that I should talk to you, and then I do my daughters name up and she is a 16. That really blew my mind because she is only 2 and a half months. Her name adds up to a 16/7 and you have explained really what it is about so thanx to you. I guess she is blessed or cursed with many ways. God bless her and you.

  • Deffy,

    Every number has it's positive characteristics and negative characteristics.

    If you know what a number means, you can live on the positive side, and adhere to the vibration of that number.

    It doesn't mean that life will be void of obstacles, but it will make things a lot easier.

    Don't be afraid of failure, keep on going.

    Confucius says, It does not matter how slowly you go, so long as you do not stop.

    Wishing you prosperity and most of all happiness!

    Create A Great Day!


  • thnx Markie. I wan't to ask you what all kinds of numbers mean but I guess instead of asking you all the time, because I am sure you have better things to do, I will try to find some good sources. Can you by any chance lead me to a good book or sight where you have read about all this? I guess I am just really interested.

  • I was just asking cause every time I look up numerology it only tells about 1-9 and 11.

  • Deffy,

    There is no real "source" on the meaning of all the numbers.

    If you know the basis of what the number 1-9 mean, you can begin to figure it out.

    Example: 29/11

    The 2 is partnerships/relationships, the 9 is compassion/letting go, the 11 is sudden events (good or bad)

    So you can interpret it as one who bears this number will go through life in various relationships/partnerships, and more thank likely will have many sudden breaks in their union, and they will have to let go, and let it come to an end.

    My interpretation of the numbers maybe off from what others think it maybe, we all have our own interpretation on what we think the numbers may mean. However, we do our best.

    There are some books that you can start off with, but I am unable to post them I believe due to the forum rules.

    This forum, and other internet sites have a wealth of information.

    Again, if you have any questions, you can always come back and ask.

    Create A Great Day!


  • Alright thanx! I hate that rule. GGGRRR!!! Ok thnx then I guess I won't hesitate to ask. That is all so interesting.

  • Deffy,

    No Problem!

    Create A Great Day!


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