Hoping for a reading

  • The past month of my life has been really difficult. I have posted about my relationship problems with my Cancer ex, who is now ignoring me completely. I just want to know if we'll ever work through him cheating on me and then dumping me. I turned down his offer of keeping our close friendship, and I regret it now. Will we gain back our friendship or relationship? I also want to know about my career and if my music is worth dedicating more time to? Or should it stay a hobby for now?

    My birthday - August 9th, 1990, 7:55 AM

    His - June 27th, 1978 Not sure what time he was born.

    He has been obessed with talking to girls on the internet (cyber s e x with no emotional connection at all) and the lust/obsession has taken over his life. He has been acting like a different person and his ego is causing him to lose direction. I want to know if he'll work through this because I am very worried about him right now. It's not normal how obsessed he has become with this.


  • So you think you can't do better than this loser? It's pretty obvious he deosn't want to get tied down to any one person. Why should you wait for him to wake up to himself? It could be years and years - are you willing to put your life on hold for him for that long?

  • And comparing your compatibility, astrology predicts difficulty and big problems in both a love affair and marriage here. Friendship is the least dangerous and hurtful option here (or rather going as far away from this guy as possible is). The differences in your personalities, attitudes and temperaments are just too big to overcome to make this a happy relationship.

  • With your music, are you a composer or performer?

  • Both.

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