Somewhere something went wrong..I just want to know what it was

  • Just over 2 years ago, my world crashed. I left my job (rather than being falsely accused of theft) and thought it would be easy to get another. I was wrong. Whether it was the economy or a bad reference from my former boss, I was not able to work in my preferred field. I took a lesser job, part time, to keep things afloat and continued to do all the right things - registering with agencies, unemployment, etc. It still didn't work. I ended up losing everything and being evicted. I had to relocate and although I have had some interviews, I still don't have a job. A potential companion abruptly changed his mind, and now I am again facing losing everything - this time through the sale of the things I have in storage.

    I have watched my astrology, Feng Shui(d) my living space, and looked into all the other astrological aspects available. Everything I read consistently says that things will be wonderful soon. I just want to know when this mythical "soon" will be. I am at the end of my rope trying to make ends meet and really don't know how much longer I can hold out.

  • It seems to me that your life lesson is to stand up and fight for yourself and what you want, rather than move on, accept things the way they are presented to you, or settle for second best. Why did you choose to leave your job rather than fight to clear your name?

  • I did begin to fight, but the cards were stacked against me. The person who leveled the charge of theft was close with the head of the HR department. Although I proved on paper and in an audit that I did nothing wrong, I was going to be fired. I was told that point blank. I chose instead to resign, thinking it would look better and make it easier to get into another position. I believe, however, that the references provided by the HR dept and my former supervisor painted me as a thief.

  • I feel there is more to this mineje,

    It is against the law to speak or send potential employees "comments like you might interpret your ex employer might be doing" One way to find out is to call your ex employer and say that you are looking for references on "you" your name and see what type of reference they are giving the potential Employee, or you could get a friend to do this for you. This would be discrimination on your ex employees reference's for you.

    As far as yourself you need to try and stay positive, though I realize it is hard when you are not working or being evicted..

    If it has been over 2 years,thats along time, may I suggest you try and look within and find some answers...If we try hard enough the answers come to us. Though it would be great if we could just depend on all astrological aspects available,we need to do the work for life to happen...

    namaste mineje


    love and light

  • wow that was strange, tarot did you change the way we send posts now, it asked if i was sure if i wanted to post hehe

  • Well, insofar as the references go, I know that there are rules of what can be said. However, I also know that if you call ve HR, they are limited to verifying employment and such, it is when you call the direct supervisor that they can get around the little details of what is legal and what is not. Besides which, simply responding to the question, "Would you re-hire this person?" in the negative can shut all kinds of door for the person looking for a job.

    I really am trying to remain positive. I know that things are turning around. I have been on interviews and there are many more openings in my field now. I even know that I will get a job soon.

    I'm just at a frustration point. I used to be able to deal with these things by giving myself 24 hours to feel sorry for myself. But that doesn't seem to be working this time. It is lasting longer than 24 hours. Putting off dealing with these issues clearly is not healthy and clearly is driving a wedge between me and any semblance of normality. I am financially hurting and facing losing everything (everything I had was put into storage and now I have to "bail it out" by the 20th).

    But on the whole, this whole downward spiral can be pinpointed back to losing my job and the reason I lost it was fraudulent. There were ways that the situation could have been dealt with, but those involved decided to turn a blind eye to what was going on.

    I know that I needed to be here to help out my friend, so there is method to the madness. But I also know that I am at the point where I need to move on to the next chapter, but that is proving difficult due to the circumstances of my job loss.

  • If you have proof of your innocence, why don't you try to get your job back, explaining to the company that you felt pressured to leave and didn't really want to? Honestly, you can't just keep sitting around drowning in self-pity. You were done wrong and you should be fighting mad, not sad and resigned. Where's that famous Aries fire and feistiness and fightability?

  • Or find some workplace legal body to fight your battle for your rights for you?

  • There is a 12 month time limit to file any grievances. I let that slip by. Whether it was intentional or not, I'm not sure, but the time to fight it is gone. That is the bottom line. I need to move on with this. I am not wallowing in self pity and I am in fact looking within to find out the reason behind all this. I have recently taken the step of corresponding about the situation with a newspaper in the area in the hopes that they will at least look into the matter. I am no longer in the same state.

    I had worked for the organization for seven years and the person who decided I needed to go was with them for seven months, but she was a vice president. She still is. There is some question as to whether she is only there because they want her husband, and that is perhaps true. She is on her second assistant since me. Apparently we only last a year. Her husband is worse, he has been through at least four assistants.

    I don't want to be back there. I lost faith in the cause when no one questioned her actions. I went to the principal folks at the time and was not supported in the least. That is all water under the bridge. I just want to move forward and get on with my life now.

  • mineje,

    OK so that is a step you have taken and i sincerely hope the news paper does look into it for you..But for two year this is still battling within your mind..what have you done in the passed to let things mentioned the 24 hour's that you give yourself, thats how i usually do that also, because sometimes we need that time...

    ask yourself, some hard questions, on why this time it is So difficult to let this part of your life go...For your own peace i mind i feel you have to let it stop controlling you...what we put out into the universe it will come back time and time again, you know that negative voice that plays, woulda, coulda, shoulda..time to let this part go and close that chapter and move on, by putting the positives out...Only you can do this for yourself and i'm sure your aware of this...your words were you need to move on with do yourself some good and let it are stewing in it , because its been two years, though i do understand that you want closure but the closure is what you need to do...easier said than done i know.

    my only advice that i can give you really, is make peace with this and make peace within yourself

    love and light


  • Minje, Pray. Ask Jesus to help you. No matter what your belief system, if you have tried all these tarot, astrology...etc... and it's not working...why not? You have nothing to loose. Try God! I think you will be surprised!

  • Maybe the time limit has passed for you but what about the assistants who came after you? Can you all perhaps get together to put forward some sort of legal accusation against these people? I feel you are bothered because justice has not been done and these people have not been punsished or chastised for their actions. But it will only happen if the wronged step up and take action. I don't feel the newspaper is going to be much help. Maybe you can try current affairs TV shows or news or somewhere you can air your grievances in a public way? If there is a history of these people going through such a high turnover of assistants then there is good public evidence of their wrongdoing. Maybe the TV programme can contact and interview all those fired by this couple?

  • I actually got together with the second assistant and together we spoke with one of the attorneys for the organization. She seemed to think that there was something amiss and did a number of interviews with other folks as well. She told us both at the time that she would have some word for us on what could be done within a month. We never heard back from her. We called, and she was not reachable. None of the assistants in her office would provide us with any information. It is rather like the whole situation is being swept under the rug. It is quite infuriating!

    For my peace of mind, moving away has helped (even though it doesn't sound like it). Prayer is where I am headed now. I know it sounds weird, but I believe that the woman who forced me to leave put some sort of curse on me. Distance ahs made it a bit easier to deal with and prayer has become a solace.

    Things will work out in the long run.

  • I don't believe in curses - they're often just excuses for people to blame someone else for their failure to get what they want.

    Are you still in touch with the second assistant?

  • Ya know, I never believe in curses either, until this all happened. The person in question is from the Caribbean and I have a friend who is from the Dominican Republic. I shared the experiences I was having - the feelings I was getting while still working there, things going awry after careful planning - and it was the friend who suggested that it might have to do with some sort of curse. She suggested prayer and I followed her suggestion. To my surprise, the tone in the room changed immediately. When I put into action the steps she suggested, the situation became tolerable. I could go tow work without ending up in the ER in the middle of the night.

    Have to believe it had something to do with a curse and that the prayer was useful, perhaps only in placating my inner being, but helpful nonetheless.

  • mineje,

    I'm sorry you had to experience all that. It does sound tho like you have gained a lot of insight . I'vebeen in corporations which were not totally ethical tossing the blame around

    and I couldn't wait to get out of the ugliness. I just don't care for the workplace drama. You are moving on which is good. I too thought I'd have no trouble finding a job but instead have learned to live w/ very little. I'm cleaning toilets for a few elderly folks. Keeps me in bagels. Altho I understand the Captains activist position in standing up for oneself the process may lift you up but personally I know it can be draining and there is dignity in seeing a course has ended and to step away to a different course. I have found my ego can be over sensitive to what others opinions of me are, is this maybe true for you? It's not fun working in an environment where shallow opinions are floating around. You cannot change the past what you have is "now." Our jobs are something we do to take care of us our families needs etc when it becomes a strain like what you mentioned the dishonesty etc I think you should be proud you have left it, taken another course.Be happy w/ your choices. The little ol ladies I help sit me down to coffee and their latest pastry for conversation when I'm done very different than the stressful work environment I came from. You will find what works for you too.

    Cheers P

  • People can certainly spread negatiivty around an office or workplace and prayer is a very positive energy that can dispel it. But try not to give these weak people more power than they actually have by thinking them capable of cursing you. A positive attitude will always overcome ugliness and bad behaviour. You need to decide when you are leaving a situation because it is no longer useful to you or simply running away because it seems the easiest way (though every time you do run away, you lose a piece of your self-esteem. Do it too often and you will have no self-esteem left to get you through life.) One thing I know for sure, if you have run away from a situation instead of standing and fighting, the Universe will keep bringing you similar situations unless you do make a stand. There's nowhere you can hide from yourself.

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