Your(or someone elses) Sun Sign Is Not All The Whole picture.

  • You can't just base all you know of someone (or of you're self) on their Sun Sign, it is not the only sign that maters, you should not base all of who you are or what you precive, on Sun Sign aspects alone. Some times a persons Moon Signs influence is far greater than their sun sign. Especialy when it comes to toppics regarding Emotions and Relanships(Love or Otherwise).

    I think we should all be far more carefull with these "lables" we give to others weather in Astrogily or not.

    Thank You.


    Much Love And Light To All! 🙂

  • I agree completely! I must be the most behind-the-scenes Leo that ever existed! (Sag moon) I HATE being the center of attention. When I went to my high school reunion, they thought (some even insisted) it was my husband they remembered, and he went to school in another city! He kept trying to convince them, but I just went with it. My ideal situation is where everyone is getting along and having a good time, with no hassles or drama. Peaceful. Always wondered if my birthday was wrong on my birth certificate! But no, it's that MOON thing. And don't even get me started on my cusp friends!

  • I agree with this completely. Both my moon and rising are Gemini, but my sun is Pisces. On one hand, I am Piscean to a T (artistic, empathetic, intuitive, sensitive, emotional...), but man oh man, is the Gem influence apparent in me--namely in communication. I'm not sure which is more obvious--to a stranger I'd say the Gem, but close friends or those I associate with in certain fields are more likely to see the Pisces in me show.

  • I am Capricorn with my Moon in Pisces. i love animals. I also have my Ascendant, Mercury and Venus in Aquarius. Sagittarius in Mars and Saturn. Jupiter in Leo/Virgo,. I am all screwed up! I can tell you one thing though,,,I love my Young and the Restless. Cane is my man. BTW he is a Capricorn on the show but a Virgo in real life,.

  • This is such a good thread. I don't believe that all personality traits can be dictated by a sun sign. In fact, a person's moon sign has more to do with personality than the sun. The sun sign does indicate a persons mental attributes to great degree. Without having a complete natal chart with a birth place and hour its difficult to get a truly accurate astrological reading.

  • I think this is true, especially when it comes to one astrological sign in particular. Poor behavior by men is excused by their astrological sign. That's not XXX at work here, that's the particular man behaving less than gentlemanly.

  • Hi

    I useally say when asked that sunsign and the asterology chart is but a snippet of the persons u are n the one u ask of regard do we compare as a couple. In end its not the sunsign or astrological chart u´ll live with, BUT a person who has a unique personality.

    A step further is the many questions on why do this and that male sunsign do so n so. Not many stop to think, hmmm maybe its not his sunsign or astrological chart but because he is a man n thats what some men do?

    Same for women who almost grasping on for dear life they are ONLY this or that sunsign n astrological chart, instead of letting go and come to terms they are so much more.

    Ive for my personality NEVER liked labels. Labels once given are hard to shake, n some, heck many has not gotten why those they attempt to label rebel at them. Like its incomprehensible that as little as they themselves wanna be labelled that its okay for them to label all else. Is like hello im the only one allowed to label u cant label me. Its ........... well kinda hypocritic no?

    Last i´ll add each one of us have a heritage of condition in our upbringing along experiences that makes us who we are, for good and for bad. The trick is to accept it, n if we misstep to step up n own it. As in yeah i messed up i apologize, instead of making some lame excuse or not step up at all.

    Instead of ranting on here I´ll point to the thread Reader to reader. I do believe I began it but since we´re so many am i gonna step up n say we all made that thread.


  • Well said! Dearest Charmed! I hear, you! Hugs! Cat Cat

  • I am so glad this thread took off a bit more from when i originaly wrote it. thank you all for your input. Many Blessings!

    and a Very Happy Holliday Season and a Happy Healthy Prosperious New Year!

    Love & Light

    StormySkyLioness 🙂

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