Shaubby - looking for a reading please :0)

  • Greetings, Shaubby!

    I am very new to the forum and so far it has really been helping me through a tough time. I'm very greatful to have stumbled upon it, being that I've been a member of for quite some time now!

    I just read your reading for MokaQueen and became instantly intrigued. I was wondering if you could kindly give me a reading as well. I would appreciate any insight that you may have to offer on my career, love and financial situations. They are very hazy to me right now - they've been for quite some time!

    I was born 2/13/84 at 12:41 AM in Passaic, NJ.

    Thank you SO so much in advance! I look forward to hearing from you :0)


  • Dear JoyousAquarius13,

    Welcome to the forum. I'm clairvoyant and will give you the answers that are brought to me by spirit. First lets go into your career and money areas. You will be in a good new beginning year in 2011 you will be looking for new shoes to wear in most avery area of your life. You should already this year went through the cleaning out period of who and what just does not serve you well in your life and begin to put up stop signs and now GO signs as well.

    I feel that you will be dealing with some type of legal paperwork in 2011 in the money area of life. It feels positive and you will be smiling at the outcome of it all. I feel a dog here and if you do not have one than this means that a person will soon enter your life that will be a very loyal friend to you . I hear the name of RIta here and Herbert also.

    If you have a question than send it along and I will answer it for you.

    Sunshine and Flowers will soon bloom in your life.

  • Thank you for the warm welcome, Shaubby!

    I do believe that I will definitely be making a lot of new changes in 2011, I certainly have been putting up stop signs and even Very few, but some) go signs in many differen areas. As far as the legal paperwork goes, there's a few things that come to mind, one being a case that I never went through with. My previous employer was a lawyer and since we parted (since it was on a rather bad note) I have not been in contact with him about it at all. The statute is up in May of 2011 - he could very well send me paperwork about it. There are other things that may be more or less fitting. Perhaps it could be about a new place of residence? Do you see anything happening with my living situation?

    The two other areas that I have been confused about are my career path and my love life. So here are my last 2 questions:

    I have been back and forth about going to cosmetology school. I have a lot of talent but I've been very intimidated for a long time and I can't seem to grasp the reason why! I also JUST applied for a higher position at my current job. I will find out tomorrow if I got the position. Any insight as to he outcome of either? Since I will know about the job tomorrow, I guess I'm trying to ask what would be right for me. I have many different paths that I could follow but I can't make up my mind - it's been driving me crazy!

    As for my last question - I am utterly and completely confused by my love life. I've been having a very tough time getting over a previous relationship. No matter how much negative feedback I receive about the future of the two of us, I still can't fight the feeling that we may work out somewhere down the road. I have a lot of love and respect for him, even though we only dated for 2 months. Would you happen to have any insight on the situation? Do you see anyone else in the big picture that I have either already been involved with or have yet to meet? I know that this is a time for "me" right now, I have a lot to work on personally but of course, my love life is always a big concern to me.

    You are very gifted. Thank you so much for your response - it is greatly appreciated!


  • Hello Joyous,

    I can not really tell you which career path to take as I am hearing that it will all fall naturally into place. In Cosmetololgy you would need to really start your own business or be in a state that offers umbralla opportunities for those just out of school. If you do not receive the higher position at work( feels positive to me) than you will still climb the ladder in another way in another position in which than you will move residence into a condo , or really nice apt community. I see the kitchen as a stand out focus point as it will be beautiful. Sunlight will be shining through the windows of this new place and it even smells new.

    Love department : The man that you no longer see but long for was connected to you in a former life and the cord just was not cut completey from that incarnation together. This time around he will do the chosing as to form a marriage with you or to completly cut the ties. I do feel another man coming in around you that in ways will remind you of the one you let go of, only he has a deeper spiritual depth to him which he will awaken in you the need to research spirituality on levels you have not thought of before. He may be a medium or psychic himself. I hear the name of Robert or Bob here and you should know him in the first half of 2011.

  • So I didn't get the position but I was strongly urged by the VP to please keep applying, for she believes I have a lot of great qualities to offer the company. I thought that was quite a good compliment from the VP of a big company! I still just don't know what to do, do I really wanna sit behind a desk all my life? There's SO much I could do. I feel I should go to college for Communications - I aspire to be a character actress.

    I really hope that you're seeing a new place of my own, or with another - and NOT my parent's house... they are renivating so I just hope its not my freshly painted room you smell and our new kitchen! haha. I don't believe I'll be able to stand it much longer there but my finances are just bad right now. That's why I'm trying to find another way to make a lot of money. I need a car too more than anything, if I had a car I would be bartending on the side but there's not many places I can bartend around me.

    So I'm wondering if the man you're seeing that I am no longer with but long for is really the man that just broke up with me. I truly hope if so, that he's not completely cutting the ties and he comes back - I just loved him so dearly. He was the best I ever had and it had only been 2 months! I felt a connection with him though - I miss him so so much :0/

    So this spiritual man Robert - do you see him as a friend or as a possible love interest?! I do hope it's just a friend and that the man I was just with is coming back... did I already say that? ;0)

    Thank you so much for your insight! Any other insight you can provide, please don't hesitate to add! If you see anything else based around what I just blabbed about, please - DO TELL! :0)

  • Hello Joyous,

    In regards to; So I didn't get the position but I was strongly urged by the VP to please keep applying, for she believes I have a lot of great qualities to offer the company. I thought that was quite a good compliment from the VP of a big company! RIGHT ON honey this really was a good indication to keep at it and like I wrote you will succeed in getting a good job there. I don't think you will have to worry about being behind a desk all of your life. This may be why you diid not receive the job because you were putting out there that you want a freedom type of job not the 9-5 office life.

    I sense that you will begin to put the puzzle together very soon now and be pulled if you will to entering a office job and than take classes at night to fullfill the actress waiting to be born on stage with you, as I feel you on stage first , have you thought about a theather group in or around your area? Ck it out.

    Love is where you find it and on many levels of expession. Robert will be your friend first and than step into the carnal needs if that is what you disire. I do not feel you being alone for long. It just takes time to build your foundations and in the meantime , dance and hang with friends this holiday season and simply breath in and enjoy your life as it is now.

    Happy Thanksgiving

  • Thank you for the encouragement! I have thought about joining a theater group for quite some time now, just never did. I've been cast in a short fil project by a friend of a friend and I'm very excited about it but also a lil worried! I acted in one play in High School and ended up winning a Pennsylvania Actor's Award for my performance which was very surprising to me but I never pursued acting any further than that. So this will be my first attempt since 1999 acting in anything. It IS fun but I'm just very insecure about my appearance. If you saw me you would probably say I was crazy like I've heard before but of course, it's the way I view myself that holds me back.

    I don't know exactly what to do with myself but I KNOW I don't want to be stuck in the 9-5 routine much longer. For financial reasons, sure, but it's not the best fit for my personality.

    I've actually been dancing with my friends and trying to get past my recent break up though I secretly want him to come back to me and admit that he's making a mistake - that's my fantasy that I'm hoping will turn into reality but only time will tell. I guess I just need to sit back and stop worrying so much about the future and let it just unfold.

    Thanks again for your kind words and insight! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving if I don't hear from you again!

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