How to manifest the love you want?

  • I've been attracting good men into my life lately however they pay a lot of lip service about wanting a committed relationship with someone but then their actions don't really support that. I'm wondering how to get clear enough about the kind of person I need? I've tried writing down lists of qualities but feel like I must be missing something. How do you get clear enough to really visualize the right partner? Do you just simply say "please send the right person for me and I trust that you know who that is?" I'd like to meet someone special. I'm happy for the most part but like most people would love to have that one special person with whom to share my life. Any ideas how to attract the right person?



    Stonyeye, one of the phrases which need to be included with your request iS,


    From what I am understanding from your statement you are just asking for the right person and the UNIVERSE knows what you want. This is not quite so, as we have "free will"

    One thing which may assist you, is making a list of all the qualities you desire in a partner, be it male or female.

    I believe the NEWMOON may be the best time to do this list as it it for new beginnings. Use whatever ritual is best for you.

    I hope this assists you with what you are seeking.


    loving silver wings

  • Thank you so much Julianna, That makes a lot of sense. I will take your advice and appreciate it greatly.

    Big hugs to a very kind and lovely person x


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  • Yes, excellent points watergirl. Thank you. Have you manifested anyone spectacular for you yet?

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  • Horses ARE amazing. Mine is my best friend.

    I hope that new love will appear for you soon Watergirl! I'm sure they will. When the time is right I suppose. We must just be patient. Sigh. I'm learning to be that.... patient. Thanks again for your input!

    x SE

  • hello ladys=)

    I have a question regarding this list. I created a list sometime back. At the time I was with my ex wich met all good things on the list. I created it without him in mind by the way. Anyhow, i no longer have that list. Should I creat a new list? and I deff do need to add "will be in love with me in return and respect me and my son"

    so when I'm ready to start dating ufcourse..

    I'm still in between " let's give it a shot and no.. maybe later"

    thank you in advance for any replies..

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  • wow thank you watergirl18!! 😃

    I'm excited to work on it!! can't wait for new moon! hehehe

  • You know you attract from the energy you far from what you said, you carry pretty good energy:)

    How to maifest. Number one for example; if you trust yourself and have happiness in self you carry it into a resonate it thus you attract it....

    Create an affirmation of what you want, it may be a page to two pages....but that is part of manisfestation..

    You also do not want to attract need so say in your affirmation I deserve. I deserve to have, we deserve, we also deserve a trusting relationship and so on.......................

    Also personal "self" discovery means you trust in yourself to know who you are...thats important....

  • Turbox,

    Thank you for the nice comment. I do realy appreaciate this. I do want to admit I am a little scared to put my self out there due to past harsh lessons I went through. But i do deserve love, true love. I know there is what I want out there. He will come in to my life when the time is right 😃

  • Affirmation:

    " I am trusting to my divine self in balance with my higher self and conscious self" I am open to the Divine opportunities" I embrace my divine feminity in balance and in peace"

    Divine Love

  • oh also add this..." I embrace the Divine synchrony to attract and manifest my divine selfs true hearts desires"

  • I will!!=). thank you so much. I'm excited to write about what manifest from this in the future. I will deff use the affirmation you sent me. thank you again. Makes me so happy!!!

  • 🙂 Even draw a photo of both of you in togetherness, put together a self discovery binder...your journalings..any recorded self talk counsel sessions....your affirmations.....its great to log yourself and learn and evolve youself........its also a healthy energy and you can attract others who express self love by loving you:)

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  • Thank you for all of this insight.

  • today we have a full moon.

    I created my list with my affirmation right on top.

    a candle for tonight.

    I need luck on my side.

    and love all around.

    thank you ladys for all your help. 😃

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