I'd appreciate a tarot reading right now

  • The last few months have been a trip for me. Everyday has a new idea of a way to transform me. I'd really really really owe somebody if they can do a reading...

  • BTW, my birthday is 9/15/1990 at 1:05 am Lawrence, KS of USA

    My question would probably be considering what to do now that I'm out of a long relationship.

    Such as, who might I start finding an interest in?

    And/or where do I need to turn my focus now that I'm independent.

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  • This post is deleted!

  • I'm sorry? When I say "right now" I mean during this time of my life specifically I could really use a tarot reading and I'd be very grateful if anyone volunteers to give one to me... I'd be more grateful for getting one at this time of my life, more so than I have felt at other times. Because this time, I've changed the rules, broken out of a very long relationship with the father of my baby... and.... don't really know what the hell I'm doing.


    Yes I would really appreciate a tarot reading right now. Sorry if that offends you.

    No one asked you to respond.

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