If your love life is good does that mean your career has to suffer?

  • this might seem a little crazy but as a libra i believe in balance. for the past ten months my love life has been great but my career has suffered. now my careeris picking up and i'm scared that my love life will now suffer. it ay sound crazy but i get it in my head some times that there are "laws" controlling everything and have no choice in the matter.

  • It depends how much energy you are putting into your partner and how much you are keeping for yourself and your own life. Maybe you are giving too much? Do you feel drained or tired at all with your partner?

  • Roseydaisy, I sometimes feel the same way, perhaps it's my Libra moon. I feel that if I focus too much on my career my love life and family life will suffer.

    But I think this is only our perception based on the "rules" that society has imposed on us humans. Now, I dont believe is necessarily true, it will depend on how compatible you are with your mate and also the level of communication you have.

    I think is important to feel happy and fulfilled regardless of the choice we make. If we decide to dedicate some more time to work until a goal is achieved then it would be a sacrifice you and your partner would have to make but it will be worthwhile...

    like finding balance...

    we humans need a well balanced life, distractions, fun, laughter, exercise, TLC, healthy diet etc etc.

    You just have to find it... for example cook together with your partner and share meals, after those two hours then you can go back to your work. Get the idea?? Like multitasking, is not impossible and NO nothing is written in stone we create our own reality.

    🙂 Smile and believe that it'll ALL be all right!!

  • thank you both for your replies:-). sorry its taken me so long to get back. The Captain it's my work life that leaves me feeling drained and my boyfriend is like a relief from that. however his work life is hard at the minute too so we are really putting in the effort to make the most of the time we do get. I get what you mean though. I think at the minute i'm putting more energy in my relationship because the reward is sweeter my boyfirend brings me so much happiness whereas at the moment work is a headache.

    Happydoc thank you your post makes alot of sense! i think logically i know we create our own reality it just sometimes it feels like life is running along and things change so quick we don't see it happening lol

    thanks again xo

  • It's no use if your career is draining you and yet leaving you unsatisfied. If you are happy with the way your work is, that's fine but if it is not making you happy or affecting your health, then you must find a way to change it. If you value something but it is not rewarding you back, then something must give.

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