The New Earth Rises: November 2010

  • The Flowers of Peace, Grace and Compassion, and the Diamond Light Waves

    Beloved Family of Light, it is with Great Joy that we come to you at this time to speak of the New Energies that are flooding your Planet and the New Forms that are being brought into Manifestation at this time. At the 10/10/10 Portal or Stargate opening, you as Family of Light, held the space to anchor the new energies of the Shekinah or Cosmic Mother, and enabled the Formation of the New Grids of Light that link the Oceans and the Land in a Planetary Unity as One. Now, you are in the next phase of giving Form and Physical Shape to these New Energies.

    So, now let us speak first of the New Energy of Peace, Grace and Compassion that is entering the Earth in the wake of the 10/10/10 Stargate. We call it the "Flowers of Peace, Grace and Compassion" because it is being anchored in the most beautiful Sacred Geometrical forms that are giving a Higher Consciousness to the "Flower of Life" grids that give form to your Planet and also the manifestations of Human Social Structure and Interactions. These new Flowers include the energies of Peace, Grace and Compassion which are the gift and expression of the Shekinah Light of the Great Earth Mother. The Shekinah Light has anchored in the Earth's field and is pulsating the frequencies of Unconditional Love, Grace and Compassion.

    The energy of Compassion creates a dep feeling of connection with fellow beings on the Planet and a desire to support the emergence into the Light of Higher Consciousness for All. This, in turn, creates a desire to give form to a society where all are supported and loved, and where all can share in the abundance of material life. Compassion is a gift of the Mother God or Divine Feminine that ensures that all her Earthly Children know that they are Loved and Supported at all times.

    The energy of Grace follows Compassion, Beloved Ones. It is the complete trust and acceptance of Divine Will and the belief that Miracles can and do happen where Love and Compassion are present. Grace is also a gift of the Divine Mother and it supports those who choose to flow with the energies of Cosmic Love that emanate from the Cosmic Heart.

    In the last few years, Beloved Ones, we have spoken often to you of the need for living in the Present Moment and being willing to accept the Divine Will as it manifests in your life in the flow of Creation and Synchronicity. Now is the time that you will need these skills as the Powerful New Energies sweeping the Planet bring deep and profound change to your lives and your social structures. Beloved Ones, know that Grace, Compassion and Miracles are here for your support if you will Open your Hearts and Accept these gifts of Divine Love.

    In order to support your processes at this time, Beloved Ones, we will explain how these energies will flow into form in the next few months.

    At the 10/10/10, you passed through an energetic stargate that allowed you to expand into Higher Consciousness. You might liken this to the energy of a Bridge. Those of you who are awakened Family of Light were ready to pass across this Bridge of Light. Your Higher Selves had been preparing you to make this great Shift of Consciousness. And so, many of you felt the need to leave situations that were not in alignment with these new energies, even if you were not sure what the next step would be and how you would give form and expression to these New Energies in your lives.

    At the 11/11 Stargate on the 11th of November, you will begin to integrate these new energies more fully and you will have a better understanding of how you should move forward to express yourselves and your light in Love and Compassion. You will better understand yourself and what you need to achieve in this next phase of your life. Beloveds, you will begin to align with a new phase of personal growth and expansion in Love that will also support the expansion and growth of the Planet.

    By the 12/12 Stargate on the 12th of December, you will be ready to give form to this new direction in your life. The energies of Higher Consciousness will manifest in New Directions for Work and Relationships.

    Beloved Ones, if you feel confused and lost in these powerful new energies, know that you are supported in this Grand Process of Transformation and that it will be brought into form and into alignment with Divine Will by the end of the year. Remember to use the gifts of Compassion and Grace for yourselves and to expect Synchronicities and Miracles in the Flow of Divine Love.

    The Waves of Diamond Light and the Next Phase of the Indigo Crystal Adventure in Light

    Beloved Ones, at the 10/10/10 and the opening of the Stargate portal, the Waves of Diamond Light coming to the Planet intensified. These have the effect of activating Higher Consciousness and increasing the Fields of Love and Peace on the Earth.

    But, they are also being supported and enabled by the arrival of the Diamond Rose Crystal Children. These are the next "wave" of the Crystal Children, and these ones are born in full Cosmic Consciousness and fully awake and connected to the Spark of the Divine Light that they carry within. Their energy field sparkles like Diamonds as they seed the New Energies into the Collective Fields of Light on the Earth.

    At the same time, the Indigo-Crystal Beings on the Planet are being activated and directed into the Next Phase of their work according to the Divine Plan as expressed through the Codes of Light. This is the work to be Channels and Expressions of the New Energy and to assist in creating a sustainable partnership with Nature so that the Planet has a viable future in Peace, Love and Sustainability.

    Many of the First and Second waves of Indigo Beings that arrived on the Planet in the 1970s and 1980s will shift into this New Consciousness and this New Work of Love. They will fel called to work in Groups and in Projects that support the emergence of a sustainable and compassionate way of life on the Earth. This will also be felt by all the Beings who have shifted through the Indigo and Crystal stages of Transformation and are ready for the Diamond Rose consciousness of Cosmic Wisdom as expressed on Planet Earth.

    This is a deeply grounded Consciousness that aligns the Soul Star Chakra with the Earth Star Chakra. On the level of the Soul Star Chakra, the Soul Akasha is awakening to memories of Who You Are and your Cosmic Connection to the Stars. On the level of the Earth Star Chakra, you are awakening to deep memories of Collective Past Lives on the Earth and accessing the wisdom of these lives from the Earth's Akasha.

    Together, these two flows of Wisdom mean that you are receiving Light Codes and Information from the Highest Sources available, and you are expanding in awareness and consciousness. The waves of pure Diamond Light that enter the Planet have the effect of "upgrading" the information through New Forms of Sacred Light Geometry. These convey a new impetus to evolve into new forms of being. Beloveds, it is not surprising that you may feel exhausted and confused as all this new information flows into your Light Bodies and your cellular memories and DNA. Your mind is not able to process this information. The mind level and the mental body is given to process your present life experience and to pass this information into the Earth and Soul Akasha. The Mental Facility is limited. It is only the Higher Consciousness channels and meridians in the Light Body that you have developed in the last few years that are able to process this information in connection with your DNA.

    Beloved Ones, the work of the Mind is to allow the rest of the Multi-Dimensional Body to process and lead, and to be aware of "instructions" that come from the Heart and through the Body. When you align with these instructions you will flow into Higher Forms of expression and love with Ease and Grace and Joy.

    We do indeed wish you Light, Joy and the Blessings of the Flowers of Peace and Compassion and Grace in this month of November.

    By: Celia Fenn

  • Poetic,

    Do you have more information on Indigo child as this mentions? You mentioned in a previous post that my daughter might be an Indigo Child or something else.. Her awakening started 3 years ago when she turned 4. Her infrmation comes to her in her dreams, she just seems to know things about people that seems a bit beyond her age or understanding level. She can find things that are lost... possibly somewhat telepathic. I know part of my role with her is to teach her and to protect her with her gifts. Others seemd to pick up on her ablilities when we were out in public, so I would do things that would protect us both and make it to where we were not picked up by others awareness...i guess you would call it...


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