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  • Hi Dangala

    Would you please do a reading for me too??

    Last 2 years of my life has been an awakening experience, due to the pain caused from a never started -- never ended love affair. it was a wrong timed romantic encounter, very strong connection.

    Now I feel much better, but still not over it. Because I see him coming in different times, and I can't help it, I believe he comes around for me. He is not verbal at all. very shy. couple of times he tried and I see how hard is for him to express. when first I approached him, back then, I wasn't aware of his girlfriend he was arrogant and played the hard to get when I asked him if he has a girlfriend. and then the story turned all around. But I am not arrogant, I just see no future in there, and even a bad outcome. I wouldn't go in a triangle relationship.

    its so hard for me to go get over it because he keeps coming around and then leave again. those days it feels like its all over. and I am sad even I know that was not the time for us. I have been very disappointed from his moves but I never managed to turn the disappointment into helping me to let him go in my mind and heart. I am so into him still, but I am relaxed on y expectations and try to get going with my life.

    I wounder what do you see about this guy?? why he keeps coming ?? what does he want ??

    Is it true that now is all over ??

    Thank you a lot for your time and energy,

    Blessings to you, a

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  • I see you 🙂 .. I will read for you shortly.

  • Ok Art can you please explain to me these questions as I am a little confused.

    Did you have a relationship with this person? What do you mean "coming in different times" are you two in on again off again thing? What does "never started -- never ended love affair."

    Please be more precise and clear so I can tune in. Thanks 🙂

  • Dangala,

    Thank you.

    I had a first look crush with this guy, 2 years ago. I didn't do anything but I saw him interested too, shortly. sneakingly interested. he lives close by. I saw him doing things that show it me interested in hooking up with me. I don't feel comfortable giving details of how we did communicate together, but they were strong communication between us, without even speaking. So, once I approached him, telling him that I would like to know him more if he is not in a relationship. his first respond was confusing, but nice. than the second (text messages) was kind of aggressive and not polite, in the end telling me that yes he does. then disappears for some time. then shows up again and openly wanted to get in touch with me. still I can't give details here. I didn't do any thing since I learned he has a girlfriend. once he approached me saying something very poetically :). but I didn't reply.

    He would behave like a 15 years, but he is triple I think. I know the details are important to say but i just feel very intimate here.

    Since then he has done some moves of trying to get me back to asking him again. I don't do a thing then he leaves again for awhile to show up again. some time he shows up as very brave and kind of arrogant and some other times shy and sneaky.

    the most interesting part in all this story is that I have had my guides telling me through the dreams what would happened next. futuristic dreams. incredibly awakening my senses, which made me start searching and finding this forum and learning so much and getting support just by reading.

    I have about 4 months when i truly started working on forgetting and letting go of hopes on him. i kind of asked to shout down my senses of seeing him. since then i can't see any dream on the future with him any more. but if I ask before I sleep that i want to see him in my dreams, i do. very interesting.

    I think i kind of know the answer, i just wander if there is something more you could see. In a sense we make our own future and I don't know why some things would happened in life.

    thanks a lot for reading and insights again,

    best, a

  • There is too much thinking here, too much self torture. You have a scholastic mind. You will do good to turn all this energy onto something useful. You know the answer to this query within yourself.

    Improvements and greater knowledge will come from all this if you learn to separate the spirit world and practical world. There is a need for more social activities in your life. More movement is needed. As things stand now in regards to your surrounding energy I see at least 2 months of doing what you are doing now which is wasting energies on regret and feeling melancholic about your past. Then I see you drifting away from it towards a new direction. The next 12 months will be all about learning, searching, and trying to find some balance. There might be a period of gloom again in the next 6 months but you wont linger there for long. Many of the negatives I see coming up ( which are not many) are avoidable if you start to work on your self esteem now.

  • Dangala,

    Thank you a lot!

    you are absolutely right about my energies around me and my loneliness. Unfortunately, i have no close family where I live and also I am a loner type for most of my life. is not that I can't find people to associate with, people usually are nice and loving to me...but i am pulled off and lost in my solitude. Socializing gets me overwhelmed of emotions. Unless it is close family, i would prefer to stay with me. Also, my circumstances don't favor my socializing life for a long time now. but i will take your advice into consideration because I know its so true.

    thank you a lot for your input.

    Blessings to you!! a

  • You are welcome Art.

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