Interpret this reading?

  • I just wanted to see how things currently stand between me and my ex-boyfriend.

    How I see myself: Ace of Coins

    How I see him: Wheel of Fortune

    How I feel about him: The empress reversed

    How he sees me: The high priestess

    How he feels about me: Eight of coins

    Current status/challenge of the relationship: The tower reversed

    What stands between us: Death reversed

  • How you see yourself

    Ace of coing meaning you feel that you are growing as an individual, in a way you are evolving and it seems to affect your material possessions the most. Maybe you're spending wisely or your career just turned up i'm not sure.

    How you see him

    He needs to keep up with you basically, you're changing and he needs to catch up and keep in pace with this change

    How you feel about him

    To be honest you feel that the relationship is very bad to say the least, there is nothing left for you in this relationship

    How he sees about you

    Like i said, he needs to catch up, he has no idea whats going on with you now, he cant see clearly whats going on.

    How he feels about u

    He wants to make it work out which is why i think he's willing to learn to adapt to your changes.

    Current status

    It has changed completely but not to a life changing extreme, in a way this break up is just part of life and you should move on peacefully

    What stands

    One or both parties are rejecting this change. This keeps both of you in your current situation and you are unable to enter the doors opened to you

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