Please help with my tarot interpretation?

  • Hi Everyone,

    Hope you are all well. I did a Celtic Cross Love reading today based on feelings that continue to creep up for me in relation to a past lover. Things ended badly and we never saw one another again. I've been working on taking the good feelings and loving images and leaving the rest behind, and yet there's this illusory part of me that continues to hope for contact of some type. In general, it's taken me years to identify the lessons from that relationship, including the reasons for his decision to never talk to me again. Anyhow, here are the cards I drew. If anyone out there has any feedback for me, I would love to hear it. Thank you in advance for your help.

    Love & Me: 7 wands

    Situation: the Sun

    Challenges: 10 of wands

    Recent Past: Knight of wands

    Background: 7 of coins

    Higher Power: 7 of cups

    Near Future: the Hierophant

    Issues: the Lovers

    The Loved One: 4 of swords

    Love Advice: 10 of swords

    Long term Potential: King of Coins

    Thanks for reading!


  • This post is deleted!

  • Thank you WaterGirl18 for your insight 😃

  • I gave this more thought after reading more on the meaning of Kings on that said the focus is on behavior, not people with Kings. I think that rather than a person coming into my life, the King of Pentacles represents my own capacity to be independent from others on a material plane. More specifically, the past lover this spread refers to was my first lover when I was very young and inexperienced. His leaving from my life has forced me to build myself up. The past lover represents the security I though I needed and could only obtain through a man. My feelings as of late come at a time when I am finally coming into my own as a professional, which is a more masculine role than I ever thought I'd have.

    With this insight, I see this reading in a much more positive light. He came into my life to show me love and dependency and then he left just as suddenly, but just in time that I was still young enough to find my own way.

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