Espearite and watergirl, plz guide

  • Ive been emailing a guy since a month and we went out on two dates, i think he really likes me, i do too. We r different nationalities and met online, he's looking for a long term too and is from Belgium. Can u do a reading for me and Steven? How will this proceed? What is your overall view about him?

    Everything seems perfect, he's a gentleman, good manners and very relaxed, is getting to know me well.

    Only thing that is bothering me is he hasn't touched me at all during the two dates. We are proceeding towards the third date now. Is he taking it slow? Is he a passionate person otherwise? I want this to go ahead and Im feeling awkward because he hasnt touched, held my hand or kissed. What is his view of me?

  • He's respecting you ...let him respect you. That means he thinks you're worth the wait. It will all have deeper meaning when it does happen. Would you prefer he goes too fast and loses all respect for you? It means he wants to get to know you first, which is a great basis for any relationship.

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  • hi watergirl, thanks for being prompt to respond.

    the thing is notbtht im looking to just get married. i kno the qualities that i want bt im not too good at multiple dating so i do get attatched to the one im going out with. getting married is one of the things, yes, but i wudnr compromise wht i want for it, but i cant play the field.

    i would really want you to do a reading for steven n me?

    secondly, for all i kno he cud be seeing other people n i can see them too, but as u said i didnt like his pictures in the first place, but then finalised that he cud be a great person n decided to meet him n was surprised, he was gentlemanly. also he is warm n good, not aloof n cold, only he hasnt touched me ATALL, not in a sexual or physical way as in touching, kissing but avoiding any touch atall. Its just awkward and i cant understand it.

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  • yes, i mean his looks, we r the same age but he looks older than me n i didnt really think he was handsome bt still went ahead , n i liked him....., he seems warmth n sincere, very mannerful, right ettiquete towards me, if hes seeing other people, he is at work or on business trips n weekends he with me unless hes doing weekday dates or lunch dates, im not sure... im new to this dating thing, i really cant analyse what is what in general dating, i mean when is time for what in dating, i just feel as we r seeing each other romntically he cud at least hold my hand in the movie!

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  • thanks watergirl, whatever you say i glady accept, n i will work on that.

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