FInding it difficult to get a job

  • Hello Any advice please on how I can get a job other then the obvious ways....

    I have had a long long string of bad luck, employment wise and no one can understand why there is NO logical reason, i cant help but feel like a failure, I have bills and debt like alot of people, im a happy person just want to have a job and i'm applying and going to interviews i don't want practical advice please just spiritual as this is getting me down i keep failing, and i am starting to wonder if this positive thinking really works? I pray to angels to help me ........

    also i am a grateful person, i know there are many worse off then me i would never waste my life feeling sorry for myself just wondering what the problem is..

    peace and love


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  • Kez3, I feel you are stuck in a mental rut, expecting things to come to you in the usual way that they always have. But you must be more open to unusual opportunities and unexpected changes for the better. The Universe wants to give to you but you are blocking its gifts by facing in only one direction. As you peer into the distance waiting for the usual wagon trains of life to arrive, parachutes of goodies are raining down behind and to the side of you but gathering dust by the roadside because you don't see them. Spin around so that suprises can come to you from anywhere and everywhere. Open your mind to the possibility of anything happening...

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  • wow thankyou Watergirl and the Captain I really appreciate your kind words and advice, I shall most certainly take it on board captain!

    and watergirl!


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