I am Libra and Moon sign is a Scorpio

  • Out of all the zodiac signs, Librans are the only mechanical sign that represent the Scales. Sometimes, I wondered if that was a blessing or curse. I strive for balance, fairness, and equality even though my scales get tipped. What is innate is there is a diplomacy about us. We feel a deep sensitive nature toward mankind. I am friendly, chatty, and sometimes misunderstood as indecisive. But if someone really gets me, they'll would know it just taking me a minute to see both sides. I believe in karma and have a naturally kind-hearted spirit which makes me appear gullible to other at times. Are we to good to be true? It may take a moment to earn our trust but once you do, we are loyal my nature and love deep. Can balance pretty much anything but what completes us as a whole is when we are in love. Can find beauty pretty much in all things. But love is our planet, Venus! Right now, I am not in love but would love to be! Almost feel little tormented. This time around, I'm going to hold out for the right person that has my similar qualities. I gave a lot for a little. And trust, my Moon sign is Scorpio. So if I get upset, just entertaining some of my own thoughts is enough to scare me back to my Libra side and I was in love with a Scorpio. If I ever met another, I would run. Intense but full of passion. I like that about us, passionate. Part of why we feel so deep even when If it is painful!!! Because the bonus is we experience living!!! PS: Our other bonus is we are Air Signs who are analytical. That is our intellectual side. Kind of fun to notice similarities that we have in common with other Libra, Gemini, and Aquarius.

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