Today I HATE .........

  • SalientLiving u hit the spot on WHy i made THIS thread here. Its a PART of RELEASING. ur words fit better lol

    cat luv ya guurrrlll

    Today i HATE the sore cough throat thing that YET again has taken over my system when its MOST INCONVEINIENT!!!!!! typical no? Snort lol

    lmao = laughing my ass off LOL - laugh out loud, rofl - rolling on floor laughing

  • here´s a small things for us

  • Today I hate the cold rain and I can't seem to warm my hands.

    I'm not feeling 100% well either. It seems that's one of the problems with holding on to anger and hate. It never hurts the person we are angry at but instead it hurts us. The sooner we reach that place where/when we let it go we will feel healthier. I'm just not there yet. I lost 2.5 years of my life with a sociopath. When I think about that part of him that is so ruthlessly hateful I can't help but to hate back. I know, I should be feeling grateful that I only wasted 2 years but time is ticking and I had hoped to share my love....... I hate him for taking my peace of mind and wasting my time. Oh well. I could give you a long laundry list of what he did but it wouldn't change anything. I just hope I don't have to deal with him in a future life so I am trying to release it all and release him, and free myself forever.

    BUT, I think I'm going to feel anger and hate for a little while longer because it is giving me the strength to keep moving forward on letting him leave my heart, my mind, and my life. My anger gives me the edge to not get soft again and call or look for him. My anger will give me the strength to say NO when he attempts to talk to me again. I hate him and for now that's exactly what I need to do.

    The next stage of healing will come. That's the beauty of ever loving at all. We receive it and we release it and we receive it again.

  • Oh, and I must admit I've never been beaten by a fairy swinging a happy wand!

    LOL, sounds a little kinky!

  • Salient u´re right. The anger n hurt is what keeps us going. It makes us FEEL n look at ourselves n we try to see the reasons behind. N once we find we´re not wrong the anger is somehow given oxygen to prolong. Its i believe what makes us stronger to sustain going on. know what i mean?

    So to me n u n hopefully a few more is that anger is good. LOL

  • Ooohyeah, I am very unhappy that we had to come back to my old place, we went to Brighton, yes ok the seaside in November but had lovely walks on the beach,both days,(including one by moonlight) saw the sun rise over the sea, and set the previous day, shared a chinese on the pier, and saw a brilliant band who played 'birthday boy' for hubby, even though his birthday was 15th oct, .....and then back to our untidy, crammed full, not big enough about comedown with a bang.....I HATE THIS PLACE, I NEVER SEEM TO GET IT EVEN A BIT TIDY!!!!!, and never for long when I do, we can't fit all our hobbies, courses and workstuff into it WAAAAH!!!!!


    Is why i made the thread WOMEN UNITE HERE thread ............................ not alone is my blood on fire so does my p ...................... u get my drift.

  • Yuk that's a bit too personal, what about the post and pre menopausal staff, and smokers ? next thing they will have cctv in there, hubby reads the Morning Star, and they publish things like that in it so I know if I read it too much I get either annoyed or upset about it, now he gets the Guardian or the Independent and they also go into stuff like that, so I can't put my head in the sand any more and have been on marches and protests to try and change things. Over here we have the smoking ban and people now have to sign out from work if they want a cigarette, I don't smoke, but I hate to see people shivering in the rain just so they can have a smoke, it's an erosion of their personal freedoms to my mind and don't get me on the fact that pensioners still pay tax, or tuition fees....

    But dear Charmed, you need some cyberhugs methinks, and some pampering most definitely, a full massage and some essential oils to remove all those nasty knots in those muscles of yours and a head massage to relax your head too, good leaders need all the help they can get, and a bit of pampering is good to help the body as it can be weak where the head is strong

    Blessed Be


  • that is just too gross, but the way things are going I suspect that might happen here, as I already said they are asking posties to sign out if they go for a smoke, or only smoke during breaktimes, so it's probably a matter of time.....

  • disssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssguSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hate-Love




    Are we not suppose to accept and embrace all of who we are? Without the full range of human emotions we truly wouldn't know when we are in Love or when we feel Joy or when we are Happy..... Hate is the gift that allows us to fully know Love and recognize what is not Love.

  • True

  • Ladies, do, try, scrambled, eggs, with onion&green olives, for dinner, and, remember(important part!!!) never, dine, alone, "Mr. Johnny Walker", glad, to oblidge! anything after, has, a way, of becoming, rather, "Sublime" XOXOXO Cat

  • Johnny and I don't always get along so I dine with Mr. Belvedere. He's always dependable. Where ever I go to sit alone for dinner as soon as I am seated and ask for him he shows up! Ha! Green olives and eggs? I never thought of that combo. Perhaps Mr. Belvedere won't mind sharing his olives.

  • Oh, and by the way, today I hate that it's Saturday and I have no plans, it's too cold to wear something really cute, and in a recent article that ranked top cities in the US on various criteria like Seattle has the smartest people, Savannah has the best looking people, New York has the art and culture, and the town I live in, Kansas City, has the best BBQ! That's it! BBQ! WOW, answer to a lonely girl's dreams!

  • Salient Living, I'm N of Albuquerque, via, N of Detroit; 'do try, the "eggs", scotch, (any, of the "Gents") and, a small, steak, might be, a thought! ' paternal, grandmother, born in late, 1800's (approx., 1883) "Oklahoma Territory", Kansas Praire; know, anyone, last name, Fenton, or Peas? (of, course, if I, betted, the horses, "long-shots"; anyway, BBQ, sounds, "yummy"!!!!! BAD, BBQ, here........UGleeeeeeee! 'fun day, laundry, bills, etc., nice, and sunny, though! In regards, to, lonely, if, I may, how old, are you? perhaps, I could, "intuit", some thoughts, suggestions; I seem, to be naturally, aligned, to (tarot) "Magician", Later, Cat

  • I love that I can sacrifice and suffer that means I have a working heart:) Thank you turboxs if your on here!!!!

  • Today I accept human conditions....

  • This post is deleted!

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