Today I HATE .........

  • Hi All

    After the great topic Today I am THANKFUL for, I feel we need a thread in which to VENT our grievances and HATE in order to RELEASE it, to STOP it from POISONING our very being, our PEACE of MINDS n SOULS!!!!!!

    I´ll start.

    Today I HATE to b stuck in a place where I do not feel that i am welcome at

    Today I HATE that I wish dire much to BITCHSLAP a twerp into his next DUNBUG LIFE

    Today I HATE that Im so CIVIL that I cant tell the twerp what I honestly truely think of him and his BS

    Today i HATE that I EVEN TRY to rise ABOVE it, to maintain SOME decorum n civilcy

    Today I HATE that the twerp makes me do this

    Today I HATE it that common sense to stick n stay is bigger than to pack n leave

    Today I HATE that Im here and not with my man!

    Today I HATE TODAY!!!


  • Wow, I hope all the venting helped.Usually negativity breeds more negativity. Sometimes venting can be usefull though. Please don't let it consume you and affect your entire day. Things are about to change. Have a great day!

  • Thanx b4icu! sweet of u, sadly is has made me very sad upset n i juss wanna bail outta this life on the next dang plane. N change right now im blind to it


  • CharmedWitchBente..I sometimes write to vent my anger and frustrations and I think that is all you are doing! It is okay and preferrable to verbal expression to others who you may alienate..such as your described DUNBUG..."This is a tempory situation and as long as you do not internalise the negativity and anger you will be okay! ~Blessing of Peace and Love!

  • CharmedWitchBente..... now that you have vented, that's good, get it off your chest, blow off that you have and don't feel any better, try this.......start thinking what you have to do that is POSITIVE to help yourself in this situation.Open up a conversation with your man.If he listens , good, it's a start to improving your life.

    I tell my daughter and my teenaged grand daughters this....If you don't like your life then CHANGE IT ! It's your life and life is too short to be miserable.....fix it and be happy !

    Good luck and best wishes to you.

  • thanx guys

  • today i HATE that my sense of dicipline is larger than my sense to stay home n do nada.

    Today i HATE that right now i feel like i have no more fight on me. Today i HATE that all i wanna do is die n REEMERGE as a phoenix rising..........................................

    today i HATE that i may NOT b able to keep shut but say my piece to the dang twerp.

    today i HATE that im out of vodka. 😉

  • Today I HATE the emotions cursing through me. Today I HATE that people STILL act type talk behave as if they are the eye of the freaking world. Today i HATE that im accused, ridiculed n shunned like a bubonic plagued poor desolute creature. Today I HATE people hirarching people n acdt their better than all else. Today i HATE when any claims they r the rules n regulation setters. today I HATE when ANY acts like a god. Today i HATE that they get away with accusing and treating others worse than the dirt beneath their freaking feet.

    Today I HATE to b right that again is my punishment to b treated worse than dirt. Its my cross it seems. I HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sweetie... you must speak positives to the universe. Remember the Law of Attraction.

  • Useally i am. n when all is in balance someone comes along n shoots me to smithereens. how can i then? prey tell

  • Hey girlie, if you focus on the good, you will feel better. Don't let other people determine YOU. You are what you believe or think you are, I believe there is a good heart in there and good intentions. YOU Choose, what side you want to give in to. 🙂

    Here have a cocktail!

  • ThaNX Poetic. A long hot shower, soothing tea n some pcgaming helped

  • good for you!

  • Yeah it was just the last drop in a long line óf insults headed my way. it was the drop that made me snap big time!

  • on the way, to see "a man, about, a turkey........" 'made, one more, "go-around", the Bistro(still in heels/robe/hair-hanging-in-my-face.......) and, Dear, "Divine One", if, I may, you appear, to be, in a state, "OF DIVINE-DISCONTENT", which, while clearly, SOoooooooo, very much, like, say, the last sip, ( especially, when the stores, are closed....GRrrrrrrrrrr!) of, the best wine, you've ever tasted, and the" spare"(last chance...) seems, to have vanished, into nowhere, not, a cup of coffee, anywhere, nary, "a Page" in sight, let alone "Prince-Whats-His-Face", you've misplaced, your magic sword/shield/crystal ball, etc., and (I shudder, to think....) your band, of Amazon/Sparten Sisters, went off to war(have fun....) without you, and your "horse," literally, has abandoned, you, for, "greener pastures"; kinda, like that, is it? Divine Discontent eqallsTarot:Devil/Fool/ Death/Tower/Star&Moon (that's the Divine, part), how, you/we/me, get to the "Dis" part; the "dis" part (equalls, ((did I mention, there was a time, I was, not only, stunning(funny)in my heels, but, my Math?......)though, IS HOW, we, get, to the "CONTENT" part; IF, WE DON"T KNOW,WHAT, WE HATE, The chances, are, we may not, know, either/yet, WHAT, WE, LOVE; think, feel this; check out, tarot" opposites", eventually, (more math,etc.) what, you have here, is, the principle: everything/everyone= ITSELF=ONE; translation: reaquaint(you)reevaluate/reeducate/reincarnate= resurrection; By the way, in order, for the Earth, to maintain,"Harmonious-Working-Balance"/"Divine Wobble/Tilt" (so none of us, fall off, freeze to death, etc.....) it must, tilt 23 degrees, in one direction, (Solstices) passing, through center/zero, (equinoxes) 23 degrees, OPPOSITE, some would, call, "negative", so, what, some, percieve as negative, may be, nothing more, than opposite ( Tarot: card upright/reversed; same card, opposite perspective; if that, is as clear, as turkish coffee grounds (yumm....) wine, perhaps? Any way, that's((Divine Discontent)) how, you qualify, for, membership , in the "Sisterhood of the Loyal Order, of Battle-hardened-Battleaxes, otherwise, known, as Crones", and ALSO, MORE, IMPORTANTLY, how, you (will) find, arrive at, and define,"DIVINE CONTENTMENT"! (Hurray!!!!!!) . For my support: I HATE parsnips; cruelty, ESPECIALLY, to animals (flora, fauna & innocents) all manner of deciet/decievers; close mindedness; plus, pretty much, everything, you said, Sister! You're on your Way, to Destiny; 'either, you(all) enjoy, the "Entire Journey"/or, None"; New pair of heels, maybe? , something,"ruby-red, w/magic-clicking, heels, might be, just, the thing! "really, have, to do, somthing, about, a turkey, Kisses! Hugs, Charmed! Cat PS "smithereens"? keep your "cross-bow" loaded, return, fire/favor, at your, choosing.......if you're the target, it's likely, the shooter, is, the enemy(asumming, not an, accident, blind folded, bad aim etc.) and, in the "immortal words, of Zena, Warrior Princess, ACT!, don't REACT!

  • LMAO WOOOHOOOOOOOOO keep it up guuuuuurrrlll !!!!!!

  • Hello, I have never been to this site before and am not even sure how I got here but I was immediately captured by your posts. Why? Because today I HATE too. Everything you said is right on and it's OK. I understand all the "focus on the good" and "no negative thoughts" posts. They too are right on. But if what you feel right now is hate, that's OK. Feel it. Breathe it. The only reason you have it is because you felt LOVE.

    Betrayal, whatever kind it was, is never easy. Part of the healing process is hate. I know partly because that is where I am today too. And I HATE IT! I can't wait for the day when I wake up and it has passed but for now that is where I am. By embracing it I am one step closer to releasing it and all the pain that brought it. So go ahead and hate it for as long as you need to. I hate that you are feeling so much pain and I hate that I am too. But at least we are no longer in the cloud of delusion. Maybe tomorrow will be better?

    I suppose now I will check out this site to see what I have joined just to talk to you.

  • Hi Charmed! the turkey, is now, under, control, "plus, the rest, of, the yummy mess" yeah!!!!! please, excuse(me) what, is "LMAO"? I'm, out of the loop, on anything, like "texting", thanks,Cat

  • Hi! Salientliving; I'm recently "new" also; if you want, to have, some real fun, and some great "yucks", some great things, to think on, please, visit, "CharmedWitchBente" on/in "the high heel club" Cat-in-the-Moon, SOooooooo COOL!!!!!!!!!

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