Help with The Week Ahead tarot spread...

  • Hi. This is my first post on this website so I hope it goes good!

    This morning I did a tarot spread for the "week ahead". The past few weeks have been extremely tough for me, but this week the tarot spread seems to be looking up a little. I am very lonely though and keep anticipating finding someone and a psychic told me I should meet someone by December... anyone know what this week may have in store?

    Significator: the ace of wands

    Monday: The fool

    Tuesday: King of pentacles

    Wednesday: The lovers

    Thursday: The high priestless

    Friday: The sun

    Saturday: King of wands

    Sunday: page of cups

    Thank you.

  • Anybody?

  • Hi Mia this is my interpretation .. You might need to find balance within your own male and female energies and be more down to earth and logical about your goals as to find love.There needs to be balance so your ideals and goals have a chance to materialize . This week is all about doing what makes you happy and spending time with people who bring a smile to your face.The opportunities are there you just need to make use them.

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