Parent-Child Compatibility

  • hi captain

    could you please do a reading for me and my boys

    me 25/01/78

    boy1 27/02/97

    boy2 01/04/98

    boy3 05/01/00

    partner 11/08/77

    thank you for your time

  • Dear Captain,

    Thank you so much for your insight. I am still learning about my boys as they are still so young, but these are wonderful things to look for and it is nice to have kind of a heads up for future reference. My ex-husband is not really a part of the boys life at this point due to his drug addiction, but it is nice to know what to watch out for if he does clean up and become part of their lives. 🙂

    Thank you again,

    hobbles 🙂

  • Nightlight

    You and boy 1: this can be a difficult relationship with slow progress and you two may remain somewhat disconnected throughout your entire lives. Seldom able to accept each other completely, you two can share many actiivities harmoniously, despite feeling any real soul connection. Your mental orientation Nightlight is at odds with your son's spirituality and emotionalism. The outcome of this relationship depends on the degree of your acceptance of each other's differences - if this is incomplete, your respective qualities will remain partially opposed and unreconciled. Should acceptance be total or as near as, however, a whole new unity can be forged, eradicating any disconnection and replacing it with a heightened awareness, a kind of spiritualized thought. This highly unusual unit will sometimes function autonomously of the two of you yourselves, serving as a higher mind, a guide for your every action. It can be a beautiful thing, proving that mind and spirit can indeed merge and flourish. Great things are possible if you can each accept the other fully and appreciate, not discredit, your differences. Your son is naturally gifted in the areas of art, culture, religion and philosophy. His biggest problem is that these finer impulses may never be given expression in the material world because of his tendency towards over-idealism. His sensitive nature can give rise to all sorts of upsets and setbacks. Generous and spiritual, he has a great need to improve the world. Staying materially grounded in the present is vital for his success. If he can overcome a tendency to avoid confrontations with the more sordid, more practical side of life, he will do well.

    You and boy2: you two lend liveliness to everyday family life. This is bound to be a scintillating and colourful relationship. Close bonds can develop here but you must not let your son go his own way too much. You must be careful to place some limitations or fair restrictions on him because a lack of structure with his fiery energy can prove unsettling for you both. He needs a gentle but firm hand. Try and calm down the somewhat frenetic energy you can produce when you are together because the commotion you cause may be disturbing to quieter or more thoughtful types in the family or environment. You two are both free spirits and value your independence highly, being unlikely to want to give it up for the sake of your relationship. To feel fully comfortable in the relationship, you two will need to show a maturity that is unusual for you. This relationship has a possible past-life connection and others may find it hard to fathom your bond. There can be mutual sharing and understanding here but neither of you will have much patience for each other's moods nor much interest in pulling each other out of the doldrums. The relationship can tap and stir each person's emotional depths to an unaccustomed degree. Your son needs to learn to feel in control by being organized so if you organise him while he is young, he will know how to do it for himself as an adult. He has a natural love of life and an enthusiasm for experience that may see him get into more than a couple of escapades on his life journey. But he may suffer from an inclination to withdraw in disappointment and isolation when 'normal' life fails to live up to his great expectations. Escapism can be a real stumbling block for him. Yet, if he can stay grounded in the physical without turning to the world of addiction, sensation or unfulfilled dreams, and learn not to view structure as limitation, all will go well for him.

    You and boy3: you two both share an insatiable curiosity for everything that goes on around you. Together you can investigate and explore life in a search for technical, scientific, artistic or historical truth. You two may often seek out adventures together, turning your backs on the rest of the family and your responsiblities which can cause resentment from those you neglect. This search may help you two intensely inquisitive people grow close, but there will also be some emotional instability here. United by a need to uncover the truth, you are still temperamentally very different - your son's slow but steady and unswerving persona contrasts markedly with your quick, fitful and easily distracted one. There is a certain fieriness here that makes outbursts and spats likely. Your son will desire more of your singular attention that perhaps you are prepared to give him. He will also show a tendency for compartmentalising - keeping his personal and public life separate so that he may not share what is going on with him at school or with his friends with the family. Your son can suffer from restlessness and boredom so it's important he finds a field of endeavour or craft that he enjoys to devote himself to. Work will be his best teacher. The process of discovering a core identity and a firm set of principles through the pursuit of a specific area of study should come easily to him. With his brilliant mind, his determination and ambition, and a great ability for practical application, he should have little trouble in his quest for greater expertise. Where he fails however is through his tendency to blame circumstances, other people, or fate for his inability to follow his best ideas through to a satisfying conclusion. Yet, if he can bring his considerable patience and fine philosophical sense to bear in such a way that his dedication is firm and his originality is not lost in efforts at self-sacrifice, his efforts will be well rewarded.

    Partner and boy1: this relationship is all about communication and versatility, encouraging each person to be more open and to branch out in their interests. However the relationship's energies will have to be controlled and directed as they can easily get out of control. Self-defeating in many aspects, this relationship needs to be very grounded and to keep its eyes on the prize. Interactions can become stormy if your partner tries to dominate your son too much, because he will react with extreme discontent and rebellion. It's hard for them to find much time to spend together building intimacy because both are usually busily flying off in all sorts of other directions. Commitment will need to be solidly worked into this relationship.

    Partner and boy2: for this relationship to even get off the ground, a common basis of communication will have to be established. These two wilful people have conflicting personality elements that must be transcended. Selfish or individualistic desires must be put aside in order to open up a somewhat unusual and unique avenue of communication. These two may communicate in a way that they never have before. The success of this relationship will depend on your son's willingness to accept your partner's authority. Communication breakdown or power struggles can threaten the success of the relationship. Passions can run high here. Your partner's deep and often tumultuous emotions can disturb the detachment and cool that your son needs to stay on an even keel. There will be confrontations and combats if your partner tries to crush your son's spontaneity or individuality. There is also the opposite danger - that your son might idolise your partner to the point where he becomes blind to his faults and unduly dependent on him.

    Partner and boy3: this is not easy for a parent-child relationship. Your partner will usually be attentive and caring but can tend to dominate the child. Adolescence generally brings the usual separation between parent and child but this may take the form of your son firmly bidding your partner farewell and going off on his own, rather than simply growing rebellious. These two would do well to keep their relationship from getting too personal, and friendly rather than familiar. The road to harmony here consists of many tiny steps, but these two are both very good at achieving their goals and dreams if they remain grounded in practical reality. So they can get on together if they both really want to and try to.

  • Captain - you are amazing! You got my oldest daughter pinned to a T. She is the most detail oriented child I have ever known - except she spends hours on detail on projects she likes and doesn't do enough on others. Yes - we are like Mulder and Scully - I am the believer she is sort of the skeptic but she does get excited when I find that a crop circle has "popped up" near here and when she saw I had a couple decks of Tarot cards, she ask,ed for some for herself., Now m,y husband and the two girs - I wil,l, have to read that over again., Basically - he is almost like a third child which makes it a little more demanding for me to figure out their relationship to each other. Thanks again. this is really pretty cool

  • Hello Captain,

    my DOB Jan 26, 1981

    my son DOB Dec 21, 1996 ( yes i had him very young )

    thank you for your offer!! 😃 and your time

  • Sweetoty

    You and your son: you two would seem to have little in common. Your son's slower, more profound and volcanic energies contrast markedly with your light, quick and easy approach. Yet there is a mutual fascination at work here, one that proves highly effective in overcoming most temperamental differences. Apart, you two might not be known for your psychological stability; together however you can be surprisingly secure. You can be tremendously proud of each other's abilities and can usually rely on each other in many different areas of life, playing various roles. Affection, support, and understanding feature prominently here. You two are usually good friends as well as mother-son and truly have each other's best interests at heart. The good feelings produced by this relationship can give quiet support to the entire family group, but can as easily arouse antagonism or jealousy from those partners or family members who feel ignored or left out of your close union. True, sometimes your son may feel a little let down by his flighty parent but you will usually try to make up for your occasional lapses of reliability or responsibility with sparkling wit or extra affection. The attitude here is usually an open one that rarely needs to resort to manipulation or other underhanded tricks. People are drawn to the clean emotional energy of this relationship.

    Your son may often be plagued by deep insecurities and chronic shyness, yet time and maturity are the keys to his advancement. He is a highly sensual individual but his great love of physical beauty must be balanced by an appreciation of the intangible. He must be guided to avoid a path that consists entirely of a worship of the flesh. He must learn that a beautiful soul is more priceless than a pretty face. If he cultivates his intuition in regards to people and situations and educates himself in alternative traditions to religion, science, and the arts (such as spirituality and metaphysics), he will find his true path to success. Though there is a danger that he may delude himself into believing that his humbler origins have somehow marked him for life, nothing could be further from the truth. Rather, it is his own hesitation to reach for things he knows he wants that will keep him tied to less-than-satisfying people, places, and things. Still, his natural kindness, depth, and understanding can create tremendous growth and the attainment of considerable material comfort in his life.

  • thank you captain for your insight.

    I have a question. I hope you don't mind.

    You gave me a reading some time ago. In that reading including the one above gives me the impression that I won't succeed in the nursing program that I am currently in. In the last one you state that I need to learn to focus and so on. And in this one, my son feels marked by humbles origins. I am in my last turm in this program. I am doing well so far. I want nothing more but to complete this so ( think) I work hard enough to acomplish this. Am I at risk for failing due to not focusing enough? Also if you don't mind. how can we learn to be stable indiv?

  • captain, does my son have a strong intuision to help guide people? is that what you are implying?

  • Sweetoty, you will only fail if you lose your focus or get distracted but it sounds like you are doing OK. Just don't relax your studying regime until it's all completely over.

    For you (or anyone) to be stable, you must balance all the elements of your personality equally.

    You for example are an air sign - which is about thoughts and mental activity. Air signs are the talkers and communicators of the zodiac. If you need something written or spoken, ask an air sign. Ideas seem to materialize out of thin air for them. These people are like the air we breathe. Always moving and changing. Just when we think we know them - poof, they change again. Very social these air signs. If your party seems dull and no one is talking, you don't have enough air sign people to fill in the gaps between words with more words. Objective and rational - no emotionalism here. The air signs are so objective they can become impractical in their actions and beliefs. Superficial, these signs never want to get into heavy emotional discussions about the dreaded "feelings" dialog. Like the air, these signs hate to be restricted. Freedom of thought and movement are their most cherished desires.

    So you would need to have more fire (enthusiasm and impulsiveness), earth (practicality and responsiblity) and water (emotions) to balance out your nature. Of course, you would have to look at the rest of your astrological chart to see how much of the other three elements you have there, so you can't just go by your sunsign.

    With your son, he is a cusp so - part earth and part fire so he would need more water (emotion) and air (thought) to balance him unless he has these elements in plenty in the rest of his chart.

    Fire people are bright, strong, and they take control. They want to be in charge. You never can miss fire. Never subtle, the most confident of all the signs. When it wants something you will know! Fire people do not stop until they get what they want. Look to the fire people as the leaders. The majority of world leaders have strong fire elements in their charts. People look to fire people as the energy boosters of the zodiac. Want to start something with enthusiasm? Find yourself a fire sign. The motivators and pep talk people are usually fire people. These people are very proud and confident. Fire people can also be very arrogant and self-centered. Don't go to a fire person for sympathy or comfort. They just don't have the time. They are too busy getting their needed recognition. They have no patience for emotionalism or heaviness. They tend to run over the weaker, shyer signs. A fire sign is the boss who takes your ideas and motivates and leads all the employees to better sales and marketing while taking all the credit.

    Like the water in a glass, water signs conform to the elements around them. Feelings, emotions, and deep personal conversations are what motivates and stimulates the water signs. Sensitive to a fault, the water signs are often more concerned with your feelings and needs then their own. You can find them at movies crying loudest and most often. Everything seems to touch them. Psychic and secretive are often characteristics of the water elements. When they can no longer withstand the emotions of the world, they often retreat into their own private worlds. Sometimes this leads to compulsive behaviors and fearful ways of life. If the emotions get too strong, these people can be become addicted to drugs, alcohol, food or anything that keeps them from feeling as deeply. Trust is a big need of theirs. In fact, water signs can be so emotional that the simplest things can get blown out of proportion into big dramatic scenes.

    Earth people - talk about rocks. The most stable, consistent and sometimes rigid of all the signs. Once they make up their minds, like mountains they cannot be moved without huge efforts. Practical, patient, reasonable, and persistent are these signs. If you want to make sure a project gets done and gets done "right", call on an earth person. They will stick with it until the bitter end. Not much one for spontaneity or flexibility. Not real sensitive as a rule, the earth signs are still aware of the needs of and often want to serve others. These people do not much like the limelight. If it can be done, an earth sign will do it without the need for recognition. Often so rigid, they become stuck with old routines to the point of impracticality. Fear of starting something new, earth signs can be very cautious to the point of missing a great opportunity. Conventional to a point of boredom. If you see an adult asking why repeatedly, you can pretty much be assured you are in the company of an earth sign. With support and encouragement, earth signs can work and work and work.

  • With your son, I meant he must use his intuition to tell the good people and situations from the bad, rather than just assume that a pretty face means a good person or mistakenly think that wealth and power and status signify a person who should be admired and emulated..

  • Hi Captain, Thanks for taking the time with my reading. The first paragraph re my son is amazingly true. Very true about my mom also. My dad is somewhat of a intellectual-loner so I don't see him as an attention seeker. I think he was the apple of his parents eye. He was a Lt. Col. in WW II so he had that responsibility. I don't think he always asked for the responsibility-so to say. I would also describe him as cautious. He probably was happy go lucky in younger years, especially in light of his adult years. Both of my parents were only children. I was unable to have children after 30, so my son is in the same boat. I think my dad had a definite purpose in this life. He was the first cesearean in a major city, also only weighed 2 lbs--was premature. The reason why I said he had a purpose is because he worked in his parents tailor shop as a boy and often didn't go to school. He studied and kept up and after the war went to law school.

  • thank you for your insight. I realy appreciate this =). I will use all of this as my guide to assist my son with his jerney and my own. thank you for all your work Captain.

  • wow captain your so right about me and my boys my first son is artstic his work has been published, i really do think i knew my second son in a past life and my third son and me do some times go off do find answers

  • Thank you for offering 26 June 1970

    daughter one, 15 Aug 1997

    daughter two, 4 May 2006

    Thank you

  • Captain, my Captain!

    Thank you again and again and again!

    Daddy Walter and I feel much enlightenment re: us and our kiddos.

    And that's always a Good Thing...!

    I hope you know how many people you are helping, and how delightful a person you are, Dear!

    Bless you, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving...







  • Brimoon

    You and daughter one: Trying to determine what each person wants or needs, and incorporating it into the relationship is a strong theme here. Your daughter can bring out your self-assertive side, while you can bring out passivity in her. The relationship is likely to feature wide swings of mood, with you both expressing what you like and dislike about each other with bewildering frequency. Both somewhat aggressive, you two don't hesitate to pursue your desires - provided you can identify them. Your ability to help each other do this is your relationship's greatest strength. Your complex daughter would seem capable of dominating you but curiously it is you who often wind up being the boss here through your ability to sense, understand and either satisfy or frustrate your daughter's wants and needs. At the same time, your daughter's heroic qualities can be inspiring to you when you are out in the world. Affectionate and loving feelings are often expressed here, though constancy and moderation may be hard to achieve. You can grant psychological benefits to your daughter because you have her best interests at heart. Your daughter is a fine combination of personal strength, breadth of vision and creative inspiration. She will probably grow up to lead a group of people working towards a joint goal. Her life is not without its stumbling blocks however and she will struggle mightily to overcome issues of ego in order to apply herself to the business of manifesting her dreams. She mustn't let her need for recognition interfere with her desire to make a difference. There is a danger she can become so convinced of her superiority that she will fail to worry about practical matters or attend to the details that will make her plans work. Approachability and the willingness to share her ideas can also be a problem. Yet if she can climb down from her self-erected pedestal and gain a more realistic vision of her own place in the larger scheme, life will reward her humility with happiness and her endurance with deep satisfaction.

    You and daughter two: traditional rules of conduct will never govern this relationship which will want to develop its own value system. In some ways this will give it a great deal of integrity. Indeed, this relationship is likely to have an originality and an honourableness that both of you value and even idealize, helping to make it quite endurable. Given this relationship's full palette of emotional expression, sympathy, kindness, love and understanding will probably flourish here. You will be highly protective of each other and, should this close bond overlap with a period of great stress and need in either of your lives, it will prove highly comforting. You both share an interest in unusual people, places and things which can result in some very 'exotic' decorations or objects in the home. Your daughter will be a natural teacher, who may look to others for reinforcement or to help her get in touch with those things that make life worth living. Her fine sense of the aesthetic and highly developed mental constructs may get in the way of her ability to throw herself into experience, the problem being that she may well fall in love with her own ideas before she falls in love with anything or anyone else. She must come down out of her 'ivory tower' now and then to live in the real world of imperfection. She must not confuse a beautiful things and people with inner beauty or morals. Still, her love for and sense of all that is beautiful is a gift and should be considered a liability only if holds her back from developing a more complete view of life. If she can control her tendency to impose her ideas on others and assume the role of student as well as teacher, she will act on her heart's truest impulses. By realising that her strength lies in taking action rather than generating discussion or becoming stuck in a mental maze, all will go well for her.

  • TheCaptain,

    could you do a compatibility reading of my siblings with me, please?

  • Hello,

    I am 11 Feb 1966

    My oldest daughter is 6 Feb 1998

    and youngest is 15 Sep 2000

    Do you sense indigo in this mix.

  • Moonalisa

    You and your brother: grand projects, far-reaching ideas, and expansive gestures are the stuff of this relationship. Stinginess and pettiness are seen as downers here and are despised; the relationship galvanizes the more magnanimous side of the pair of you. With each other, you are more likely to give than to share, and as a unit relating to others, you are both likely to take the generous attitude that money given is a gift, while money paid back has been redefined as a loan. Some gifts imply expectations, however - love should not be one of them. Together you could work towards a greater goal in areas of social conscience. Unconditional giving can have its drawbacks though, particularly if it puts you two at the mercy of spongers. You two will have to become a bit tougher when dealing with the outside world if you are to avoid being taken advantage of, for even you two generous people will reach your limits sooner or later. Acute differences in needs and wants may make this relationship difficult in the long run. As a family relationship, you two can push too hard and too fast. Ambitious attitudes may lead to over-extension, especially financially, with disastrous results. Your brother can be a little too passive sometimes for his own good. Yet he can enjoy a satisfying life journey, provided he doesn't retreat into personal insecurity or unduly controlling or manipulative behaviour in an attempt to protect his more sensitive and soulful side. He must come to realise that much more can be achieved thorugh cooperation and negotiation. In any event, he will show a pronounced tendency to worry, emotional excess, and concentration on details at the expense of the bigger picture. There is however the highest potential for success here as he is likely to be gifted both with great intuition and the communicative power to get his ideas across. He can use his considerable powers of observation to find answers and craft solutions to any problem. If he can learn to negotiate rather than demand, and manage to change an 'all-or-nothing' view into compromise and personal interaction, all will go very well for him.

    You and your sister: both of you are fixed signs, stubborn and opinionated. Yet, despite the chance of friction and conflict here, you two can get on surprisingly well. You are both no-nonsense individuals, with a heartfelt empathy for the less fortunate. Your relationship also reinforces this empathy, emphasizing devotion and dedication, and softens your confrontational aspect, allowing you two to be more inspirational and idealistic than you usually are on your own. As a family unit, you two are likely to be affectionate and supportive, especially being of the same gender. Occasional explosions and stubborn confrontations may be inevitable, but they do clear the air, and indicate the honesty between you. The key here is learning how to work together effectively on an everyday basis. Together you two can explore many imaginative endeavours. Your sister needs to be the boss in every situation. Yet she has a fine chance for happiness as she is possessed of both the natural modesty and the honesty to rise to the higher challenge of compromise and kindness. She will have to guard against a tendency to be too self-sacrificing or to take on too much personal responsibility, though. Too rigorous a repression of her own needs will result in depression and quite a lot of guilt, while too adamantly or singlemindedly maintaining her own point of view will lead to increased unhappiness and a sense of isolation. If she can use her considerable intuitive talents to learn more about others and their motivations, she will be more than able to achieve benevolent leadership and trusting interaction. She will love how she is treated once she adopts an egalitarian and fair-minded approach to life.

  • the Captain, you've never even once refused to provide me with the answers i needed so let me once again, with all my heart, thank you for your generosity.

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