Parent-Child Compatibility






    ME : AUGUST 10TH 1960- 5:00AM


    DAUGHTER: FEBRUARY 22, 2000- 9:37 PM

  • TheCaptain--it's so nice of you to do this. If you have a chance, I would like your insight...My mom and I don't get along well at all most of the time. How can we get along better? What do you see? My birth date is 6/26/93 and hers is 10/28/60. Thanks so much!

  • Saje043 -

    You and your son (11/26/95): this enthusiastic, upbeat relationship is all fire. Together you are extroverted and flamboyant, adding verve to any family gathering and also inspiring and stimulating to each other. Your son brings out your youthful and childlike qualities, energy is abundant, and positive thoughts prevail - at least when things are good between you. During down periods however, you two may lack the inner resources to deal with problems, especially emotional and psychological ones. Problems can arise over who is getting the most attention. You both need to be more aware of your own needs and learn how to deal with them without making demands on others. It would be a good idea for the two of you to share some sporting or exercise routine (like jogging or swimming together) to work off some of that energy. In his life, your son will display a need and love for travel to far-off places, which may even become part of his career. He is blessed with a natural integrity and sensitivity to others. Yet he will still have to work hard to cultivate diplomatic skills and avoid his tendency to overcompetitive behaviour and to a love of debate at the expense of the exchange of ideas. His need to merge with society will luckily ensure that his need to give supercedes his need for reinforcement and fulfillment in personal relationships. He must learn that winning only really happens when everyone gains, and that he must be prepared to take on a sufficient level of responsibility in order to fulfill his leadership potential.

    This son and his father: these two free-thinkers are usually united on one point - down with tyranny! The issues of dominance and authority are central to both their mindsets. This relationship's orientation is not however revolutionary or anarchistic as such, since it continues to seek order and structure simply by using other means. They both will seek to undermine and oppose authoritarian attitudes (in the family this is mostly likely you, Saje) by encouraging free and open discussion. Yet there will also be friction and stress between them, as they may think alike but they do have problems getting along. Resentment and jealousy are common in this combination. However, if one is attacked in front of the other by another party, the other will spring instantly to his defence, going on the offensive with blinding speed. They can present a very disruptive front to the world, spurring each other on to greater rebellion, but alone together they will not be so united or harmonious.

    You and your son (5/3/97): you two are both fixed signs, opinionated and stubborn, so it would suggest some friction, conflicts, and problems between you. Yet your personalities can blend surprisingly well - you are both no-nonsense individuals with a heartfelt empathy for all those less fortunate than you. Your relationship reinforces this empathy, emphasising devotion and dedication and softening the intolerance, allowing you two to be more inspirational together than you usually are alone. Some of the magic of this relationship can be dissipated however in the mundane continuity of everyday life so you must strive to enliven it and lift it out of the doldrums. Explore imaginative endeavours together. By generating good feelings between you, you can retain the gentle, harmonious quality of the relationship. You will both be very affectionate and supportive of each other, though the odd explosion and stubborn confrontation may be inevitable. But these conflicts do clear the air and indicate the honesty between you. Your son is a natural teacher and an artistic soul whose sense of the aesthetic can educate others in matters of beauty and refinement. He must beware of a tendency to become too bossy, moralizing, or didactic when he feels he is right about important matters. People like your son make passionate collectors and educators as well as amazing preservationists or historians.

    This son and his father: this will mainly be a social relationship. Thought and communication will feature, but there will be little real emotional involvement or bonding. Group activities like charity work, sports, listening to music, dancing, going to see films and other entertainments are favoured. Being with other people removes personal problems from the spotlight and makes these two feel more relaxed with each other. Thus, there is little opportunity or indeed desire to deepen the relationship and resolve problems and issues.

  • Your Answer:

    "LoveDetox, this relationship's success will depend on its ability to cope with direct confrontations. These challenges may demand adjustments that are at odds with the basic natures of both you and your son, and that you feel may compromise your individuality. Giving in to the other person's demands in an effort to please is not something either of you will be comfortable with but meaningful compromise may be the only way you two can get along. Giving ground may be difficult and the ensuing battles can put a tremendous strain on day-to-day living. You can however make your confrontations and struggles have the positive outcome of bringing in more open and honest communication to the relationship. You probably won't try to change your son too much but you will certainly want him to be emotionally honest and sympathetic to you and to others. Make sure you provide a good example by showing him understanding and love quite openly. You mustn't be afraid of arguing with him but avoid letting it degenerate into mere bickering. Your son has a deep need to win and he can argue or fight just for the sake of beating the other person. His magnetism and charm will attract all manner of people to him. You must teach him not to use his power over others to assert his authority or suppress them. He may experience great struggles on this lifepath before he learns this lesson, but he also has the potential to realise great rewards. One thing he must not do is to itemise and dwell on everything that he feels is wrong with him. He will tend to be rather exacting on himself and the rest of the world and this tendency must be identified and cured. Often his lack of self-worth will come from a strained relationship with an authority figure in his life. If his destiny of self-empowerment is to be realised, you will have to watch that this does not occur. Or if it already has, then you must build up your child's sense of self-love and self-esteem. He must learn the difference between real power and mere control, to operate from his own sense of justice and ethics and not from what he has learnt from someone else. " (TheCaptain, 2010)

    Responding directly to your words of: "Often his lack of self-worth will come from a strained relationship with an authority figure in his life. "

    My Response:

    Yes, you are quite right about all that you say I am sure. I do show my son love and understanding on a constant basis, this I have always shown to him (however he is my son so patience with him is much easier from me than a stranger).

    You have also spoken of "his lack of self-worth, which will come from a strained relationship with an authority figure in his life. "

    That too is very true, there have been a few incidents on which my son and my ex husbands girlfriend clash. One time being where she had told him that she "hated him" (my boy is only a small child, there is never a reason to say that!! She is an awful person just for saying such a thing to him!! He was five years old for heavens sake!!!) and all these things along with his father leaving him with baby sitters on his weekend with my son, have created much turmoil for my child.

    Thus leaving me to "give in" to his requests a majority of the time. I feel terrible that he has to deal with such selfish people in his life that only care about themselves. I pray every night for that to change and him to never have to deal with them again ( I even pray for their deaths!! Awful as it sounds, it is true )

    My son and I get along well, we have our tiffs when he wants his way and I don't always let him have it. Spoiled he is, however it is out of love. So I guess your reading could be incredibly accurate about our relationship to a point.

    Thank you very much Captain,


  • Good day captain, I have opened a new thread.

    Thank you 🙂 jenxxx

  • Score

    You and SonOne: Flexibility and openness will be the main issues or focus here. You two must learn how to air significant differences of opinion without harming your relationship. When things are fine between you, you get on very well indeed but this may only occur if one of you gives in to the other person's wishes. Should either person feel the need to exert his or her individuality, this relationship can be rocked to its foundations, since you two often have extremely different attitudes. The good times or mutual reassurance you can share is no guarantee of the relationship's underlying stability or health. Providing the freedom within the relationship for differences in individual style is the key to its success. There can be serious power struggles here between parent and child as soon as the child begins to think for himself. He can be extremely stubborn and his adolescent conflicts probably resounded around the neighbourhood, reminding the listeners of what a crash is produced when an irresistible force meets an immovable object. You two can just as likely be friends as enemies, depending on whether you resolve your issues by allowing the other person's entitlement to live their life according to their own rules and viewpoint. Your son is gifted with a natural ability for efficiency but he must watch a tendency for his administrative competency and talent for critical thinking to degenerate into autocracy and a veiled tool for power. He demands no more of others than he does of himself but the rest of the world may not see it that way. A stern taskmaster, your son does however have considerable charm yet can cut through the fluff to get the job done. Though he will struggle with issues of authority and a tendency to get bottled up and to repress his emotions (which can lead to extremes of behaviour or tantrums of sheer frustration), if he can learn to relax and balance himself, allowing his social side to come through more, then he will be rewarded with the ability to trust others as they are prone to trust him.

    You and Sonshine: you two need each other more than either of you will admit. Your relationship has a magnetic even charismatic quality that makes you the centre of attention in a family gathering or social group. Strongly protective of each other, you present a united front to the world when threatened. When you are alone, however, you two rarely see eye-to-eye on how to do things and may seek to best each other at every turn. Highly competitive in the verbal, physical and mental arenas, this relationship is a classic study in attack and defense with your son deftly wheeling and delivering lightning strokes and you astutely parrying them and going on the counterattack. Getting things out in the open is a remarkably healthy trait in this relationship but you two must put limits on your emotional outbursts, which can turn ugly and destructive. Perhaps it is your confidence in your untiy that permits you to have such sharp disagreements since you both know in your hearts that your relationship is ultimately unassailable and will withstand practically anything. Even your sarcasm, irony and insults are a way of subtly expressing your affection, making others wonder however if you are close or distant, allies or enemies, sympathetic or cold. Unless your son learns how to tell the difference between mere impulse and genuine intuition, he may make his journey through life at breakneck speed, obsessed with independence yet hampered by his inability to set himself tangible goals and higher objectives. He must try to slow down and look inward in quiet reflection now and then. He will doubtless seek out environments that afford him free range of ideas and self-expression but he must seek greater depth and self-awareness and learn the lesson of looking before he leaps. Still, if he relies on his great sense of fairness, highly developed ethics, and genuine generosity of spirit, he will find wonderful success as he fights not just for his own personal freedom but for that of others as well.

    You and Anabanana: this is a highly complex relationship, at times extraordinarily close, at others barely viable. The reason is the depth of your emotional involvement which is usually pronounced, so that if either of you takes offense or feels neglected or unfairly treated by the other, communication breakdowns and withdrawals are to be expected. The relationship shows such enormous sensitivity that day-to-day interactions are more likely to be governed by feelings and moods than by reason. Objectivity is difficult to achieve here - each of you is extremely private and secretive, and your ability to share at a deep level raises serious issues of trust. Any breach of the relationship's personal 'code' could be viewed as a serious betrayal. Furthermore, you two can become overdependent on each other emotionally, which you realise only if you separate. You both face the problem of how to maintain your individuality and keep yourselves from being lost in an ambiguous emotional fog. Competitive aspects of the relationship can emerge in a family setting. It is important that each person's individual worth be recognised. Difficulties can arise when your daughter feels that you are being aggressive and controlling, and you may get frustrated by her vagueness or uncommunicativeness. Living together on a daily basis will be hard for you both, given your emotional volatility and temperamental differences. But you must both strive for greater objectivity, trust and understanding. Your daughter can be somewhat of a loner who must learn to channel her assets into more abstract, rather than purely personal, areas of commitment. She must also learn to look at reality. Blessed with natural empathy, her more self-protective instincts may be at odds with her calling to greater involvement in the world and its affairs. Dedicating herself to a career that will effect reform and boost her own self-confidence yet allow her periods of rest and retreat will be important as will the steady support of a trusted group of friends who can educate her in the ways of personal involvement. She will make a wonderful parent, nurturing yet exercising the right combination of authority and wisdom.

  • Astronelly -

    You and son (2/23/2001): you two are both powerfully persuasive types, able to charm the pants off practically anyone. But you know each other too well for this persuasiveness to work its magic on either of you. You are both realists and thus difficult to fool. This may be a difficult family relationship as both of you can have trouble with pride or ego issues that will eventuate in clashes. But usually you two know just how much you can get away with as far as the other is concerned. Watch for a similar pessimistic or disbelieving streak in your son.

    You and your daughter: this relationship will be characterised by an intense loyalty between you, no matter what sort of difficulties you two may face. You both have excellent taste and will no doubt share a similar love of designing, decorating, gardening or furnishing the home. While empathic bonds are strong here, emotions however may be less easily expressed and much will be kept beneath the surface in daily interactions. Though you are very sympathetic to your daughter, you might lack the sufficient time or energy to invest in her that she needs. You''ll have to watch for a manipulative or controlling streak in her. More distant relatives such as uncles, aunts, cousins or grandparents may be much more suitable for fulfilling a parental role for her. Such relationships can be more satisfying, productive, and supportive of her personal development than even that of her actual parents.

    You and your son (8/9/2006): this relationship in the family can be strengthening and stabilizing. Some misunderstandings or dramas can arise between you however because your son is intuition-oriented and you are feeling-oriented. Strangely, when you are together, logical thought and mental concentration can occur that makes you both feel uncomfortable, cutting you off from your real strengths. You both must be free to operate in your own way which will be very different to how the other does or sees things.

  • Anahmcneil

    This emotionally complex relationship can produce a mix of pleasure and pain. You have a vulnerability to criticism and this may allow your son to dominate you as he grows up, unless it is dealt with early. He will become the sort of person who pulls no punches and your injured feelings might become habitual. You both have a tendency to obsess, which will cause problems in your relationship. His openly rebellious attitudes will cause him to try and subvert your parental (and other people's) authority. Feelings can go very deep here and an unhealthy dependence on emotional highs and lows must be guarded against. Objectivity, individual expression, suspension of judgmental atittudes, and above all analytical insight must be built into this relationship if it is to be healthy and stable. You must provide a structured environment for your son in which you both can express your feelings in a calm and impersonal way. Your son may show a tendency as he grows to believe in his personal infallibility. This conceit that his is the only right way to do things will hamper his success in the world. Blessed with keen powers of observation, strong mental ability, and a formidable measure of common sense, he will indeed be able to accurately perceive what needs to be done and will waste little time doing it. But this ability must not be misused to bolster his ego into arrogance or to achieve power over others. Talented and often creative in the extreme, your son will doubtless find ways to express his special gifts in systematic and productive ways. In fact, his greatest danger is that he may allow his talents and perceptions to become stale, uninspired, or otherwise bogged down through a simple refusal to grow and embrace the opportunities that life is throwing in his direction. Being firm with your son while he is young and teaching him that taking advice from and listening to others is not a weakness will be an invaluable help to him in his life's journey. He must develop more kindness, tactfulness and gentleness if he is to do well in any type of relationship or work.

  • Dmick59

    You and your May 30 daughter: this unusual relationship tends to bring out fantasy and imagination in you and your child. You two can create highly personalised domestic situations. Your daughter appreciates your mysterious calm and reserve while you are fascinated by her unfettered, ephemeral persona. There may be clashes however between traditional and newer, more radical approaches to life. You actually don't have a great deal in common, other than being related. Your daughter is curious and fascinated by the social world while you are relatively somber and isolated. Jealousy and possessiveness can cause problems between you. Both isolation and fantasy can be dangerous here unless the relationship is grounded in some kind of earthy reality. Encourage shared activities like travel, research, investments, business interests, etc. You two have to find some common ground on which to meet. Your daughter is a freedom-lover who strives to break free from the structures and strictures of the past. She is a bright and apt student in almost any area or subject and her need for beauty and cultural enrichment will certainly be indulged in this lifetime. She must establish relationships that expand her social network as who she knows will definitely be as important as what she knows on this lifepath. She will gain much personal stability from the people around her and, if she cultivates an ability to finish what she starts and sees her projects through to completion, her success is ensured whatever her chosen profession.

    You and your Oct 26 daughter: humour in many forms, but particularly irony and sarcasm, is prominent in this playfully competitive relationship. You love to kid your daughter who, although usually more serious, will probably tease you unmercilfully in return. These provocations are normally light in tone, and can be quite amusing, but underlying them is sometimes something darker, which cannot be expressed directly. One-upmanship can be the order of the day with you two trying to outdo yourselves and each other, lifting the relationship into ever higher spheres of joking yet simultaneously earnest banter. Competition between you can disrupt the family situation but has a toughening effect on you both as well. Knowing when to stop is often the stumbling block, since you two are not always aware of the effect your exchanges have on others. Any problems between you can often be resolved in these conversational and often energetic exchanges. Mock aggression can be a useful way of working out resentments and frustrations. A point may come however where difficulties grow more severe and must be confronted directly. Trouble can thus arise if there has been no history of real discussion. Yet you two can have wonderful and even ecstatic times together if you cultivate honesty and find some quiet time for some serious talk. Your daughter's naturally suspicious and intense nature can hinder her higher development. Often plagued by a number of unresolved problems resulting from early childhood restrictions or an overemphasis on responsibility, she may neglect her deeper need for connection by withdrawing from more committed forms of relationship. She probably has few close associates and may hold some intolerant and judgmental attitudes towards a wide range of people and interests. A pronounced tendency to depression, which can lead to her suffering a kind of low-grade torment for years, will plague her until she comes to terms with her inner emotional workings and moods. If she can cultivate her genuine curiosity about people into real nurturing instincts amd unearth the fundamental kindness that her intensity masks, she will find herself and her life transformed for the better.

    You and your son: This relationship is basically the same as the one with your Oct 26 daughter. Humour in many forms, but particularly irony and sarcasm, is prominent in this playfully competitive relationship. You love to kid your son who, although usually more serious, will probably tease you unmercilfully in return. These provocations are normally light in tone, and can be quite amusing, but underlying them is sometimes something darker, which cannot be expressed directly. One-upmanship can be the order of the day with you two trying to outdo yourselves and each other, lifting the relationship into ever higher spheres of joking yet simultaneously earnest banter. Competition between you can disrupt the family situation but has a toughening effect on you both as well. Knowing when to stop is often the stumbling block since you two are not always aware of the effect your exchanges have on others. Any problems between you can often be resolved in these conversational and often energetic exchanges. Mock aggression can be a useful way of working out resentments and frustrations. A point may come however where difficulties grow more severe and must be confronted directly. Trouble can thus arise if there has been no history of real discussion. Yet you two can have wonderful and even ecstatic times together if you cultivate honesty and find some quiet time for some serious talk.

    The only small difference is with your son's personality - he is gifted with a unique ability to articulate his ideas and inspirations but he will need to abandon his more suspicious and defensive attitudes and cultivate a lighter approach if he is to find success and happiness. His verbal ability can manifest in a tendency to air his judgments and tout his grievances. His perception of truth is often a reflection of a narrow and rather distrustful world view. Being less judgmental and critical in the interest of cooperation and fairness will do much to ease his way in life. He will do much better if left to his own creative devices and pursuits, but he must allow himself a greater degree of openness, lightheartedness, and daily interaciton with those of like mind. Once he better develops his ideas and talents and learns to share them with the world, he can make great progress and find fulfillment by persuading others of his larger visions.

  • MyJourney, this relationship can be extremely honest, in the sense not of obeying moral obligations but simply of being relaxed enough to allow for openness. Both of you are guarded individuals who do not easily grant admittance to your private emotional world, yet your relationship has an ambiance in which you can comfortably share your feelings. But, at the same time, it also augments both your tendencies to indulge in dramatics that hide the sensitive and perhaps wounded individual within. One problem then here is that you both may get stuck together in a well of loneliness, depression or addiction from which it may be difficult to extricate yourselves.

    Your combination does produce a relaxed orientation on the physical plane. But the relationship can easily get out of balance and some effort may have to be exerted to maintain the psychological stability which is crucial for its success. You both have an intense need to prove yourselves and you both can respond rebelliously and disruptively if you feel ignored or not taken seriously. You both must learn how to even out your moods, to not be afraid of showing who you really are, and to understand that any aggressive attitudes aren't productive. As your daughter grows up, your relationship will become even more mutually protective and understanding.

    Krista's intellectual and logical abilities will do much to mitigate some of her more self-defeating emotional problems. Yet her road will not be easy if she allows eccentricity, escapism or a runaway imagination to disturb her delicate emotional balance. Mood swings and emotional repression are likely to be her biggest stumbling blocks, yet she has a natural concern for others that will serve her well. If she has help to overcome pessimism and insecurity and to avoid the tendency to second-guess her best impulses or torture herself with 'could-have, would-have, should-have' patterns of thought, her more spiritual side will blossom. She can use her visionary and vivid imagination in a disciplined way to visualise and achieve her goals.

  • Cancergirl93, your relationship with your mother is pretty complex emotionally. Its biggest challenge is to build bridges of verbal communication and to set parameters within which meaningful contact can take place. You favour unplanned interactions, wanting as much breathing space as possible, while your mother pushes for rules and regulations that will guarantee her control. Power struggles are almost certain here and will threaten the relationship's security if allowed to get out of hand. Patient diplomacy, compromise and discussion will be essential if this is to be forestalled. You may see your mother as an overly moral control freak while she may think you are behaving in a sneaky manner or possessing dubious motives. You may be bewildered by an interesting mix of spoiling and high expectations from your mother. Emotional manipulation, love, resentment, kindness and a host of other feelings will intermingle and blur at the edges here. The result is a good-bad, on-again, off-again sort of relationship. This can only be remedied if more definition of roles is applied - you two must agree on a fair division of labor if you share a home and seek common principles for daily life. Your mother has a tendency for passivity and you can withdraw both emotionally and physically if things get too tough, so you must both deal with any issues you have rather than hide from them.

    Your mother has probably experienced early rejection, misunderstanding and suffering in her life. That will continue until she learns that other people's attitudes towards her are only outward manifestations of her own sense of dissatisfaction and unworthiness. Yet if she attempts a sincere effort at connection with others, and doesn't couch her fears in a pious or rigid set of principles (if she learns to live and let live), she will be much happier. She does have a sunny, upbeat almost mystical side, but it gets buried under her tendency to take life personally and the weight of feelings of being unloved, unwanted, and badly used. She must cultivate the ability to just laugh at herself and at life.

  • LoveDetox, what will happen if your son is with them when you are wishing your ex and his partner to die? It's not a good idea, even if it makes you feel better. Negativity only breeds more negativity. Why not just pray for things to improve?

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  • Hi Captain,

    Me: 02-03-1960

    Son: 06-05-1983

    My Mom: 10-16-1932

    My Dad: 02-04-1919--Our relationship was strained (at best) at times.


  • Mymissymoo, post your email address and I will answer you there.

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  • Dalia

    You and your son: normally easy-going and independent, together you two may have a competitive side, particularly apparent in a desire to get the attention of others, to be the star. Issues of needing and being needed figure prominently here. A recurrent theme of your relationship could be both of you pretending not to need the other person at all and wanting the other person to need you more, as well as wanting to be needed by the world at large. There is apt to be struggle in your relationship but, by working through issues together, the two of you can become uncharacteristically introspective and can truly examine yourselves and your values. Acute dependencies can arise here, accompanied by addictions to food, drink or drugs. The need to have a good time is sometimes made the most important value between you - a highly destructive move. Withdrawal symptoms cam manifest if one person decides he or she has had enough or is seduced away by a new prospect or interest. These situations can spark explosive crises, replete with wide emotional swings but also tremendous opportunities for self-discovery and growth. Even anger and disillusionment may play constructive roles in demanding that feelings be faced. Practising objectivity and non-claiming attitudes will keep this relationship intact and stable. You Dalia can ease your son's tension or anxieties while he can encourage you to be more forthright and incisive. Your son is an interesting and compelling person with genuine talent and a big heart. Personal defensiveness can be a problem for him, yet this lifepath gives him a greater sense of personal strength and far less fear of appearing foolish or inadequate. A tendency towards extremes and a fascination with the darker forms of experience will have to be tempered by grounding himself with good friends and associates whom he can embrace as real peers.These friends can help him refine his creative and communicative talents and assist him in staying open to the value of life's smaller lessons. He must avoid romanticizing the darker elements of life by disdaining more basic or old-fashioned values and liberate himself from any concern about or over-identification with his image.

    You and your mom: there can be a devil-may-care attitude here that may seem irresponsible to other people but may just show a lot of trust in the workings of chance or destiny. The attitude of this relationship can encourage the two of you to feel you have little to lose and a great deal to gain by casting your fate to the wind. It will allow your mother to relax, which she sorely needs to do, and will give you Dalia the opportunity to get your teeth into substantial projects with the potential to advance your interests. Both of you will want to give your all to a relationship that shows such promise. There's often a sense of purpose between you, even if the goal is not immediately clear or else you both may be quite content with what you have for a long time with no idea of attaining anything else - yet sudden changes can lie in wait. You two can sometimes be overly demanding in the family, expecting more from other members than they can give. A tendency towards self-pity may hinder your mother in her lifepath but she is well suited to the deep levels of devotion and commitment called for here. Passionate and sometimes quite exacting, she will have to work to put aside her pride in order to pursue her own deepest needs from time to time too. She must let her passion be her guide once in a while. Worldly distraction may delay her from going within to explore her soul and she may content herself with a rather hollow sense of ambition or earthly accomplishment until she is given a reason to examine her dissatisfaction. If she can remain open and always willing to learn, believing that there is a master plan and that she has a place in it, she will find the greatest fulfillment on her life's journey.

    You and your dad: for two people who like things to be nice and easy, you two sure can attract your share of problems. You two are so alike. Part of the problem is the Aquarian tendency to summon up elements of your own shadow side in your surroundings - a tendency that this relationship amplifies. The difficulties here are related to the need to attract attention for, along with that attention, your relationship is likely to pull in all kinds of potentially debilitating energies. It usually favours two alternatives: one, to carry on with its impulse to stay in the limelight - or two, to withdraw to a safer position, a choice that sometimes even demands that you two separate and go your own ways like fugitives in the night. In either case, the relationship is driven by its need for attention within its social, professional or familial worlds. The alternatives faced here would be less problematic if the desire for attention could be scaled back to a reasonable level. You two can both attract hangers-on who want to get emotionally involved with you. Arousing parasitic tendencies in others can become a real problem, and in extreme cases, can weaken or even destroy your bond. Your father was once a happy-go-lucky person whom people found hard to take seriously. As a result, he may not have been asked to be particularly accountable. He could have avoided the pitfalls of this lifepath despite his relaxed attitude however by cultivating a high ethical standard and refusing to 'pass the buck'. His lifepath was designed to teach him about responsibility and it may have taught to him through some hard lessons and disappointments if he was unaware or unethical at all. He could have found greater discipline in the mastery of a craft, a restful routine, or the study of ancient traditions. He had a fear of losing his considerable popularity and of any type of limitation or domination which may have led him to becoming volatile, tyrannical and impulsive, rather than expressing the honor and fairness with which he was born.

  • Hello. birthdays

    mom-(me) 10-1-1972 born in Montana

    dad 7-8-1971 born in New York

    jess 2-27-1994 born in Montana

    can't wait to hear your posting on us....more dad vs. jess would be great thanks

  • Thanks, Captain, that was very interesting! I feel that both of my sons' rising signs must be predominant with them, because they were literally flip-flopped! When I read the part about my oldest, I thought I was reading it for his brother and vice versa. Just love family dynamics and birth order topics. Pretty on point with their relationships with their father though! Thanks so much for starting the thread. Blessings to you!

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