Parent-Child Compatibility

  • I would like a reading please Captain.

    Me: 02/19/1994

    Mom: 08/24/1958

    Dad: 11/15/1957

    Brother: 12/24/1983

    Mylove: 03/04/1969

    Thank you Captain 🙂

  • Piscesgirl4life, did you want a parent-child or sibling-child compatibility analysis for Mylove?

  • Goodmorning Captain,

    Me (Molly)5/8/72

    Tristan, son, 9/25/96

    Carly, daughter 2/25/99

    Blake, son 2/14/02

    Wyatt, son 11/18/03

    Of course with the age of the older two if you don't have time for all of them, they would be at the top.

    Thank you as always!


  • Captain, don't worry about doing a compatibilty analysis on Mylove. I do still want one for my mom, dad, and brother though. Thank you..

  • It takes me quite a while to do a full family analysis so it may take me some time to finish all requests. But I will do it.

  • Pheonixmom

    You and son #1: your relationship revolves around thought and its focus is likely to be invention and challenge, particularly in mental activites such as games, puzzles, discussions and debates, and the striving for academic excellence. Your relationships, Pheonixmom, too often bring out your emotional side, so that your brain power gets neglected - your relationship with your son however will put your intelligence to the test. The relationship particularly emphasizes swift responses so, if you are to avoid superficiality, you two will have to remind yourselves to give issues deeper consideration. Mutually critical attitudes are likely to cause argument but also to sharpen wits. Once you two get your act together as a team, you will make formidable opponents for anyone who challenges you in the mental sphere. This relationship will be mutually supportive and your communication level will be high, almost as if you have a telepathic link. Be careful you don't subordinate feelings to thought too much however, because there is a risk of blunting impulses and suppressing feelings. Your son may have some difficulty in attaining a balance between his need for approval and his need for an increased sense of self-worth and acceptance. In fact, he can become unduly suspicious and caught up in all sorts of intrigues and scandals - his intensity can be his undoing. Highly observant and perceptive, he may nevertheless find himself confronted with a truly unmanageable level of conflict if he attempts to expand his worldly power at the expense of his own deeper needs. His challenge will be to disentangle the many ruses he uses to hide who he really is and to let go and be completely himself with trusted friends and partners. In fact 'simplify' ought to be his mantra on his life journey. Learning to trust himself and others, and to indulge in more spontaneous forms of self-expression will keep him connected with his higher aspirations. If he manages to stay honest with himself, his way in the world will be greatly eased.

    You and son #2: this relationship is likely to be highly spiritual, no matter how physical it appears. You two are often at one in your submission to and acknowledgment of a higher power. In this sense the relationship often has religious overtones, but not necessarily formal ones. In all your activities together, you two will give it your best shot but will ultimately leave the outcome up to fate, or a more personal deity. No matter what you two do, however, you will always put your whole hearts into it. A parent-child matchup here is not always able to provide the kind of authority and direction required in child-rearing. You two often relate more like friends, a habit that can cause role-model problems for your son later on, in adolescence and early adulthood. Be a parent and guide to this child, not a pal. Your son is gifted with both an extraordinary intellect and the ability to express himself with a sometimes uncomfortable clarity. While promised tremendous success and achievement, however, he will have to cultivate a more intuitive sort of understanding and control his tendency to steamroll others in his attempts to get his point across. In fact, he is the kind of person who may well cling to the very chains that bind him until he sets aside his ego issues and aligns himself more closely with his need to overcome his limitations, whether of the world or only in his mind. Sensuous sometimes to an extreme and often very passionate, he will never suffer fools gladly and may manifest a certain carelessness with others, especially lovers and mates. Learning the fine art of empathy and compassion will enable him to transcend the limits of his reality as he searches for greater growth. Tempering his fervour in favour of a larger, more balanced perspective and cultivating an attitude of trust and hope will ensure his happiness and success.

    Your husband and son #1: this relationship is characterized by an ability to originate large ideas or big projects, or at least to make expansive plans. But it tends to do so away from the watchful eyes of the world - this pair will often keep their plans to themselves, even as they slowly actualize their dreams. Their ability to think on a large scale is a real plus, but their need to keep their thinking secret can almost become pathological - this pair is not served by the smoke screens it erects to maintain privacy. Although your husband is much the more direct of the two, his openness belies a hidden side, not unlike your son's own secretiveness. And although your son will usually share and reveal his secrets in the end, your husband rarely or perhaps never does. Sharing their secrets with each other creates a bond of trust between them and is often the way they begin to build a private life together, one in which they discuss their innermost dreams, goals, and other personal areas they tend to hide. However your son will demand a lot of understanding and your husband may not have the stamina or enough interest to contend with his complex moods and feelings. Your husband likes his freedom and may feel trapped and hemmed in by your son's emotional ties. Yet your husband's dynamism and outgoing energy can catalyse your son's thoughtfulness, to the benefit of all concerned.

    Your husband and son #2: this relationship may well be unconventional but is nevertheless quite convincing to the world. Your son's finely developed aesthetic taste can meld well with your husband's direct and dynamic energies, the result being a shared flair for interior decorating, architecture, design, or fashion. These two will value their relationship together. Your husband is not known for his financial acumen but your son has a good eye for bargains and knows how to cut costs, so the two can make a good business team with a special talent for sales and marketing. Pitching unusual ideas will be their forte. On the down side, your son is a thinker and commentator who can drive your action-oriented hubby crazy by trying to analyse and correct his behaviour. All kinds of arguments can result, particularly when your husband refuses to listen to your son. Your hubby doesn't generally look for trouble, but he may well find it here. They hit it off far better as light-hearted buddies who can share interests and have fun together rather than trying for a deep kinship which will be much more stressful.

  • Captain... thank you so very very much. This is very helpful and insightful. Both sons require that extra energy and stamina at times and this is a great guide for us!!

    Hugs hugs hugs! Thanks again.... and light to your path.


  • Piscesgirl4life

    You and your mother: you two have a lot in common in that you both have a similar desire to hide your real selves from the world and to defend your cherished self-protective position. This individual attitude is reinforced when you come together into an almost revolutionary zeal for being left in peace. But whereas your mother tends to sometimes conceal and sometimes reveal herself in relation to the world, you tend to build a wall around yourself so that no one can get in, ever. You can both be aggressive with people who don't understand you, especially authority figures - it's either 'like you or leave you alone'. Your mother may have been quite rebellious when she was young but ironically she may grow into the sort of dogmatic person she despised in her youth, once she rises to a position of power or authority within the family or in her work. Cracks can appear in your relationship then with major power struggles occurring between you - though you will spring to each other's defense if attacked from the outside. Your mother is blessed with both practicality and idealism so she has the capacity to develop pragmatic expertise and to expand ideologically. She may struggle with the important task of sharing however since, despite her natural flamboyance, she tends to be rather secretive and even reclusive and to withhold or stockpile information as a means of broadening her personal power base. She must find a balancing point between self-interest and service to others. Still, she does have a strong inclination to work for the greater good.

    You and your father: an undeniably bizarre quality suffuses this relationship - it is both your odd and unusual aspects that are activated here. And, as odd as you are together, you can both become obsessed with other people's unconventional behaviour, yet exhibit no empathy for it. Perhaps passing judgment on the weaknesses of your peers is simply a knee-jerk reaction to your own fears and neuroses. In any case, the relationship is difficult to fathom. The fact that it is a vehicle for projection may not be at first evident. That you two are rather unconcerned with your public image allows you to be even more unruly and even obnoxious. Other family members may feel increasingly alienated from you, especially if your relationship becomes too private or exclusive and shuts them out. You might both try to treat others more kindly. You both get quite bored with the ordinary and the conventional in life so dull routine is intolerable for you. Your father's life should be a relatively easy one. Blessed with a knack for living the good life, he nevertheless has a realistic vision of what he brings to a wide variety of social contacts and professional situations. He is a charming person but can fall victim to his own passions and must be careful to avoid a tendency to become distracted by sensual and sexual excesses. He must not waste his energy in the pursuit of satisfying his physical needs. Over-possessiveness and jealousy can show up here too and, for all his insights and talent, your observant father can be less than objective about his own failings and may fall victim to complacency and stagnation if his material life gets too comfortable. If he is careful to nurture even a modicum of ambition, he can move beyond comfort and into the realms of personal and spiritual fulfillment, secure in knowing that he is a contender. He can not only 'dream the impossible dream' but also 'reach that unseemingly unreachable star'.

    You and your brother: siblings in this combination often inhabit a world of mystery and imagination, in which horror and fantasy films may play a central role. But you mustn't spend too much time alone and must be careful to develop your social side. Together you two often attract unusual, occasionally frightening, experiences. It's almost as though your combined energy is melded into a kind of lightning rod for the bizarre. The power of the imagination is very strong here, sometimes causing an abnormal level of fear or paranoia. You both may have suffered some childhood trauma which draws you together. Luckily, the relationship shows deep compassion when it comes to being scared of things that go bump in the night. Dealing with the fantasies of childhood and frightening experiences, real or imagined, can often become the focus of the relationship. The act of sharing such personal material from the past can create mutual dependencies which, although reassuring, are not always healthy. Your brother's real challenge in life will lie in his willingness to communicate his ideas to others. Not really hindered by a fear of rejection or a deep need for acceptance, he will nevertheless be inclined to keep much of his uniqueness to himself, thus failing the challenge to refine and employ his unusual intuitive, and often amazingly inspired, communicative gifts. Though not inclined to more combative tendencies, your brother is quite capable of turning a cold shoulder on those who don't readily understand him. Still, this thoroughly original and even eccentric man is likely to do well in life, especially when he lightens up a bit, avoids the trap of pure self-absorption, and maintains a variety of friends and interests. He must force himself to at least attempt to express the knowledge his psychic ability gives him and try to build bridges of harmony and co-operation with others.

  • MollyKathleen

    You and Tristan: incisive thought is the primary theme here, leading to colorful and vibrant interactions and ideas. Critical and dominating aspects also feature strongly, so that stability is a little low - too often, worry and concern about doing the wrong thing will undermine the relationship's security, leading to judgmental or blaming attitudes that undercut any pleasure. Both of you can be highly critical so your relationship can be unsettled and irregular. It can even at times be stormy and even violent. A lack of emotional honesty will make things difficult between you and there is often an inability to keep more extreme emotions under control. You two may run away from pressing problems, a habit that may reflect a refusal to confront emotions and be truthful about them - something your son is very prone to doing. You MK may experience frustration at not being able to reach your son at a deep level but, with patience, over time the relationship can become an effective tool for opening up closed doors in both of you and promoting sharing and trust. Tristan's biggest challenge in life will be to learn to relax and go with the flow. A perfectionist by nature, he can go overboard and become difficult, cranky and 'holier-than-thou' at times. Much of his insistence on perfection however arises from an inner need for security and he must keep in mind that it is not always necessary to have his physical environment in order before he allows himself to grow and expand spiritually. He must learn to nurture his inner child and to use humour to point out the inefficiency in the world rather than using criticism, lack of tact, or harsh judgments. He would do well to cultivate the kind of friendships that don't make him feel as though he is somehow not good enough. On the other hand, he may make the mistake of choosing inappropriate or unequal partners and associates simply to make himself feel more important, competent, educated, etc. Still if he cultivates flexibility and tolerance, his natural sense of fairness and humanity will triumph. He is here to learn about discipline.

    You and Carly: the thrust of this relationship will probably be social. Group activities where you two can function as an integral unit are favoured. Together you are likely to explore the areas of thought and communication. It would not be surprising to find you both interested in charity work or other causes that involve you with others. Indeed the relationship's quality is often defined by the nature of its behaviour in social settings. You two are often jointly interested in music, dancing, film and other entertainments, and together you may prove the moving force in organizing family and friends to share in these activities. Being with other people so much of the time moves personal problems out of the spotlight and makes you two more relaxed, but also deprives you of the ability to cofnront each other, work out issues, and deepen your relationship. You are of course able to enjoy being alone together but it is the social dimension that provides the punch for you. A good balance between being with people and being alone with each other without distractions needs to be maintained. Needing attention from others should not become addictive. Carly is here to cultivate confidence. She has an undeniable streak of vision and originality that will be hard to keep under wraps. Blessed with a rare and unique understanding of others, she may nevertheless have to release feelings of low self-worth in order to realize her highest potential. Grounding some of her idealism in a practical approach and good management will help to give her altruism expression. There is a tendency to retreat into irresponsibility or a preoccupation with self-interest, but mostly she has the desire to make the world a better place and a sense of larger purpose that will doubtless serve her well. If she can avoid the pitfall of allowing her talents to be exploited while developing her more pragmatic side, she can achieve the heights of fulfillment through her big-heartedness, generosity of spirit, and innate ability for doing right simply by doing good.

    You and Blake: this relationship will test your patience MK because your child needs constant variety and change and can act very irresponsibly on occasion. He may need more attention than you feel you can provide yet you can positively influence him to meet his everyday obligations. But any overly moral attitudes, stubbornness or dominance will likely arouse his recalcitrance and rebellion, fracturing and disabling your relationship. This relationship works well as long as the demands are not too great on both sides. A lot of this relationship is out in the open so that it tends to avoid frustration and the kind of suppression of feelings that leads to depression. Rejections here are usually temporary and the door is left open to reconciliations in which the two of you put negativity behind you and try to correct your problems and address your issues. You two are prone to constant tinkering and need to learn when to leave well enough alone, not only with your relationship but with each other's characters. So, despite the fact that this relationship brings out your joint critical natures and that irritations, arguments and complaints are common, there is also the possiblity of each of you learning from the other and of a deeper emotional rapport being reached. Despite strife and conflict - or actually through them - a fairly harmonious balance can often be managed here. Blake is here to learn through experiences, often quite ordinary ones. Allowing his vision and imaginative gifts to lead him onto wider adventures as he gets older will prove his main life task. Though he may come to have an establishment role, he will nevertheless be possessed of a fine and admirable impulse to question the limits and push the boundaries of his personal experience in the search for truth and enlightenment. Though sheer restlessness may cause him to fail to back up his best ideas with necessary planning, he has the resourcefulness and resilience to overcome any obstacles of misinformation, intolerance, or bad judgment that may present themselves along his life journey. If he is careful to cultivate objectivity and a measure of self-awareness and never refuse the call to further exploration of the real issues - developing a capacity to reflect on his experiences and what they mean on an inner level - all will go brilliantly for him. He will find out how beautifully a life of 'going with the flow' suits him.

    You and Wyatt: power struggles rarely emerge here despite you two being polar opposites. You both are able to mute your ego drives in the pursuit of common goals, not only working together but learning from each other in a way that serves your joint personal development. Heavy expectations here can be counterproductive however, and overly strict or unforgiving attitudes can make a free and easy exchange difficult or impossible. Possessiveness and jealousy can run rampant here if not held in check and passions can be fiery. Your son's need for emotional honesty and full expression may be thwarted or wounded by your critical attitudes and frank assessments. Also you like to have a lot of alone time and your son's claiming or controlling stance is likely to annoy you. This is a favourable relationship in times of need but you must be careful not to overwhelm each other or to allow your respective radically different approaches to life to cause confusion or problems. Wyatt is here to develop a pure unaffected approach to life, to live as innocently as a child without any artfulness or falseness, and to lose feelings of unlovableness and a fear of disapproval. He must grapple with his fear of revealing himself truly to others. As long as he doesn't allow his own sense of natural realism to become confused with the face he presents to the world, he can be certain of success on his life journey. Whatever his daily life and responsibilities, it will be important for him to nurture and develop the qualities of creativity, spontaneity, and faith that lie within him. There is a tendency for him to rely heavily on charm and sexual politics to get what he wants but he must fight this urge and release his emotional conflicts to adopt a more open approach. He may work very hard to get others to like and approve of him and may even substitute the ability to manipulate others for a more genuine sense of fulfillment. Yet once he understands that it is indeed possible to change his life simply by changing his perceptions, and successfully attunes himself to the sense of a deeper belonging to the natural world, he can expect a joyous and bountiful life experience along this karmic path.

  • looking at stepping stones...I chuckled a bit on my daughter..she is incharge, crafty and has more style in her little finger than I have in my whole being. My oldest son I have a little struggle with him...a little misunderstanding or dissapointment, but we will work through it. He is living with my mom in another state so...we will's all in my path though, as I intend to be there soon. Blake is my pleaser and the most easiest kid I could ever imagine. I always feel he gets the short end of the stick...But I KNOW that and have such a soft spot for him. Wyatt has bathroom issues that is our "Thwort" sometimes. He wants to remain a baby. He will mature and I need to relax my frusteration on that.

    Thank you so much...I wish I had a manual for all these guys...They are my life and sometimes I try so hard to keep them in check to keep the calm in the house (for my husband)...I look forward to seeing the peopel they become.

    Your involved time in this goes far beyond noticed...thank you so much!


  • Hi Captain. Thank you for offering this reading.

    me: 12/06/1992

    fm: 12/09/1974

  • Electrum

    You and FM - the chances of two such idiosyncratic and highly individualistic people as you two getting along together on a daily basis is, alas, not great. Both of you have your own ways of doing things which are not only unlikely to gel but are actually prone to conflict. The fact that you both tend to focus on the unique does not necessarily make it easier for you to sympathize with each other - indeed, you both may long for a more normal family member (as long as you can remain your own difficult selves, of course). One of the problems in getting such a relationship on the rails is that you two need a while to adjust to each other's foibles but may not be prepared to hang in there that long. Yet family matchups here can be the most successful types of all simply because, if you two have been forced together through your familial relationship, you may have had the time to have gotten used to each other's odd ways. Yet a family relationship is not easy to maintain either, but a repetitive process of confrontation and resolution can help to some degree. A parent of the opposite sex is usually more easy to deal with here in this combination. Beware of any double standards. FM may have a fear of domination that must be released. Managing aggression can be their key to success since they tend to become fearful and angry if they sense that their freedom, particularly their independence of thought, is being encroached upon. Yet they may fail to see their many ideas come to fruition until they discover the value of harnessing their ideas or displaying their talents in a more structured way. They must manage the fear that their ideas will be ridiculed or quashed and take on the responsibility of seeing their ideas through to realisation. A sense of rejection can drive this soul far outside the parameters of the workaday world, and they may find their truest calling in a setting that is close to nature. Alternatively, this life journey may lead them to set aside their insecurities and employ their considerable communicative talents to bring their ideas to the attention of an organization or business. If they remain positive, their many rough edges will be smoothed, as will their ability to present themselves in a beneficial light.

  • Hi Captain,

    I am going to have a baby on March 25, 2011. I am a Pisces, March 7,1973 born 14:45 in Hong Kong. My husband also is a Pisces, he was born in Manchester, UK, on March 15, 1972 ,15:20.

    I know this baby is going to be an Aries (I think it is a boy). I am a bit worry about our compatibility. Since I don't always get Aries.

    Please shred some light on my concern.

    PS I have another boy who was born May 7, 2008, 14:25, in Hong Kong.

    Many thanks.

  • Maketek, you need to wait until the baby is born to get a reading as it might not appear in the world on that exact date. Babies can be surprises. I can do your other family now if you want and the baby after he is born.

  • Thanks Captain.

    I am I am quite anxious about this baby. I will seek your help again in a few days times.

  • Ok.. here's another

    Me: December 4th, 1971

    Her February 3rd, 2008

  • Me: Oct 2, 1984

    Her: Oct 1, 2008

    Thanks so much for offering this to us, I really appreciate it.

  • Maketek

    You and your firstborn son: there is a natural sympathy between you, but also a competition over who will be the centre of attention. This can be dealt with if each person sacrifices ego needs for the good of the pair, concentrating on making the relationship itself shine in the family. Thus a divisive tendency can instead become a unifying theme, turning a weakness into a strength. Another example of positive change in this relationship appears in the financial area, where the two of you - who as individuals tend to be spendthrifts or unrealistic about long-range investments - can together show financial astuteness and good sense. Rebellion from your son against your strict authority is unlikely to be an issue here. But the opposite attitude - excessive permissiveness and absence of guidance on your part - may prove a problem if it encourages rebellious or sociopathic behaviour in him in the outside world. He must develop empathy for others. Beware of being too lenient with him - he really needs your firm disciplining and guiding hand in his life if he is to become a good citizen. You must teach him to be considerate of other people's feelings, viewpoints and lifestyles. He may well suffer some ups and downs in life until he revises his tendency to consider his own point of view as infallible, and learns to temper his sometimes overly critical nature. Steering away from playing out the more authoritarian side of his nature in his role as a mentor to others will prove especially useful to his higher development, as will refusing to be surround himself with flatterers or 'groupies' who indulge his need to display his knowledge and opinions. In other words, he mustn't get carried away by his own ego and vanity or his craving for attention. The best measure of his progress will be in his interests and educational inclinations. If he leans toward greater exploration of social concerns such as democracy and freedom, he will do fine. If however he inclines himself towards morally rigid or unduly critical attitudes, he will run the risk of getting stuck in a tiresome and didactic pomposity. Interacting with people from all walks of life and cultures, and stopping often to detach and reflect on his life will help him become more accepting and open. His gifts are his heroism, inventiveness, wit and charm - his problem areas can be a domineering attitude, insensitivity, and being judgmental.

    Your husband and your firstborn son: this relationship stimulates extroversion, and indeed its focus may well be a fascination with performance, whether as a participant or as an audience. A melding of interests in music, dance, theatre and design is often prominent here. The relationship may become known for its aesthetic orientation in its immediate environment, and can even reach a wider circle, perhaps by mounting stage productions or supervising activities of artistic interest. This pair's influence can bring a great deal to the family's overall cultural awareness. But they must also make time for quiet intimacy between them. A balance must be struck between peaceful contemplation and extroversion. Your passionate son may at times be a bit overwhelming for your much milder husband, who however is quite capable of matching his son's aesthetic sense on a regular basis. They may diverge when your son takes a frank and uncompromising approach to the relationship, eschewing emotional sympathy and shows of affection, which can be essential qualities to your husband. Your independent son will also be unable or unwilling to satisfy your husband's need to be needed.

  • Misswishy

    There is an undeniably ambitious element in this relationship, but your your shared desire to reach the top in any given field is not necessarily selfish or even self-seeking; rather it is the expression of what you two feel is your path in life, your destiny, your fate. You two often feel that together you are able to serve a cause more effectively and to forward not only your own dreams and aspirations but those of the family or social/professional group to which you belong. This feeling of justification and inevitablity makes the two of you very hard to oppose. Together you can come to be the family representative. You must be careful however that you do not act unfairly or hurt others' feelings through an overaggressive or elitist attitude. Even when you two express your drives in different areas and have little to do with financial interests, other relatives will express great pride in your achievements. But jealousies over your good fortunes can also be aroused in those family members who feel left out or perhaps insulted by such 'uppitiness' or through unfavorable comparisons. On the down side, the two of you may try to pretend to others (and yourselves) that you have the best relationship, but this can be a coverup for or delusion about problems that cannot be faced or even acknowledged. Pride or conceit can undercut this relationship so go about your work quietly and modestly - the results will speak for themselves. This Aquarian girl of yours can be a sensitive and often closed and secretive sort of person who must break through the emotional barriers that keep her from sharing her feelings, thoughts or concerns with others. A need to feel superior may lead to her presenting herself as other than she really is, but her fulfillment will come when she is admired for who she is, not for the facade she puts on to impress. There can often be a disastrous spilt here between her public and private self. Provided she overcomes a rather immature attitude toward emotional problems and attunes herself to the need for higher awareness, she will achieve success, recognition, and popularity. But then she must take care that this very popularity and magnetism does not go to her head and manifest in a prima donna attitude towards those who would like to be closer to her. Nevertheless, she is a fortunate person, gifted with a capacity for both hard work and diligence as well as discriminating and objective assessment. If she takes the trouble to turn this perceptiveness on herself as well as others, she can be assured of travelling far.

  • LittleBuddha, the principal energy of this relationship is likely to go into wordplay. Like fencers, you two are masters of the comeback retort. It will be difficult for a third party to tell when either of you is voicing sincere sentiments, since there is a mocking edge to your words or in the tone with which they are delivered that could indicate irony, sarcasm, or a double meaning. Nor are you two above using body language - hand movements, a frozen facial expression, even a simple shrug - to get your message across. Skilled in ambiguity and subtlety, each of you will usually get the point the other is making, even if it goes over the head of other listeners. Your relationship can be highly loving, yet at the same time not entirely serious. Thus there is a kind of healthy self-consciousness at work here that can alert the relationship to its own pretense. You are both realistic enough not to kid each other but occasionally you get carried away with your own histrionics. One of you, seeing the other shed crocodile tears, may have trouble controlling their laughter. In fact laughing at each other gently or scornfully, if carried to excess, can be one of the worst habits of this relationship. You two will rarely pretend to have had a good time when you have not and, when united in your criticism of another person or event, you can be quite devastating. You both must be careful not to succumb to negativity - that is, steadfastly ignoring the better parts of whatever is under discussion in order to cut it skillfully to the bone. Family situations can be difficult because of continual strife within the parent-child relationship. Since both of you are perfectionists who will insist on having the last word, verbal sparring may go on endlessly. Try to enjoy life without critical examination or comment. Your Libran girl was born with a tendency to hang onto habits, people, atttiudes, beliefs, and possessions long after they have outworn their usefulness. Learning how to let go and how to let others be who they are will be her primary life lessons. Repression of emotion may be her main stumbling block to higher spiritual awareness. It will be hard for her to learn how to relax, kick back, and simply accept others without wanting to change them. Indeed, trying to perfect or refashion others into what she believes they ought to be can occupy far too much of her time and energy, and she has a pronounced tendency to nurse old grudges or seek revenge. Simple mastery of the emotions is a high priority for this particular soul. If, on her quest for higher standards, she can come to comprehend that real mastery is not so much a question of mere control or repression as of going within to cultivate a greater understanding of the problems, joys, and sorrows that are common to us all, she can realise great success and happiness. Coming to identify with the true perfection of her own nature will thus be her biggest fulfillment of all.

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