Parent-Child Compatibility

  • sorry posted be too early ...

    also have another son 18/08/01

    twin daughters 22/07/03, one of my daughters has passed though


  • Kerry78

    You and your Capricorn son: earthy qualities coalesce in this combination and not only are both of you pleased with a relationship that lets you agree, for the most part, on practical matters, but also the synergy between you intensifies your sensuous qualities, resulting in a shared love of food, comfort and physical pleasures. You will be galvanized into action by your son's ambition, and your relationship will benefit from your practical common sense, Kerry. You know how to have fun together - in fact, your relationship may focus on having a good time. Lest this sound too superficial, you two do know how to work as hard as you play. As a parent, you will usually make time for your Cappy child. Yet you tend to be independent and not too demanding of him, and you will appreciate that he in turn will leave you in peace a lot of the time. Both of you value the relationship's natural approach which lets you both be yourselves without fear of criticism or judgment. You two will be friends as well as family members. Your son may have a rather slow start out of the gate when it comes to overcoming issues of personal insecurity or low self-worth, but he will eventually reach his goals quite successfully. He is the type of person who will gain confidence through personal struggle and will be able to shore up his somewhat shaky sense of self through his ability to take things one day or one step at a time. Key to his development will be his willingness to divest himself of some unnecessarily self-sacrificing tendencies and to come to better terms with his own highly original viewpoints. He mustn't be so hard on himself. If he can learn the difference between challenging himself to higher levels of understanding and achievement and merely beating himself up, he can realise his fondest dreams and sustain everyone around him with his determination and persistence.

    You and your Leo son: the strengths of this relationship are organizational and structural, so it's not surprising that the focus here can be reorganzing family or social groups or initiating new projects and activities. Linking your son's directional stengths and drive to your rationality and pragmatism, Kerry, can make this an effective working combination. You may not always approve of his showy manner, but you can't deny his effectiveness in getting people's attention and holding it. You are better at doing the early inside work of any project or activity (planning, doing research, checking the details, etc.) and then sending your well-prepared son out into the world to make your case and clinch the deal. A parent-child relationship here can be demanding and stressful at times; even so, it will probably be the backbone of the family. Your relationship does best when it has a special project, shared activity, or common interest to unite you. Otherwise it may lack direction and drift a bit. Although you both sorely need relaxation in your lives, this relationship won't necessarily give it to you. Try to have more fun and share with each other as much as possible. Your son has a larger-than-life personality and will be able to infuse the people, situations, and circumstances around him with a kind of magic that can transform the everyday into something truly special. Nevertheless he will have to collect and control himself in order to direct his energies effectively. He must take care that his personal interests include his need to bond with others or otherwise they may degenerate into selfish or self-centred drives. His great generosity is sure to come to the fore however, and with time this gifted leader will develop the sense that personal power is strengthened through giving and that pleasure shared is pleasure doubled. His life challenge is to achieve results through loving kindness rather than aggression, and his fulfillment lies in offering others the gift of inspiration.

    You and your Cancer/Leo cusp daughter: the principal challenge here will be whether you two can be sensitive enough to each other's needs. Insensitivity will arouse tremendous conflict, and at times may threaten to tear the relationship apart. Any critical or rejecting atttiudes on your part, Kerry, are likely to arouse resentment and antagonism in your daughter. In turn, you may be put off by her penchant for expressing her emotions publically, and by her lack of sensitivity to your need for privacy and discretion. Great care must be taken then to sense the other person's point of view and to treat it with respect. The relationship rarely gives itself entirely in the emotional realm, tending to hold back and guard its vulnerabilities.You may not always be sympathetic enough to your daughter's need for approval. You can be brutally honest, letting her know immediately when her behaviour doesn't measure up. In turn, she may find your standards of reasonable and constant behaviour unattainable. You two may strain the family's patience with your bickering and sarcasm if it is allowed to go too far. Your daughter does have inner stability and control, yet she can have a irrepressible side too. If she can resist the temptation to disguise or deceive others in the interest of gaining love and approval, she is likely to find considerable happiness on this lifepath. Yet she is unlikely to have much patience with trying to be someone she is not, or attempting to live up to someone else's expectations. If she can avoid the emotional blockages that may sometimes stand in the way of her creativity, and never confuse the concept of innocence with a mere lack of self-awareness, then she should do well in life. Her life challenge will be to clear out the buried emotions and resentments that can hold her back, and that are possibly related to the absence or death of her twin. She must congratualte herself for surviving rather than feeling guilty or miserable over it.

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