Parent-Child Compatibility

  • Dear TheCaptain:

    What a great idea: I hope this will help me to understand my relationship with my daughters. I also could use some help about my 7 year old grandson who is in a mental help place out of town, if you can.

    Audra 06/17/77

    Angie 07/14/81

    Little Jacob 10/30/03

    Thank You

  • Thank you so much! Both being Libras I've learned a great deal and struggled with the very same things you described for her. Maybe, as I also persue higher thought and my spiritual side I can lead by example and show her how to overcome those obstacles. Oh man, I know I am very saracastic and I DO laugh at her crocodile, drama queen tears. Behaviours I need to correct immediately, if I'm to be a positive influence. Thank you thank you, for showing me things I can do now to make sure as she grows we can be a less devastating and more beneficial Mother and Daughter.

    Peace and light to you!

  • Sporty48

    You and Audra: this combination is most difficult in the family. The focus of the relationship is independence, a need that Audra must learn to express to you and must teach and bring out in you as well. Unfortunately you have a demanding side and may react to Audra's need to seek out and follow other interests and her need for variety with an unprecedented degree of anger and possessiveness. The relationship may in fact become a good testing ground for the development of accepting and nonclaiming attitudes, a kind of truth test that you both will eventually have to take. Audra has trouble binding herself to a group, even her family. You Sporty on the other hand get seriously involved in family matters and will find it difficult to work and live with such a elusive person. An alternative is for you to join her in a relationship based on adventure, travel and other forms of investigation, exploration, and learning. The sharing of challenging activities can push both of your capabilities to the limit. Thus the relationship's theme of independence can refer to the relationship itself rather than its two partners. Another possibility is for Audra to function within the family as its financially astute free agent or advisor who has a lot of latitude in determining her schedule and deciding how responsibilities are to be fulfilled. Honesty is a must between you. Find your common interests. Audra is a seeker, gifted with boundless curiosity and she will struggle against many of the limitations imposed on her by her life journey. If ever there was a person willing to argue with the dictates of fate, it is her. Though restless and independent, her thirst for knowledge will serve her in good stead. If she accepts the restrictions of responsiblity imposed on her by this karmic path, she can attain great success as an educator, leader, diplomat, or philosopher of all kinds. Part of her destiny may require her to bear the responsibility of tearing down old social orders in favour of new ways of thought or government, and she may find herself thrust into far-off lands or unusual circumstances in her quest for progress. Still, she is unlikely to suffer too much from the lessening of personal involvement indicated here, and will flourish in the acquisition of more worldly ways and tastes if she can establish a well-grounded career as a base of operations. Her greatest fulfillment will be learning to enjoy the give-and-take of the educational process.

    You and Angie: acute differences in needs and wants can make this a difficult relationship in the long term. Angie may come to resent your didactic streak while you may be critical of her ambitions. It's a shame because together you can make a powerful team, particularly in getting new projects off the ground or in a business partnership. Grand projects, far-reaching ideas, and expansive gestures are the stuff of this relationship. Stinginess and pettiness are seen as 'downers' here and are despised - the relationship galvanises your shared magnanimous sides. With each other, you are more likely to give than to share, and as a unit relating to others, you are likely to take the generous attitude that money given is a gift, while money paid back has been redefined as a loan. The two of you can work together towards a greater goal and in areas of social conscience if you can resolve your differences. Unconditional giving can have its drawbacks howver, since it can put you at the mercy of spongers and parasites. The two of you will have to become a bit tougher in dealing with the outside world if you are to avoid being taken advantage of, for even you two generous souls will reach your limits sooner or later. Yet Angie will have difficulty giving her whole heart and attention to you or anyone else for that matter, since it may already be given to her causes, interests or career. There is a pronounced tendency to bring others into your relationship, a habit of openness that may threaten your primary bond. In the family, you two are likely to push too hard and too fast. Take one step at a time and let the really important things come first. Some gifts imply expectations - love should not be one of them. Angie's life quest is to develop her feeling/intuitive side, to become more heart-centred by combining both logic and intuition. She is a very intelligent, even brilliant and innovative individual who feels this deep need to be detached from life. She may even come across as cold but this is just her way of protecting herself. The personal side of her life may languish as she pursues her notions of how things and people ought to be, rather than facing the reality of how they really are. Though personally passionate and deeply emotional, she may fail to gain the support she needs for her plans and projects if she refuses to take into account the desires and needs of those around her. She must invoke her deep empathy in order to better herself and learn to view her feelings as an asset rather than as something to fear. Her capacity to nurture others may be hidden behind mental or professional concerns and competiveness or stuck in a need for control. Yet if she can learn to open herself to her needs and refuse to use her intelligence and perception solely to manipulate others, and also lose her obsession with being creative and sexually desirable, her intuitive strengths will blossom and her relationships will flourish. Once she passes through the illusion of being trapped by her own needs for love and sex or being controlled by society's values, she will be able to fulfill herself on a deep artistic and personal basis.

    You and Jacob: you Sporty are well suited in terms of both what you can give Jacob and what you can accept from him. Learning, helpfulness, understanding and of course fairness are likely to be prominent here. A shared interest in books, puzzles, games and feats of memory and reasoning can be used to bring you two closer. Intelligence and the transmission of ideas are highly valued by you both. Between you, you can come up with some visionary or forward-thinking ideas. Your connection can become so close that each of you knows what the other is thinking without a word being spoken. The question is whether your emotional communication here is as good as the mental/paranormal variety. Empathic bonds may be somewhat rare here, since you Sporty do not live on the more emotional levels and usually resist the intense psychological scrutiny that Jacob likes to indulge in. You two are complete opposites in the astrological zodiac. Even so, sympathy and understanding can become this relationship's trademark as long as both of you are determined to make it so. You may have an aversion to Jacob's dark side but may also be fascinated by him. Luckily, the sunnier aspects of his personality can be activated by your relationship. Don't overemphasize logic here - acknowledge the value and importance of intuiton and expressing your feelings, and learn from each other. Jacob's life lesson is to trust that there is abundance and to learn to love life. He needs to be able to express himself as naturally and directly as possible and to lose his fear of disapproval. He can be quite clever and artful at getting what he wants through indirect means, and will learn or already has learned to shield himself from undue criticism and unfair assessments by being guarded and secretive. Deep down he has an innate belief that he is unworthy of love. He seeks to return to a more innocent pure way of life and a more spontaneous expression of his creativity and zest for life, yet feels blocked by his insecurity. This manifests in his bowel habits, how he believes that iron-willed control of himself can protect him and his loved ones. He is afraid to be himself, to relax and let go, because he feels he is unappealing or scary, in essence, unlovable. Though material reward and external security is likely to come easily to him in many ways, emotional satisfaction and freedom will be much harder for him to achieve. Turning on to his own positive sunny side and rediscovering what gives him joy will help a lot. It will also be crucial that he lets go of his mistrust and suspicion of others. Gifted with keen perception, Jacob can be highly manipulative and controlling in the extreme, especially with himself. Thus overcoming his own defenses and cultivating a sense of humour will prove especially important. Once he understands how his own suspicions and fears serve to shape his reality, and that he can truly be himself without first considering others' opinions, motives or hidden agendas, life will get so much easier for him. His bowel and other problems will cease once his obsession with himself (physically and emotionally to the point where he has trouble letting anyone near him) and his fear of being controlled, is resolved.

  • Dear TheCaptain:

    You hit right on with my two girls, with Jake it was interesting because he is so young. I have felt a connection to him that I could not explain and at some times felt so very far away, so this explained it to me. Thank you so much.

  • Dear Captain,

    Would you please compare the compatibility between:

    me (8-22-1987) & my father (12-13-1964) & if you have the time a second one for

    me (8-22-1987) & my mother (10-31-1966)



  • Blondbarbie22

    You and your father: this relationship is often concerned with the themes of succession and power - with whether the baton of authority, when it is passed from father to daughter, is handed on or taken by force. It is usually the father who is in the position of power and you, the daughter, who is given or takes control. The circumstances and feelings involved can be quite ambiguous, and are never as simple as they seem. Both of you can appear to be on the same side when in fact you are rivals or even enemies; or perhaps you seem to be combatants when in fact your very existences are interdependent. In the same way, the act of succession may seem voluntary to some observers, an act of coercion to others. Succession is inevitable as a parent ages and the child grows into maturity. Problems arise when the child has doubts or is not really interested in heading in a direction predetermined by their parent, such as entering the family business or profession. Your father is likely to be stubborn and unyielding in this situation. You are more adaptable, but often because you are insecure and hungry for attention and love. You must both try to be sensitive to each other's needs and wants, and show more interest. Your father always wants to live large but he is here to learn to appreciate a variety of experiences, no matter how small. Discovering some common ground between himself and the world will be the core of his life quest. Though blessed with fine intelligence and a wonderfully philosophical mind, he will nevertheless find it a challenge to lose some of his more high-handed or superior attitudes. Immersing himself in the huge variety of experience and knowledge available in daily life will serve to take him out of his head and into the real world. A more tangible set of goals will help him to mitigate the secret insecurity that he is somehow ill-suited to life in the world. He needs to know it's all right to make mistakes. Though it is important that he doesn't neglect his creativity, imagination, or higher aspirations, he must learn to temper his attraction to the magical and ecstatic, and to balance his big dreams in the smaller satisfactions of a job well done, the laughter of close friends, and the comforts of children and family ties.

    You and your mother: you two often convey a youthful impression and present an innocent and childlike exterior. The appearance of innocence has little to do with either of your characters; it is a product of your relationship. Both of you are actually objective, discerning people by nature, yet your relationship disguises your realism, presenting a facade that in many ways serves as a defence or smoke screen. Both of you are highly secretive, and you make your convincingly sunny image a camouflage for whatever you are hiding. As Freud discovered, behind the open and trusting exterior that a child presents to the world lurks a dark side that can be chillingly selfish, ruthless and aggressive. When your two strong wills clash, the childlike mask will drop off and your true natures are revealed. Parent-child relationships here can have an objective and realistic outlook that doesn't kid itself about niceties and accepts a Machiavellian view of the world in which winning is all that matters and the ends justifies the means. Here the childlike approach may be openly eschewed in favour of a somewhat forced maturity and an attempt at the appearance of omniscience. You would both do well to cultivate honesty and transparency, and give up power struggles - your energy can be better spent. Be more playful with each other. Your mother must learn how to detach emotionally when times get tough and to master 'grace under fire'. She must release her need to hide when life becomes a challenge. Blessed with virtuoso energies and great powers of concentration, she will have to learn to regulate her emotions and respond to upsets, setbacks, and crises with a greater degree of calm. She is highly charged and can experience problems with loss, guilt, or a lack of self-confidence which can turn her away from the greater challenge of sharing her considerable stores of knowledge. She must come to terms with the greater purpose of the calamities in her life and, having weathered the storms, will discover that she has the approval and affection of others. Likely to be highly selective in any event, she can accomplish her higher goals especially as she mellows and allows herself the sense of freedom that comes from greater detachment. Her Scorpion ability to rise phoenix-like from the ashes of even the worst disasters is bound to serve as a source of both inspiration and instruction to anyone with whom she comes into contact.

  • Hi Captain,

    Would love a compatible reading.

    Me 25/8/70

    Hubby 14/4/70

    Daughter 15/4/04

    Son 11/7/07

    Daughter 27/7/09

    With all different personalities.

    Thanks, love your posts and threads. Very thought provoking.

    Kind Regards


  • Cazmayo

    You and your Aries daughter: this relationship is often a one-way street pointed in your direction, Cazmayo, and mostly devoted to exposing your secret, hidden side. Moreover, this fact is usually itself only tacitly acknowledged, remaining an unspoken aspect of your combination - one that requires a strong basis in trust. You demand to be understood by your daughter. She may be capable of showing this understanding but not always interested in doing so. On the other hand, if her self-sacrificing side comes out, she may just roll up her sleeves and take on the task of unravelling your secrets. Success is not guaranteed - you usually will have a few tricks up your sleeve and, at the very moment your daughter feels she is getting somewhere, you are likely to take the wind out of her sails by revealing yourself in a totally exhibitionistic display. Your daughter deserves your trust because she is capable of discretion and will rarely spill secrets. You two can form a firm friendship around a particular activity, usually one of a practical nature. You work well together, and your endeavours can be successful and even lucrative. You can learn about how to express your ambition from your daughter who is a good role model for this and not at all shy about putting her best foot forward and forcing others to recognize her abilities. There can be a lot of mutual admiration and trust here in this relationship if you both work at it by being honest and not playing games. Hide-and-seek can be exhausting and self-centredness is counterproductive. Your daughter may have to undergo some trials by fire on her lifepath yet she is likely to emerge relatively unscathed and considerably enlightened. Her natural leadership abilities may take some time to emerge but, once evident, can be given full play. Moreover she has an intensely positive attitude that will be of great benefit in her development as she is unlikely to get too bogged down in either the sense of isolation or the tendency to depression that often occurs on this lifepath. Though her life will not be without its ups and downs, there is more potential for success here than anything even resembling failure. Developing a greater ability to handle stress and releasing a need to hide will be her biggest challenges and her greatest fulfillment will lie in discovering that others want to hear what she has to say.

    You and your Cancer son: The relaxed approach found in this combination lets both of you feel free to come and go at will, joining each other in moments of pleasure and play. Separately you both tend to set high standards, but although that emphasis does carry through to your relationship, overall attitudes here are more relaxed. This ability to ease up a little without sacrificing quality is a benefit to both of you, as you tend to both be a bit intense. Moreover, you both have a very private side, which your relationship magnifies into a passion for having a space into which few, if any, others can intrude. Past experiences give you and your son a certain sensitivity, and both of you are wary in relationships. In each other, however, you find someone you can trust. Instinctively accepted by your son, you will feel comfortable opening up and revealing yourself. Your own discrimination meanwhile will allow you to view him more objectively than most, and thus to provide the recognition he craves. There may be an overemphasis on mental activity which can have a debilitating effect on spontaneous instinctual and emotional expression. Don't ask your son to bear more than his share of familial responsibilities. Your son will fear what he can't control in life. He is a highly observant and powerfully persuasive individual but he will have to do quite a bit of soul work to overcome deep-seated feelings of insecurity and learn to transcend his sense of his own limitations as well as those of the people around him. He must also not fall victim to ambition. He may be prone to adopting an overly moral attitude or displaying a pronounced tendency to be 'holier-than-thou'. Still, if he can relinquish his more manipulative aspects in favour of higher awareness, he can offer the world a means of accessing the divine through a systemized approach to the power of prayer, religious worship, social work or other innovative and holistic philosophies that enable even the humblest person to gain spiritual truths. He must apply his considerable management abilities to the practical application of his ideas if he wants to achieve real success in the material world.

    You and your Leo daughter: at its best, this relationship loves pleasure. But it can also be somewhat solemn when preoccupied with work or anything requiring practice or discipline to master. Keeping things light and conflict-free will not always be easy. Pressures in family life can pile up, no matter how hard you two work to make the daily mood lighter and more playful. Yet these pressures are often self-induced, for you two often overlook other people's willingness to do things for themselves. In other words, together the two of you tend to create difficulties for yourselves, claiming to be mature and responsible but revealing underlying workaholic tendencies. Becoming more childike and less 'mature' is often the answer, if you two could only realize it. Seriousness is not exclusive to adults so playing with your child and encouraging her to play is vital. Let others take care of their own needs for a while. Your daughter can bring out your extroverted side; she herself may be frustrated though by your tendency to ignore her, since attention is something she needs. On the whole, you are the stronger one emotionally since you don't really care a lot about what others think of you. But you do crave understanding which your daughter is unlikely to be able to provide. As long as your daughter does not succumb to self-interest and a tendency to be entirely too domineering, she will make swift and sure progress in her development. Giving up purely personal interests for the larger good may not come easily to her and she will tend to resist change in any event. She may turn away from the greater humanitarian and moral challenges of this karmic path through an inability to see the greater social picture, or she may wield her natural authority with grace and considerable flair, treating her 'disciples' with compassion. She will no doubt enjoy the attention that her electric brand of personality will generate. The key to her success will be commitment to others - if she can lift her head and look toward some future vision, she can become a focal point for change and a wonderful role model for those who travel with her.

    Your husband and your Aries daughter: the prevailing theme of this relationship may unfortunately be frustration, for in many areas of life this is not a realistic combination. Father and daughter are likely to suffer from ideological conflicts but if at least one of them can be diplomatic, as this pair is likely to be, there may be an equitable give-and-take of ideas and energies. They both have well-developed social skills and need a lot of social interaction so they are likely to see eye-to-eye on the need to contribute to the welfare of others. Sharp disagreements can break out as to how and when such contributions are to be made, but these differences can be worked out if mutual goals are kept in sight. This pair will usually be engaged in doing things with and for other people - planning, organizing, executing, maintaining - but rarely allowing others to do anything for them. On the upside, they are sure to attract a constant stream of people coming and going, and this kind of activity may be enough to keep them both satisfied. But there can be impossible difficulties when these two live together all the time. Usually guided by fixed ideas and beliefs, they may engage in a constant struggle for supremacy, unless they have exactly or as close to the same viewpoint. They really should get involved with personalities other than their own, with people who have other needs for their strengths to fill.

    Your husband and your Cancer son: the primary theme of this relationship is the fight for personal freedom. This combination often involves power struggles and is unlikely to be stable, especially since this pair have trouble sticking to anything. There is a built-in desire here to be free of everything the relationship creates, whether it be a commitment or other structure, or simply a joint interest. The father here will be particularly challenged by his same-gender child and battles for supremacy within the family may result, especially if you as the mother are the mutually desired object of their jealous struggle. Your husband has a sense of independence that can alienate him from your needy son. Your son will usually want to have things his way but his ability to persuade and manipulate will be sorely tested by his father's resistance and wilfulness. They must try to avoid unnecessary conflict, to seek more stability, and learn to respect each other's values.

    Your husband and your Leo daughter: this relationship has to find translation tools to bridge the gap between diiferent modes of thought and communication. Misunderstanding is common here, since both of them consider themselves authorities on many subjects, and have their own highly individual terminology. Nor is either likely to compromise in order to move toward understanding. Ideally, this relationship will evolve its own language in which the pair can share their often contrasting ideas. Your husband has something to teach your daughter about being more accepting of others, particularly those with whom she disagrees. She on the other hand can help your husband learn how to direct his energies so as to strive for inward goals first before moving outward toward the world. Learning and sharing here can occur at a very deep level if this pair allows it. Your daughter will demand variety and change in her life and relationships (though she may resist change to her own beliefs and ways) and will hate being tied down to a predictable pattern, which will test your husband to his limits. She will also want a cheerful parent she can have fun with and your husband can fit this bill very well. They need to play together and be ready to listen and learn from each other.

    Whoa, it sounds like your husband in particular will have some difficult times with his children. Good luck!

  • Hi Captain! Could you do one for my stepdad and I? Thank you, as always! 🙂

    Him: Nov 4 1947

    Me: March 6 1987

  • Tooralooryeaye

    You and your stepdad: this is a highly magnetic combination. But in a family relationship here, there can be highly controlling attitudes, possessiveness, and much demanding of attention. Sharing a common interest can make this relationship work out best. Hobbies, sports and fitness activities, entertainment, and adventure can lure the two of you away from other pressing duties and become the dominant focus in your lives. This relationship brings out both your determined sides, enabling you to achieve together what you might not achieve alone. Usually this benefits you more than your stepdad. The relationship's magnetism and attraction can work to help you two to achieve a goal you covet, be it social, financial, or family oriented. Your relationship can be tightly knit and your position as water signs in the zodiac suggests an easy, sensuous orientation. In some ways, in fact you are indissoluble, since your twin watery natures are already so fluid. Yet you two have another side as well, an earthy one, which is intensely practical and responsible. At times conflicts can arise between these two sides, with one pulling towards relaxation and procrastination, and the other toward action and effort. Relationships here can also be highly secretive. People may think they know what goes on between you two but they are usually wrong. Your stepdad may suffer from a belief that he is unworthy of love, and a fear of others' disapproval. He has the financial acument to reap the rewards of life and allow it to buy him freedom. However he will have to overcome a somewhat negative or even downright depressive attitude towards himself and the world before he can realize a higher level of fulfillment. He will experience many painful rejections, abuse or traumas that will profoundly affect both his self-image and his image of the world at large. He may turn to a variety of feel-good substitutes for owning who he is. Deep though he may be, he has a strong tendency to overidentify with his own sense of suffering - to the extent that he may refuse to consider happiness as a worthwhile goal. Yet if he can realise that much of his personal suffering is self-inflicted and thus free himself from his prison of fear and self-protection, he may gain a renewed sense of hope and recover his lost innocence.

  • Hi Captain,

    Hurray, my baby has arrived.

    My little boy was born March 25, 2011, 13:42 Hong Kong time. I am a bit nervous because he is an Aries.

    Both me and husband are Pisces.

    My DOB: March 7, 1973, 14:45 Hong Kong.

    My husband DOB: March 15, 1972 Manchester UK.

    Will we be compatible? What other signs like rising, moon, etc affecting us?

    PS I had another boy who was born on May 7, 2008, 14:25 Hong Kong.

    Many thanks.

  • Maketek, I compared you and your husband with your oldest son on page 20.

    You and your newborn son: a positive aspect of this relationship is that it may bring you Maketek into more meaningful contact with the world. You let very few people share your private inner life and it will be difficult for your outgoing and dynamic son to break through. He won't really understand your deep need for privacy. But you two can get along, and shared creative projects are very favored here with your talent for fantasy and imagination being brought out and manifested into the real world by your son's vibrant and more realistic energy and enthusiasm. You can help your son deepen his own creative, imaginative side. You can be a good balance for each other because you are so different. Each one can help the other find what they are lacking. Your son can help you ground yourself more and be less vague and drifting. You will both have an aesthetic appreciation for everyday life and will sharpen each other's perception for beauty. Your son is highly empathic and gifted with intuitive, even psychic ability. He will display a pronounced tendency to view the world through rose-coloured glasses. He is blessed with a unique ability to draw others into his enthusiastic and even magical perception of life. However, any disappointment or disillusionment with life or people may cause him to withdraw into isolation or approval seeking. It will be important that he learns to adapt and respond to social pressures, rather than retreat from them. He has many gifts and abilities and, in order for him to achieve his greatest potential, he must stay connected with his audience and not let any depression stop him from sharing his wonder and joy with everyone.

    Your husband and your newborn son: a lack of awareness is typical here in this combination. Neglected issues can brew until they burst forth, either in a sudden dramatic flash or as a gradually emerging truth. This pair can't assume that all is well - they have to deal with any emotional problems as they arise. Your husband has a flamboyant side that can meld well with your son's energy, as long as competition for the attention of family and friends doesn't get out of hand. They can share a love of adventure, collecting, or performance. Your husband can have a tendency to preach and to impose his philosophical views on your son, who may chafe at being put in the position of student. It will be hard for your son to handle as he is extremely sensitive to being talked down to or babied. It will usually be only a matter of time before he rebels against this sort of treatment. There must be equality and balance in this relationship for it to work. Your son will be very independent, and any heavy limits or demands that are put on him by either of you will cause conflict. You and your husband need to be needed but you will find that your son will hate any intense emotionalism on your part. Let him have his freedom - within reason and as long as he is not hurting himself - and you will find living together so much easier. This is not a child who will like being kept on a tight leash.

  • Dear Captain,

    I just have a question about a reading you did for me on this thread...Are the readings based on how things are now, or how they WILL BE definitly? Just curious as it did say that I will not be as close as I would hope with my boys if I read it right, and I want them both to know how much they are loved and how much I treasure both of them. 🙂 Their d.o.b.'s were March-13-2007, and October-22-2010, and mine is April, 11th, 1980, if you need them again.

    Thank you again for all your insight,

    Laci 🙂

  • Hobbles76, the readings predict how things might turn out if you don't take steps to change them. It's just making you aware of potential problems.

  • Dear Captain,

    Thank you so much for the heads up yet again! 🙂

    Laci 🙂

  • Hi Captain,

    Thank you so much for this reading!!! My children are quite young but already have their own little personalities. My oldest girl is very sensitive yet head strong and we share similar interests.

    My hubby had a strict upbringing, and is too rigid in his ideas of parenting. I tell him, youll get more out of her if you go about it in a positive way. Come down hard, and she digs the heals in.

    My Son is very kind and caring, and full of energy.

    My youngest daughter is a tom boy and well able to speak up for herself!

    I will keep your reading in a safe place and look back on it as they grow.

    Thank you so much!!! Very interesting.

    Kind Regards, Cazmayo xx

  • my mother is a scorpio nov 12th,

    my father is a scorpio oct 26th

    my sister is an aquarious jan 31

    i am aries april 14th

    I dont seem to get a long very well with my mother, her emotional grudge holding ways really get on my nerves but she can sometimes be really cool to hang out with, but as soon a discussion about something comes up, we never seem to see eyes to eye.

    my father and me actually get long nowadays when we never used to, we are both pretty easy going, but when when we both get angry our tempers are our downfall.

    My sister and me get a long fine. Sometimes she is overly sensitive, criticial

  • any insight into my relationship with my parents in my post above? /

  • Missaries

    You and your mother: as a family relationship, this combination can be satisfactory but uninspiring. Your mother's attitudes about how friends or family members should act toward each other can be unyielding and sometimes morally overbearing. The two of you will have to try not to let your ideas on subjects ranging from group activities to social attiudes get too rigid or dogmatic. As the years pass, you may gain a certain objectivity to each other in which critical and unforgiving attitudes may predominate. Don't let your relationship be destabilized or get bogged down in disagreements and try to stay forgiving and flexible. It's good for your mother (even if she doesn't realise or admit it) to give up her controlling atitudes since she often misses out on some of life's most enjoyable and interesting experiences through keeping everything under control. And you as an exuberant Aries can help her get swept off her feet. With you, she can enter a whole new world in which her deep emotional side can find full expression if she allows it. In return, you can enter a world of rich feelings you may never have imagined. So you both have a lot to learn from and teach each other if you will only let it happen. To gain your mother's interest however, you will have to give up some of your focus on work or career because she is very demanding of attention. But, if the result is that you take more care of your own emotional life - which you may have neglected for years - then this relationship will have done you much good. More on the upside, you two have a freshness of ideas that allows for a lot of creative problem-solving.

    You and your father: this relationship is likely to be vibrant and imaginative, though punctuated by occasional blowups. Your father will tend to keep you on a tight rein which you will hate. He is good at making a little money go a long way so he will probably see your spending as wasteful and counterproductive. Also, he won't approve of your liberality or your tendency to bring home the latest interesting person you meet. Where you see the big picture, your father homes in on the details. Some of his attempts to make you more attentive and realistic will be helpful, but too much blaming and criticism will have a negative effect. Even though he can have control over his own feelings in a masterful way and is much more comfortable with the relationship's firestorms, he will have difficulty controlling you, because you need to be free to do things your own way. But he can control the inner workings of this relationship as you much prefer to deal with action rather than emotions. Ironic (or destiny) that you and your more mentally-oriented sister got two deeply emotional parents, eh?

    You and your sister: this works best as an easygoing friendship. This relationship doesn't place much priority on self-examination - you two like to keep things light. Even if you do take the time to explore deeper emotional levels together, your relationship - though it may avoid some kinds of problems - may still fail to create the solid basis that is so necessary for it to survive times of difficulty or outright disaster. The two of you can get right down in the sandbox together and have a wonderfully uninhibited time and your relationship can be fun. However, when either of you feels that play time is over, you or she may blow the whistle on a somewhat startled sibling, or furiously start ringing the dinner or bedtime bell. Unless the relationship can absorb abrupt changes of attitude, over the long run they may prove intolerable and a breakdown of harmonious and easy attitudes can occur, leading to a possible breakup. You two have quite different natures - where you are hard-driving, your sister is seemingly more relaxed. But it's just that she is so sensitive to and dislikes trouble so much that she may not be tough enough to engage strongly. This relationship can bring out both your slumbering inner children and your stern though understanding adult natures. But these opposite characters can later be successfully integrated into daily life and the two of you can reach a compromise and an effective melding of enthusiasm and responsibility if you really try.

    If you want individual assessments of your family, you would have to supply their birthyears.

  • Would you please compare the compatibility between:

    me 14/09/78

    son 05/01/99

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