Parent-Child Compatibility

  • If you would like me to compare the compatibility and personalities of any of your family members with you or them, please post all the bithdates of those concerned.

  • Another great idea!

    Me: 2/7/79

    Daughter: 7/13/08


    Wild Places

  • WildPlaces, on the surface your relationship with your daughter seems harmonious enough, but deep down there can be a hidden intensity that can break out suddenly like an unexpected tidal wave. Resentments and frustrations can abound, with your passionate child striving to be overly dominant and demanding. Her behaviour can make you feel trapped and you will want to break free at times, to help yourself cope. Your daughter's pain and anger can be volcanic because of her frustration. Honesty, fostering communication, and demanding and getting fair and proper treatment must be your priorities here. If she is stressing you out, you must tell her and deal with it, not just avoid her or overlook her bad behaviour. Maintain your self-respect and don't let her treat you like a football. Teaching her consideration and how to develop her empathic ability while she is young will go a long way to making your life and hers much easier in the future. She will be a leader when she grows up so show her how to be of service to others and not merely dominate them.

  • My son is 5/11/95

    me 10/11/76

    Thank you

  • Im 1/11/1976

    daughter 12/1/200

    son 5/9/1997

    son 25/1/2005 x

  • Jenxx, you have to establish that you are the boss with your son. He needs someone to be dependable and firm and an authority figure for him, otherwise your relationship will fly apart. Any neglect, disinterest, undependability, superficiality or procrastination will result in problems. You must be his rock, even though it is not normally in your nature to be so heavy. You must set firm standards and limitations on him so he knows his boundaries with you and with life and will not overstep them. The provision of rules and structure will only benefit him in the long run and can help him control his rather chaotic nature and insecurities - and yours. When he accepts your rules, his life will become much more stress-free and easy for him. He also needs to be well socialised - something you are easily able to help him with. Your son will want to march to the beat of his own drummer but you must keep him from retreating into self-imposed comfortable isolation, perhaps in nature or the company of animals. He must become more worldly in his outlook, especially in the areas of money, commerce and ambition. Helping him expand his horizons beyond his immediate environment and set long-term goals will benefit him enormously.

  • Thank you Captain. It's amazing what you have said about my daughter - granted, she's just over 2yo, but I've been struggling recently with disciplining her. She's incredibly precocious; and it seemed nothing was working. I finally found a way to put my foot down that allows her to make choices - and I let her know what behaviour I will and will not accept from her or anyone in my life. She's been hitting lately, and I really want to get across to her that it's unacceptable to hit someone, or show kindness to those who treat you that way.

    Also, she's got this way with other children, even older ones - like some kind of Jedi Mind Trick, wherein she can be incredibly commanding without even saying a word. I'm definitely working with her on empathy; and she's learning a lot about caring for animals at her daycare (farm setting) as well. I also feel that she is gifted with clear intuitive powers, and I try to work with her to understand those as well.

    She's a brilliant, funny, and at times - challenging child; but I believe we are all born to the parents we need, and vice versa.

    Thank you for your insight again - I absolutely appreciate it as always!

    Wild Places

  • Oh man...! Here we go.

    Lol thank you in advance, I'm interested to see this:

    Me (daughter) March 6 1987

    Mother: February 26 1960

  • Me: March 23, 1978

    My son: September 26, 2004

    Please and Thank you,

    Love Detox

  • Scorpio33,

    You and your daughter: your relationship will be challenging, powerful and unusual. But it can also become destructive, negative or unfulfilling unless handled carefully. This highly original relationship is very spirited and strong antagonisms can emerge here despite your daughter's rather modest and unassuming nature. She will often try to challenge your authority or position within the family unit. Yet you can both unite if a common enemy or outside threat should emerge. You two can be very wary of each other however even when at your best, with a kind of continuous vigilance being maintained. Conflict is inevitable, but responsible behaviour will engender respect on both sides. You will both know where the other stands and what to expect if rules are broken or limits exceeded. Your quick intelligence and your daughter's willpower will clash - she will try to establish the dominant position so a subtle pressure must be applied firmly, but not hostilely, to remind her of her place. A full-scale frontal assault will succeed only in arousing her greater resistance. Naturally brilliant, your daughter can become restless and bored very easily so helping her get more deeply involved in a field of endeavour, an area of study, or craft will help to ground and stabilise her. Helping her develop patience and thoroughness will be of great benefit to her. But make sure you also balance her out by reminding her to focus on spiritual matters as well as material ones.

    You and your son (5/9/1997): Humour in its many forms - but especially irony and sarcasm - will be prominent in this playfully competitive relationship. You two can have wonderful, even ecstatic times together. Your son will love to kid you and you may tease him unmercifully in return. Yet you may also try to outdo each other in one-upmanship that can have darker overtones. Underneath the banter can lie more earnest aspects. Often any problems can be unearthed and perhaps even resolved in these mock battles or conversational but always energetic exchanges. This mock aggression can be a useful way of working out resentments or expressing frustrations. Knowing when to stop can be the biggest stumbling block between you at times like this, however. You two are not always aware of the effects of your mischiefs on others. Should difficulties grow more severe, trouble can be expected, especially if there is no history of real serious discussion between you. Then some quiet time must be found to open deeper levels of honest communication. Your son is going to need a lot of grounding in his life because he can fall prey to some fanciful ideas and fantasies. He will have a rich inner life and is blessed with creative talent - you must help him be more practical and to achieve more tangible manifestation of his dreams and inspirations. He must develop more involvement with others and learn to serve and help, because his need for privacy can lead him to becoming snobbish, remote or high-handed.

    You and your son (25/1/2005): together you two have a much broader and greater vision than either of you alone. A big-picture approach will be the hallmark of your relationship. You two have tremendous energy and forward momentum together plus very good compatibility. Only a breakdown in communication or psychological strain can cause problems of anxiety but your son will show you how to approach life in another way. You will have to take care not to be too controlling or possessive with your freedom-loving child who will back away if he feels smothered by you. If you probe him too deeply, he might hold back or refuse to acknowledge the extent of his emotions. This relationship can suffer from a lack of sharing so you must be prepared to be as open with your son as you want him to be with you. Frankness and forthrightness contribute significantly to clearing the air here and preventing the buildup of resentments through misunderstandings. Your son has a higher degree of natural objectivity and a broader sense of human freedom than most. Though his vanity can be wounded, he is unlikely to get stuck in undue emotionalism. Issues of rebellion and authority will likely be his biggest problems. Teaching him self-love and to understand that structure and limitation are sometimes not as dispowering as absolute freedom will benefit him greatly.

  • Thank you captain you were absolutely spot on, i do have to be very strict with him, an also he is at his happiest when with all his friends. Would it be possible for you to do a reading on my son for me about his future? if yes i will start a new thread for this. jenxxx Thanks for your time

  • Tooralooryeaye, this is a very private and personal relationship that doesn't reveal its secrets to the world and may even have an air of mystery to others. The depth of emotional profoundity can be extreme here, with silence playing an important role. You two are strong in the feeling realm but also in that of thought. You have a shared interest in historical, critical and technical matters and can share a lot of insights. Mostly you two both just like to be left alone by the world but you must beware of isolation and secretiveness. There is affection between you but there can also be a self-destructive and uncrtiical side to your relationship wherein you two can go on for years with few problems surfacing but many being hidden away. You both prefer to talk about the good things between you, not the bad or troubled. Insecurity can be a problem here where mixed signals and a high degree of empathy can obliterate individual boundaries and enhance mutual dependencies. You two bring out each other's less ambitious and more relaxed sides but you can also make each other very nervous. Practical matters and personal responsiblity are big stumbling blocks for your mother who finds it hard to live and operate in the day-to-day real world. While she has more than her fair share of understanding, empathy and creative inspiration, bringing her gifts to manifestation may be difficult for her. She needs stability in her surroundings and to develop greater personal discipline and steadier habits. The willingess to dedicate herself fully to a cause or primary relationship and to put down roots will be especially important to her success. Yet she does have a practical and sensual side that, if it is given encouragement and nurturing, can enable her to blossom in the course of her life journey, especially within the context of a service-oriented profession or creative calling,

  • LoveDetox, this relationship's success will depend on its ability to cope with direct confrontations. These challenges may demand adjustments that are at odds with the basic natures of both you and your son, and that you feel may compromise your individuality. Giving in to the other person's demands in an effort to please is not something either of you will be comfortable with but meaningful compromise may be the only way you two can get along. Giving ground may be difficult and the ensuing battles can put a tremendous strain on day-to-day living. You can however make your confrontations and struggles have the positive outcome of bringing in more open and honest communication to the relationship. You probably won't try to change your son too much but you will certainly want him to be emotionally honest and sympathetic to you and to others. Make sure you provide a good example by showing him understanding and love quite openly. You mustn't be afraid of arguing with him but avoid letting it degenerate into mere bickering. Your son has a deep need to win and he can argue or fight just for the sake of beating the other person. His magnetism and charm will attract all manner of people to him. You must teach him not to use his power over others to assert his authority or suppress them. He may experience great struggles on this lifepath before he learns this lesson, but he also has the potential to realise great rewards. One thing he must not do is to itemise and dwell on everything that he feels is wrong with him. He will tend to be rather exacting on himself and the rest of the world and this tendency must be identified and cured. Often his lack of self-worth will come from a strained relationship with an authority figure in his life. If his destiny of self-empowerment is to be realised, you will have to watch that this does not occur. Or if it already has, then you must build up your child's sense of self-love and self-esteem. He must learn the difference between real power and mere control, to operate from his own sense of justice and ethics and not from what he has learnt from someone else.

  • Jenxxx, yes start a new thread and I will answer you there.

  • Thanks. Just opened one. 🙂

  • Captain you're the best!

    I'm 8/5/68

    My sons are 11/26/95 and 5/3/97.

    Their father (who is not part of our household and never really has been) is 2/23/70. I'd like to hear about their relationship with him as well.


  • Heyo Captain Dear!

    You are so generous!!! This is wonderful...

    When you get a chance, I'd LOVE your reading!

    Me, Momma Lisa: 10/30/1955

    SonOne: 12/26/1976

    Sonshine: 12/02/1990

    Anabanana : 3/04/1994

    Thank you ever SO much! 😉

    Love, Lisa

  • Hi Captain,

    Hope you are well! 🙂 What an awesome idea! You have already given me some valuable info on my kids, but I would love to learn more specifically about how we relate to each other.

    Me 11/22/1968, 9:28 PM (Leo rising)

    Son 2/23/2001, 2:23 PM (Cancer rising)

    Daughter 3/3/2003, 8:47 PM (Libra rising)

    Son 8/9/2006, 9:36 PM (Pisces rising)

    Thanks in advance!! BTW I thought about what you said in another thread about my needing to figure out what I wanted in a love relationship, took some time and realized I do want to be with the Pisces man after all. We are taking it very slowly, but so far, so good. 🙂

    Have a great day!

  • Hey Captain, hope you and your day are going well. I am very interested to see how my son and I match up. He is only 3 but we already fight like crazy.

    Michelle (me)- 07-05-1983

    Gabriel (son)- 10-23-2007

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