Parent-Child Compatibility

  • Hi Captain,

    I haven't been around the forums lately but guess which topic caught my eye..this one! You always have these great interesting threads. But of course You're The Captain! Please do a parent compatibility for my siblings and I with our parents. Me: Nov. 4 '74 , Bro: Aug. 29 '78, Sis: Mar. 12 '80. Dad: Apr. 13 '43 Mom: Jul 30 '44. While you're at it could you throw in a compatibility between my siblings and I. As always you're sooooo GREAT! Thank you again for sharing and starting this great thread!

    Blessings to you!

    Mari 🙂

  • Mariplatnum

    You and your father: this relationship will have to deal with instability and uncertainty, since you Mari are patient, long-suffering and watchful and your father is generally impatient and in a hurry to move onto something new. Differences in style, tempo and feeling will cause problems here. You may resent your father's leadership qualities, seeing him as inflexible and dictatorial. Power struggles can emerge over where the authority in your relationship lies. Persisting into adult life, such encounters may involve finances, inheritances, and dominance in the family group. Your father may not know how to deal with your emotionalism since he tries to project a cool image and avoids messy scenes. Still, you can learn a lot from your father's energy, especially when you are feeling lethargic, and he can learn about feelings from you.

    You and your mother: your relationship can be the lynchpin that holds the family together or it can be the force that propels it through periods of major change. It is like the flame that consumes the phoenix and then summons it forth again from the ashes. Metamorphosis, both of you and your mother and the relationship itself, is characteristic here. This is especially true when you reach a crossroads or dead end in your lives. At this point the magic of rebirth emerges, propelling both of you and your relationship to a higher level. A spiritual or developmental transformation at the personal level is implied here, even the rejuvenation of the whole family. You may not be able to spend long periods of time in each other's company without getting itchy or irritable, and any adversarial stances can be frighteningly violent with your mother generally initiating the conflict and you springing from a defensive posture into attack mode. Try to keep emotions under control but blow off steam occasionally. Act wisely.

    You and your brother: siblings here often share an interest in sports and other competitive and physical activities. The relationship acts as an incentive and inspiration for each person to better their own personal best. The success of your relationship depends on equal status - equality and balance count here. You are both trustworthy individuals, though there may be a tendency to hold back and not share the more secretive aspects of your lives and personalities with each other. Outright war between you is rare but, if you do disagree, each person will abide by the fair rules of combat, giving their all while still maintaining respect and trust. There is an emphasis on each person's autonomy within the relationship.

    You and your sister: once you two make up your minds about something, you are likely to get your way. This relationship has tremendous powers of persuasion, so much so that other people are likely to believe whatever you two say. However, it's not so easy for the pair of you to reach an agreement in the first place. Despite your persuasiveness, you two may prefer to keep to yourselves rather than play a strongly social role. Increased reflectiveness and spirituality often manifest here with age and maturity; after a stormy adolescence, the pair of you may slowly begin to develop meditative powers and to ponder the meaning of life.

    Your brother and your father: your brother's rationality in thought meets your father's intuition and spontaneity here and can cause some flare-ups. But for the most part their respective strengths mysteriously complement each other, especially if they work together or run a joint business. This service-oriented pair can bring out the more responsible side in each other and, if their relationship focuses on the welfare of others, it can have a devotional streak and be of great benefit to humanity. But your brother can get nervous and stressed if he doesn't keep his home and career lives separate. Your father on the other hand finds this kind of separation impossible, for he doesn't feel that his work in the world stops when he gets home. Still, things can go well between them, especially if the structure they set up in their living situation relieves your father of responsibilities he would rather leave to a more orderly person like your brother, anyway. In the long run, your brother may have a healthful, even magical effect on your father's fiery energies.

    Your brother and your mother: these two often develop ideas together - their projects may be humanitarian or charitable in nature. Your mother can be a good role model here, especially with her extreme independence and self-sufficiency, which allows your brother to give of himself and to put his energies in the service of joint efforts. Together they can keep the family on the right track, while guaranteeing fair and equal treatment to all. Your brother is happy to function as an assistant or co-worker while allowing your mother to take the lead; often however he is the real power behind the throne of your regal mother. On a personal level, should objectiivty wane, your brother's nervous and unstable side and the disappointment, boredom and frustration into which your mother can sink may undermine their relationship. Your mother craves a variety of experience (she hates predictability) that your brother may be uncomfortable with. Yet your mother's dynamism can meld with your brother's structure and efficiency to produce an effective team who can keep things running smoothly.

    Your sister and your father: this relationship is often a naive, even childlike one in which neither person really cares to understand the other at a deep level. These two often lack the emotional, spiritual or physical maturity to make their relationship a complete success. They will maintain an atmosphere of honesty, though not always of comprehension or sympathy. Your father may see your sister as a bit of an unrealistic dreamer, taken up with cosmic, fantastic or New Age pursuits, while she may see him as being impulsive and getting involved in messy interpersonal and idealistic endeavours that don't enhance personal growth. Your father won't have a great deal of respect for your sister's tendency to periodically sink into lethargy or self-pity. Yet your father has no end of ideas but is not always able to put them into practice and your sister can help here with her better financial judgment. Mostly though this duo will not be comfortable with or understanding of each other unless they develop a more mature relationship.

    Your sister and your mother: highly philosophical, this relationship seeks to share truth with other people. Yet without a priority of communication, it may isolate itself from the world and will probably do so when its abilities to share beliefs and ideas are frustrated. There is a mix of practical and ideological energies here. The relationship may be built around spiritual, religious or intellectual ideas shared by the two of them. Any internal struggles result from irritations and frustrations caused by neglect or pressing emotional issues. As a parent and child matchup, this relationship can suffer under the premature and rigorous influence of heavy ideologies. Your sister will be the more attentive, nurturing and understanding person in this relationship. The emphasis on communication is highly personal here and this pair must be careful not to cut themselves off from the family or society in general and to come down from their cloud occasionally.

  • Me: February 23, 1997

    Mom: November 26, 1974.

    Dad: February 18, 1972.

  • ReeseyReese

    You and your Mom: you two are both free thinkers who are united on one point: death to the tyrant! The whole question of dominance and authority is central to your thinking. But you both have to learn that you can't blame the establishment or other people for everything - you have to accept personal responsiblity for your actions when it is appropriate. You two may have some problems getting along. Resentment and jealousy are common here. Still, if one of you is attacked or abused by an outsider, the other will immediately jump to their defense, going on the offensive with blinding speed. Yes, there is friction and stress here but you two can also make your influence as a team widely felt when you unite to support a good cause. Together you are very good at addressing problems. You two seek to oppose and undermine authoritarian attitudes by encouraging free thought and open discussion. Your mother has a fear of domination so she will prefer more sensitive and passive partners and friends. She is rebellious and independent and needs to learn to slow down sometimes and live a more grounded life. She may carry inside a sense of deep injustice against those who exploit or abuse others. But most of her restlessness and resistence to responsibility is merely misplaced anxiety about her own abilities. Becoming more self-confident and immersing herself in a study of philosophy, the law, or spiritual disciplines will give her a wider sense of perspective and serve to nurture her sense of adventure. Her generosity of spirit and her great need to give to others will no doubt lead her to becoming a role model who debates and defends her principles on a productive and fulfilling life's journey

    You and your Dad: you two are very sensitive individuals but together you can be surprisingly practical. Both of you are good with money and your relationship magnifies this ability. Pragmatic hard-headed attitudes are the order of the day here. You two can be very good at handling the finances for older or incapacitated family members, as well as looking after the best investment interests of the family group. Your Dad's ambition however is somewhat softened or diverted by your need for emotional contact and sympathy, which makes your relationship more personal. Although you are both sensitive to the feelings of others, you two however rarely let your good sense be swayed by emotional considerations. So you may occasionally be seen as somewhat hardhearted by others. Your Dad has a need to be popular and likes to do things his own way. He may go through life with a bit of a chip-on-the-shoulder attitude towards higher development and must relinquish this and his need for self-protection. Getting in touch with his deepest needs and desires may involve ridding himself of a preoccupation with his own personal issues and settling down to an area of study or endeavour. Developing an area of expertise or a speciality may serve to illuminate some of the more hidden aspects of his soul and tear down the barriers that prevent him from knowing who he really is. If he can avoid being mistrustful or pessimistic, he can live a happy successful and fulfilling life.

  • Thank you so much!

  • Your insight is amazing:)

    I would like to hear your analysis of my family...I am curious as to how natal Mercury Retrograde effects us. My oldest son, my husband, and I were all born under it.

    (My husband is stepfather to my oldest son, and father of both of the little ones:)

    Me- August 4, 1979

    Husband-November 23, 1979

    Son- January 22, 2002

    Daughter- September 13, 2008

    Son- January 22, 2010

    Thank you for taking the time to offer your in-depth insight in this forum:)

  • Firelioness

    You and your sons Jan 22 (because their day and month birthdates are the same, you will all relate in the same way, though their personlaities will be slightly different because of the different year): together you are capable of great achievements. These relationships can be dynamic ones in which you all stimulate each other to lift both your performances and your consciousnesses to a higher level. You must take care however not to burn holes in one another or in other people, through the intensity of your connection. Exciting exploits can be these relationships' food but the diet may be a tiring one, eventually leading to exhaustion. Drawing up guidelines, establishing structures, and agreeing on boundaries and limitations will all be wise steps to take if these relationships' healthy survival and effectiveness are to be preserved. A parent-child relationship here can be difficult, particularly during adolescence. All types of conflict will be magnified so structure and rules will have to be rigorously enforced. The son born in 2002 must develop the focus to stick to everyday concerns and practical details as he can get lost in a world of mystery and imagination. Excesses of romanticism and unrealistic dreams can hinder his progress and success in life. Yet he is well disposed to the challenge of developing greater understanding of life's secrets and most especially the mastery of the self. He will not be without his share of conflicts and will have to work hard to establish greater stability, but he has a fine ability not to take himself or life too seriously. If he can ground his sometimes chaotic energies in the more dependable pleasures of family, friends and children, this process will ensure increased self-knowledge, shared understanding and a wide range of satisfying and enlightening experiences along his life's journey. He must learn to savour each experience however rather than forever looking to what lies beyond on the horizon. The son born in 2010 must watch a tendency to have extraordinarily high or unrealistic expectations and attitudes. Crucial to his development will be his willingness to allow his considerable sensitivity and imagination to influence his vision, craft, and spiritual or professional interests, rather than considering the world of practical matters and the world of imagination and creative activity to be mutually exclusive. While he may chafe a bit at the seeming restrictions imposed on him by life and may allow some restlessness or excitability to get in the way of success, he has the potential to make wonderful progress. He is bound for a journey enlivened by a lighthearted enthusiasm, which involves finding a mentor and devoting himself to one particular area of expertise and achieving a virtuoso level. He will then have to be careful not to become a workaholic.

    You and your daughter: this is also difficult for a parent-child relationship. It can prove quite a challenge for both of you since it focuses on feeling and spirit - areas in which neither of you feel very comfortable. Your relatonship will bring out previously repressed emotions. Its focus may be the difficulty you both generally have with feelings, which you two tough individuals see as messes you would rather avoid - but that will be impossible here. You two need to be confronted with this area of emotion so that you can explore and work it out. Fortunately the process will have a certain flow to it, so that the lessons it has to offer will occur before you two even realize what's happening. Thus your relationship will often be confrontational. Your daughter can be very critical of you because you are so prone to being authoritarian. She will chafe under your rules but will still need them. Be careful how you talk to her because she will take you very literally. Your daughter will have a unique and admirable quality for straight-to-the-point honesty, even towards herself and her own psychological quirks. However this honesty may be too blunt and brutal for some and she can become overly judgmental or critical. She will also have to overcome a tendency to be too self-sacrificing or to otherwise misplace her loyalties by getting involved in troubled relationships. She will have to come to terms with her need to avoid confrontation and unpleasantness through actually experiencing a lot of it. Still there is a real chance for her to find happiness and personal liberation, especially if she cultivates a greater degree of tolerance, humanity and sheer affability, while at the same time learning to give up the relative security of the so-called 'real world' in order to better acknowledge and honour the world of spirit and universal truth. She can learn to revel in the simplicity that release affords her.

    Your husband and your sons: for all their excitement, these relationships are remarkably well-balanced - a balance underscored by the fact that all four elements of earth, water, fire and air are represented here, indicating passion and enjoyment of the senses. These relationships go very deep, and are often serious in nature. Yet these family members often share an excellent sense of humour, one that is not merely comic but also sensitive to the ironies and bizarre coincidences that life often serves up. Loyal to the extreme, despite their wild and somewhat unstable natures, these three may find their relationship a silent and quiet centre, a place in which to find respite from their own often chaotic lives. Parent-child relationships can be warm and loving here, although with a tendency to nervousness so avoiding stress is vital. Action on all fronts will be a trend, with this lot always being on the lookout for adeventure and excitement in both conventional and (more likely) out-of-the-way places.

    Your husband and your daughter: this is not a good combination for parent-child. Power struggles are likely to be the theme here and the relationship's success will rise or fall depending on whether these two can gain and keep each other's respect and trust. It is crucial that they negotiate with each other fairly - they will rarely see eye-to-eye without extensive, open and pragmatic discussion. Both will appreciate free and easy communication which however is never more valuable to the relationship than negotiation. Tough agreements will have to be hammered out and stubborn confrontations are very likely here. Structure and order will need to be imposed to keep the daughter feeling secure in what is expected of her in this relationship. Any loose, whimsical or too liberal attitudes on the father's part will not be respected or desired by the daughter. She needs to know she can depend on her father to be a firm but fair parental guide.

  • Thank you so much for your insight. You mention that my oldest son is prone to getting lost in dreamland and must learn to develop focus on every day practical matters-he has been diagnosed with ADHD because of this, and we work toward learning to focus all the time:) I will bookmark your analysis and return to it many times, I'm sure-again, thank you very much.

  • Hope you're enjoying the holidays. I would love to know how me and my family can improve our relationship :

    me, Dec 24 1959

    husband, June 28, 1956

    daughter, Oct 15, 1993

    Son, March 2, 1995


  • Hi Captain:

    Me Mommy 4-1-1978

    My son 12-3-2008

    Im always hoping Im doing a good job as a mother, that is one of my stresses in life.

  • Hello Captain,

    If this is kind of pushing the limits of the topic, just let me know and I'll understand.

    I don't have children, but am curious as to your insight on my relationships w/ my parents.

    Me: born Feb. 5 1966 (Virgo rising, Leo moon, Gemini Midheaven)

    Father: June 16 1925

    Mother: August 23 1925 (died when I was 4)

    Stepmother: January 28 1934

    Both father & stepmother are deeased now, but it was an interesting upbringing (we'll just leave it at that).

    Thanks for your time!

  • Feelinglove

    You and your daughter: this relationship is united by a bond of energy, steady in its intensity, unfailing in its production. Like a turbine running on a river's dammed-up power, it can be relied on to deliver without letup. The chemistry here is interesting - your daughter may relate to you as either your greatest ally, most apt pupil, or most formidable adversary. When she catches fire, the entire relationship ignites, taking off for its destination like a rocket ship. Certain things are clear from the outset - first of all, the correct flight path must be keyed in to the guidance system right from the start. Second, the relationship must be tough enough to withstand the enormous gravitational stress it will encounter. It will only need low-maintenance energy from you two to keep the relationship going. Your daughter will be happy with not having to make decisions, solve problems or alleviate emergencies. Thus, you two can enjoy many pleasant years together although there may be some stormy times before the pattern is established. So your daughter's childhood will no doubt be the roughest time for you two - things should start to gel in her late adolescence or early adulthood. The fear of failure must be conquered here and neither of you should expect too much of each other - take life as it comes. Your dynamic and often inspiring daughter can nevertheless make some pretty big mistakes on her life journey if she is not careful. But this added risk also means she has a greater potential for success. A natural leader, she will inevitably encounter some lessons in authority, usually by having it imposed on her. How she handles it will in large measure determine her success. Her fear of domination may hold her back unless she conquers it. Naturally glib, she can fall victim to overconfidence from time to time and would do well to study situations and circumstances thoroughly so as to avoid the pitfalls of premature or preemptive action. Also, she may fail to master the more universal or principled understanding and need for responsibility required of her particular life's journey. Still, if she can channel and refine her passion for truth and a higher sense of justice, she will no doubt find great liberation in this lifetime. She can indeed live large as long as she also has large ideals.

    You and your son: the focus of this relationship, and usually its biggest problem, is finding a point of reference or standard of behaviour that both of you can recognise. Often split in your belief systems, you two may have great difficulty reaching agreement on most major issues. In the personal realm, probably the greatest difference between you is that your son is in need of attention and approval, while you do not expect approval and would often prefer to do without it. This makes you the much stronger person in many ways, and you are usually able to win out in personal struggles with your son. This comparison however also indicates that your son operates by more socially accepted norms of behaviour than you do, for you tend to become a law unto yourself through isolation. Thus, the inherent struggle in this relationship centres on whether it should orient itself towards others (easier for your son) or more or less insulate itself and seek its own values (easier for you). Your relationship can be extremely close in the early years despite this difference, but it will have to work hard to develop ties in other areas later on. Your son will have to watch his tendency to be attracted to short term amusements and try to remain focused on long term goals. He must learn how to concentrate fully on any matter at hand and to eliminate any superfluous baggage and all that does not further his greater ambitions. Conflicts between the material and nonmaterial sides of life will prove challenging for him. Intensely emotional, he may lack the necessary objectivity to take stock of himself and his position in the world and to reset his priorities and goals. He must learn to operate from a basis of faith in himself. Often he can fall victim to overidealizing situations and people to the point where he fails to progress. Too, he can retreat into a world of creature comforts, fantasy, and safe isolation. If he can learn to rid himself of all that is not useful to him without developing a suspicious or disillusioned attitude, then he will rise unobstructed towards his goals to become the smart and spiritual planner, administrator or dedicated professional he is well suited to be.

    Your husband and your daughter: this pair have a catalytic effect on each other. There is an interesting psychological dynamic here, in which each person incorporates some of the other's attitudes - this in turn leads them to discover or expose aspects of their own selves that have previously been concealed. This relationship urges your husband to be more outgoing and to reveal more of his inner life, and your daughter to draw back a bit from her worldly involvements and to become more introspective. Thus, this relationship can balance each person's innate tendencies. In encouraging them in these directions, it creates a movement towards wholeness and psychological health. Your daughter will find a sympathetic ear in her father because he knows how to listen. However, she may not always be able to give him the attention he craves from her due to her professional and personal activities. She is often uncomfortable with emotions but her relationship with her father can teach her the hazards of a cool and unemotional facade. Learning to acknowledge and give vent to her feelings constructively will be an important lesson for your daughter to learn. This pair will respect each other's secrets. Yet they will also encourage each other to find the right time and place for such hidden material to be revealed, and perhaps along the way this will help in working out attendant problems.

    Your husband and your son: this relationship brings solid and well-established values to bear. Its foundation is not flimsy or temporary - this pair have the long haul in mind. It is easily one of the most compatible relationships of all. Their attitudes towards one another are accepting, but the demands they make on each other are considerable - the relationship promotes groundedness, pragmatism, responsibility, and maturity, eschewing the kind of flakiness that both of them might be guilty of individually. A kind of tenacity inherent here will help them over any bumps in the road. The natural flow between them promotes a relaxed attitude and a shared appreciation for food and comfortable surroundings. There is a solidity and flexibiity necessary for everyday interactions and the relationship is both reliable and sensitive to the needs of others. Spiritual and religious values may be viewed by both as essential to give meaning and direction to the family unit.

  • hello.

    Thanking You

    Myself - 16/02/1983

    daughter - 13/08/2003

    daughter - 31/10/2007


  • JJon

    You and your son: this relationship usually hinges on the issue of trust versus rejection. Your son may suffer from a lot of rejection in his life, as he has a tendency to put all his eggs in the wrong basket. So he might not be overly trusting of you, who has his best interests at heart. The tragedy is that he may be turning his back on one of the few people capable of understanding and accepting him. Viewed clearly, this relationship can be a source of strength, faithfulness, and sustenance to both of you. Yet it can also be very fiery and passionate, blinding one or both of you to its strong underlying foundation. This passion often generates a kind of unrealistic haze, obscuring your vision of each other. Any distrust between you can produce the very events you fear. When this occurs, you both must understand your own role in creating the disaster. If you are not put off by your son's suspicion, aloofness or downright hostility, you may be able to force him to see the honesty of your intentions, and a more satisfying productive relationship can result. You may become bewildered or even frightened by your son's intense feelings and certain peculiarities in his personality, but you are generally honourable enough not to humiliate or degrade him because of it. You may sometimes want to withdraw from him and refuse to get further involved in his life, but if instead you can be understanding of his unusual nature and be patient with his need to do things his way, you can work well together. Again the key is trust. Don't let your vision be clouded by preconceptions or the past. Your son has a need for suffering that he will have to let go of. Born with a tendency to hang onto habits, people and things even when they have outworn their usefulness, he must learn to practise unflinching and objective self-assessment of himself and his life. He will also have to learn how to overcome his inclination to remain attached to those who don't appreciate him. Whatever his foibles, quirks and follies, he will undoubtedly have to undergo a transformation. He can certainly find fulfilment in this lifetime, although this will probably not manifest as the usual kind of placid contentment other people enjoy. Tearing down the old to make way for the new will be pretty much a way of life for your son, so letting go of any cumbersome baggage is essential as is not letting others hold him back. His impatience will make it hard for him to find an emotionally balanced 'middle of the road' kind of life, as will his difficulty in overcoming a tendency to skip necessary steps or take shortcuts. But it can be done - with a lot of hard work and focus - and the joy and transformation that he achieves will be well worth all the trouble.

  • Bravado, this topic is open to any sort of parent-child relationships.

    You and your father: your relationship can arouse the jealousy or resentment of other family members. You must become more aware of the needs of other people in your environment. Your twin extroverted tendencies are brought out here - you both like to socialize and have fun together, but these gratifying activities may not bring you far in advancing your individual or mutual causes. If you are both low in ambition, you may continue in an unabated pursuit of pleasure for years, leading to a vacuous dead end in which spiritual, emotional, and self-realising values are severely lacking or absent. However, you two can put your social skills and ability to be welcoming to work, ideally for a good cause by networking, building coalitions or uniting disparate groups of people. So don't let the relationship stagnate - keep it alive by getting involved in more serious activities and discussions. Your father was able to take in and understand enormous amounts of information yet he would have had to work hard to cultivate a level of personal discipline. He had a pronounced fondness for exploring the limits and pushing the frontiers of experience, yet it may have taken him some time to settle down, remove himself from the social world, and focus his energy in such a way that his yearning for experience manifested in concrete accomplishments. Born with a tendency to become restless and bored, he had to learn that the journey IS the destination. His love of learning in all its forms was certain to hold sway in his life.

    You and your mother: this relationship is likely to involve a free flow of feelings. Yet involved and unhealthy dependency issues can arise in a parent-child combination here. You both want to please each other but your efforts can go awry, signalling a basic problem of communication. You will not always be able to fathom or be comfortable with your mother's complexity of nature. Yet there is usually enough love and concern to guarantee rewards. You both have abundant mental abilities that are quite capable of coalescing. Though usually quite different as indivduals, you two might try to maintain an appearance of normalcy in your relationship when in fact it is highly unusual for you both. Your mother's difficulty in sharing or interconnecting with others may have held her back a lot in her life. She was very protective of herself and her heart and invested most of her time, great intelligence, and energy more in logic, observation and analysis than in actual experiencing. This gave her the power of knowing the 'dirt' on everyone, but she had a certain rabble-rousing streak that may have driven her to misuse this information to manipulate others. Her challenge in life was to develop her more feeling, compassionate, and intuitive side.

    You and your stepmother: your shared allergy to problems aimed to keep this relationship as trouble-free as possible. By avoiding difficulties, however, the relationship may have ended up causing more of them in the long run. Though you will have enjoyed giving your dark side a rest in this relationship, there is no guarantee that peacefulness would result, since the inner shadow doesn't take well to being ignored and may well demand attention. However, while this relationship continued to function, it could have been extremely enjoyable for both parties. Once it broke down, though, it could have been extremely hard. Your stepmother tried to be free and permissive with you. However, her attitude was that freedom is not something you are given but something you take. In some ways, children come to be more responsible through being accountable for their actions than they might be in a more authoritarian setting. The two of you both had trouble making a lasting commitment. Easy interchanges and few responsiblities were the basis for success of your relationship (you may both have acted like kids who never grew up and never wanted to, either) and, if that foundation crumbled, trouble surely resulted. If a more responsible attitude towards you was called for, your stepmother's sense of independence and inability to submit to controlling and claiming authority (and yours) may have been challenged and rebellion will have occurred. Authoritiarian or 'holier-than-thou' attitudes may have been the result. Your stepmother had a deep need to be infallible and, in this lifetime, had the lesson to balance her emotions and become more considerate towards others (especially the less fortunate) and less judgmental. She was possessed of a difficult temperament and wide emotional swings and would have done well to remember that her sense of humour was her biggest asset. Yet she also had a highly imaginative and empathic nature that often was obscured by her volatile emotions.

  • Miss-h

    You and 2003 daughter: this relationship is an interesting blend of conservative and radical viewpoints. It simultaneously values traditions of all kinds and espouses modern, forward-looking ideas. Some might term it new age or consider it esoteric. You are tough on the outside but hyper-sensitive inside, whereas your daughter can be tough all the way through. While you share a similar drive toward worldly success, you are quite different when it comes to your inner lives and your approach to your relationship. You have much to teach your daughter about emotion, but first you must unlock your own repressed feelings. Your unique chemistry with your daughter can often accomplish exactly this, since with her you will encounter someone who will not take no for an answer if a deeper involvement with you is the goal. By hammering down your defences, she may succeed in reaching that deep and invaluable level on which you have so much to offer. But your relationship can suffer if you are forced to take on too many crushing domestic burdens. Your need to nurture must indeed be met, but your unsympathetic daughter must not be allowed to take advantage of you here. It is extremely important that you two share mundane daily tasks and work side by side together, not only for your own personal development but to strengthen the relationship and show you both really care. Otherwise this relationship can be very difficult indeed. Your daughter may have a strong fear of other people's disapproval and may develop a tendency to believe herself unworthy of love. This may make her afraid to reveal her true self to others and lead her to adopt a false public persona that is the opposite of her real nature and identity. A commanding and even heroic facade may disguise some deep-seated fears in her personality. Though she is likely to be worldly, sophisticated and highly ambitious, true fulfillment may be elusive until she releases her deep sense of being wronged and her fear of rejection. Very capable of shouldering huge responsiblities and attempting any number of daunting feats in order to gain respect and appreciation, your daughter can succumb to some highly manipulative and even tyrannical tactics when things don't go as she planned. Though likely to be quite social and even dazzlingly so at times, she will nevertheless manifest a rather closed attitude toward helpful interaction and may be self-sufficient to the point of neurosis. Relying less heavily on herself alone and developing more confidence in life itself may well be her key to happiness and personal heroics. She must also learn the difference between taking command and just pushing people around.

    You and 2007 daughter: this relationship manifests as a deeply empathic bedrock of trust and understanding, a place of great sensitivity where you two can turn to each other for advice, empathy and support. You are both called on to be the other's trustworthy mirror of their feelings, reflecting them back to be viewed. With great gentleness, your daughter will strive to bring your feelings out into the open and to help dissolve the defenses you have built up over the years. You meanwhile are among the few individuals with the patience and insight to help your daughter dig deeper into herself. Your acute sensitivity to each other's feelings makes close cooperation and instant communication possible here. But you must both push each other to achieve the very best you are capable of in all areas and strive for peak experiences. Your daughter is very sensitive but can also be closed and secretive at times and must strive to break down the barriers that keep her from sharing her ideas and feelings. By delving into her darker side, she can shine a light on it to achieve better self-understanding and acceptance. With a deep need to feel superior, she must be less hard on others and also herself. Suspicion and a rather calculating attitude can hold her back from connecting with others and may even border on paranoia. Her obsession with her privacy may be acted out in a way that becomes damaging for all concerned. Especially susceptible to feelings of jealousy, envy and greed, she will do best when she releases her preoccupation with the 'real' motivations of those around her and turns her attention inward in an effort to discover just why it is that she became so obsessed with privacy and secrets in the first place. When she turns her investigative talents towards the work of self-realization and discovery, she will find that her deepest fears will evaporate and the road to enlightenment and success will widen and smooth.

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  • Hi, first of all thank you very much 🙂 it seems like you have been a great giver, the world needs more captains 🙂

    me: 12/25/79

    son: 3/17/03

    son 10/11/04

  • Soulfirepoet

    You and your 2003 son: this combination is often able to bring things into being just by thinking about them. Together you have a balanced strength, which is unlikely to lead to big surprises or big disasters. Warm and loving feelings abound, with the emphasis more on the metaphysical than the physical. Arguments will be rare but the relationship may become a little too relaxed at times, lacking real snap and fire. So make sure you stimulate and challenge each other too. You two can be extremely effective in guiding the destiny of a particular group - whether it be social, familial or professional - simply by forming a clear picture of what is needed and miraculously realizing it. There is a kind of magic here, a receptivity to pragmatic solutions. Extremely dependable and supportive, such a combination could induce even skeptics to reconsider their denial of paranormal phenomena, such is the psychic nature of your connection. You two may dominate your home, dictating what others can and cannot do there. You are powerfully united and will be difficult to oppose. Be careful not to control too much territory and leave room for others to have input and make decisions, too. In life, your son will have to deal with and release his need for 'more'. Practical matters, humility, and issues of stability will be his biggest sticking points so you must be a steadying and grounding influence for him. He is a truly gifted and creative individual - talented and passionate in the extreme - but there is a pronounced tendency to skim the surface of problems and to refuse the call to greater objectivity, common sense, and a more integrated sense of energy. Without grounding, he may act out his search for protection and stimulation through a string of friends, lovers, and marriages, or else manifest it in a tendency to switch jobs, change careers or become a professional student. The fields of science and technology will hold great fulfillments for him. If he can surround himself with those who speak to his need for greater stability without demanding too much in return, your son will display an amazing communicative gift that will be all the more valuable for its ability to uplift the hearts of everyone he meets on his life journey.

    You and your 2004 son: this relationship is united by a bond of energy - steady in its intensity, unfailing in its production. Like a turbine running on a river's dammed-up power, it can be relied on to deliver without letup. The chemistry here is interesting - your son may relate to you as either your greatest ally, most apt pupil, or most formidable adversary. When he catches fire, the entire relationship ignites, taking off for its destination like a rocket ship. Certain things are clear from the outset - first of all, the correct flight path must be keyed in to the guidance system right from the start. Second, the relationship must be tough enough to withstand the enormous gravitational stress it will encounter. It will only need low-maintenance energy from you two to keep the relationship going. Your son will be happy with not having to make decisions, solve problems or alleviate emergencies. Thus, you two can enjoy many pleasant years together, although there may be some stormy times before the pattern is established. So your son's childhood will no doubt be the roughest time for you two - things should start to gel in his late adolescence or early adulthood. He may display a deep need to win as he grows older that must be released so that he can embrace himself with self-love and self-respect. He may leave wordly success and admiration behind to take a voyage of self-discovery as a result of experiences with overreaching, overconfidence, or overly aggressive attitudes. He can become too fond of the power struggles and politics in his life and must recognise this tendency when it occurs. He may disguise feelings of insecurity with chronic rebellion, overindulgence, and haughtiness, resulting in some fairly spectacular mistakes. And though he has an impulse to fool all the people all the time, he will have to withdraw from his attempts and stop trying to kid himself if he wants to find happiness. Developing a better sense of who he is will lead him to a greater empathy for others. Once acceptance is achieved and self-love manifests in greater interest in and understanding of his fellow human beings, there will be few who are more adept than your son at wielding power with grace, modesty, and wisdom. He can broaden his sense of personal power by relating to others on a feeling level, thereby achieving success and balance in every area of his life.

  • Me: April 15, 1986

    My son: November 11, 2010

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