Broken to pieces.

  • I never knew I could hurt more. I'm not sure if I should heal myself because if hurt still comes after I heal, it would hurt more. If there will be no more incidents, then perhaps I can heal and be generous. I'm finding that I'm settling for smaller and smaller things but I'm not desperate.

  • Now I see what you mean, Ethereal!

    Ugh... TheInsaneAquarius - my heart is with you! I'm hurting too right now. Ethereal commented on my post and asked, what's with all the aquarians with broken hearts? I don't get it!

    I'm not sure what you're going through but just a few words for you:

    Everything happens for a reason. Maybe there's a lesson to me learned that you're not quite grasping yet. There's NOTHING wrong with that! We're humans - we all have a purpose and a path to follow and many of us choose to wonder down the wrong path countless times. I have repeated the same mistakes for YEARS now and there are times when I realize the big picure and feel SO down on myself. I mean, lock myself in a room and cry and cry and listen to depressing music, same songs over and over again and want to seclude myself from people bc I feel so crazy, like no one understands ME. Don't beat yourself up, you're NOT crazy. You have feelings... some have more than others. That's not a bad thing and you'll find as you go along in life that many people will look up to you for that rather than put you down. I'm sure you're just being your own worst enemy. I know I have a tendency to do that to myself.

    Anyway, I hope this helps. I understand how you feel without knowing what's truly going on so just know that you're not alone sweetpea ❤

    Much love,


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