• Could you please give me a reading on my son Please captain, 5/11/95

    Thank you very much jenxxx

  • As an adult, your son will be serious, dedicated and gifted with considerable powers of concentration. He will have little trouble developing the practical expertise demanded by his lifepath of instruction. He will have to balance his relationship needs with the demands of his chosen profession or craft however. He does have a deep need for others that mustn't get sublimated by his work. He will have to watch a tendency to get stuck in over-attention to detail, worry, and workaholic habits when it comes to sharing his knowledge in a larger social context. His natural inclination is to go into things deeply rather than expand on them. Still his empathy for others, his leadership potential, and his sense of independence means he will undoubtedly make a difference in other people's lives. He must however fight an innate tendency to be suspicious, selfish, and hypercritical. He will be happiest when he can be his own person, having many different life experiences, and being surrounded by people who energise and support him. It will really help him if you can teach him to focus his attention away from himself and onto wanting to learn more about other people and what makes them tick. His natural urge to discover secrets will help with this. He would make a fantastic counsellor, psychologist, detective, researcher, diplomat, or peacemaker because of his ability to see clearly how to help people communicate their concerns. He will also do well in fields involving beauty and art, and he would be a great entertainer or a public speaker. He will be an invincible dynamo when it comes to focusing on any task he has to complete. He won't be an overnight success however because his lifepath is all about hard work, following the proper processes, and not skipping any steps or taking shortcuts. But his real secret to success will lie in achieving intimacy and loving relationships so he must be sure to leave time for play in his commitment to his career.

  • Thank you very much captain, much appreciated. Jenxxx

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