Ophiuchus Anyone?

  • As the end of November approaches, I'm searching for genuine insight into the 13th sign. Somehow this has become quite important to me as I was born just one hour into Ophiuchus (Nov. 30 at 1:01 am) and feel I have a responsibility to understand the concepts it presents. I am especially intrigued by the stars location during the upcoming galactic alignment.

    As a general question, Is there any real difference in being born at the very begining of an astrological sign (as I am) or say a week into the sign?

  • Melinda2,

    As a general question, Is there any real difference in being born at the very begining of an astrological sign (as I am) or say a week into the sign?

    No, there is no real difference.

  • If we assume Ophiuchus is a valid astrological sign, wouldn't being born on it's cusp have some impact?

  • Melinda2,

    if we would assume that, of course. But it is not a valid astrological sign, it is just a play toy for thinkers. Astrology is not astronomy. The roots of astrology are coming from a much more perfect science than astronomy or any science today. What matters is not causality, but analogy.

    A man asked his psychoanalyst after many days of

    psychoanalysis... nothing was happening. The

    psychoanalyst was getting worried, the man was also

    getting worried. He was paying so much and nothing was

    coming out of it.

    Finally he blurted out. He said, "I think the real

    problem is not my mind, the real problem is the people

    with whom I work -- my manager, my treasurer, the

    clerks. The people with whom I work are the real

    problem. So just psychoanalyzing MY mind is not going

    to help."

    The psychoanalyst asked, "What exactly is the problem

    with the people you work with?"

    He said, "They are all utterly lazy. Nobody wants to

    work, they all go on postponing."

    The psychoanalyst said, "You do one thing: you make

    beautiful boards. Write on the boards in capital

    letters,'Do it now! Tomorrow never comes! Tomorrow is

    death, life is today.' And put this board everywhere in

    your office, so wherever they look they will find it.

    This will have some impact on them."

    After the third day the psychiatrist phoned his

    patient. His wife was on the phone and she said, "He is

    in the hospital because he has been beaten badly by his


    He said, "Why?"

    The woman said, "I think it is because of your


    So he rushed to the hospital. The man was really in

    pain, fractured all over the body.

    He asked, "What happened?"

    The man said, "It is you and your stupid advice. The

    treasurer immediately escaped with all the cash -- 'Do

    it now! Tomorrow never comes! Tomorrow is death!' He

    simply wrote a note: 'I have been thinking of escaping

    with the cash for many years, but if it is so --

    tomorrow is death -- then this is the time.' My manager

    has escaped, eloped with my typist. And the other

    workers just jumped upon me and started beating me.

    They said, 'We had always wanted to beat you, and we

    were postponing."'

  • If it wasn't for the stars there would be no astrology. I thank you for your insight and will consider the story you told as it pertains to my life. I'm sure there is something to be learned here.

  • Melinda2,

    astrology is not for the stars, the stars are for astrology.

    Existence knows better than you. If life has given you something, then it means that there is something to be learned through it. For example your creative energy – don’t repress it. Refine it, certainly, make it as pure as possible, because it is your energy which will create many things in your life.

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