Energy Report - November 2010

  • As we move into November a number of significant shifts will occur. The first is a shift within the Mayan Calendar, the dawn of the Seventh Day of the Galactic Underworld, beginning on the 3rd November. With this dawn we enter into a year-long period during which our ego-driven dominance will begin to disintegrate, making it possible for us to actively follow the guidance of our hearts and intuition, bringing us ever closer to Unity Consciousness.

    The second shift will occur with the New Moon gateway on November 5th/6th. During this New Moon period the transformational energies we have been working with since June will reach a peak amplifying our healing processes. This is a powerful opportunity for us to release and bury the past, set important intentions, and welcome in new life. That which we intend during this period will have a life changing effect on us that will be felt within the next year.

    As the energy of transformation and change continues to expand an abundance of light constantly streams into our world bringing a period of transition that can be challenging as we purge the past and welcome in the new. Resistance is futile and will only bring suffering. Embracing the light will awaken your heart bringing control over your thoughts and actions and birthing profound changes within.

    Money and support seem to be a recurring theme and many issues relating to these concerns are coming strongly into focus. As we move through this high energy period you are given the opportunity to release your deepest fears held within poverty consciousness. As you expand your heart, by embracing the power and energy of the Divine Creators light and love, and merge this energy in union with the energy of money, you will transform your fears and bring in the abundance that is rightfully yours. As you heal and transform your relationship with the energy of money you allow this energy to support you in your life rather than dictate your life choices and decisions.

    Venus is almost half way through her retrograde period. She turns direct on the 18th November. We are still currently in a period of re-assessment, re-evaluation and contemplation that will continue to create shifts and changes leading up to the Solstice in December. For those who are battling with internal struggles and seeing no outward result of past intentions will see things begin to turn by mid to end November. Your internal work will begin to show results especially relating to finances, relationships and well-being.

    As we enter into the New Moon a time of releasing and letting go is set in motion. All that you no longer need, that which you are attached or addicted to, is released allowing that which you choose to become a part of your life. What, how and when is your choice. This is a good time to eliminate old hurts and wounds existing from past memories and old relationships. These memories, conscious or unconscious, may still be affecting your life situations and influencing present frustrations and blocks.

    Often it is difficult to remember past hurts and old memories but this is the perfect time to absolve the past, to make amends for past errors and misunderstandings and to repair what needs to be repaired in order to move forward. This is a unique moment in which you are able to use the energies to retrieve your Divine Power to release the past and integrate your inner life with your outer experience.

    As November progresses our inner, mental and emotional aspects are expanding to encompass our deeper more Spiritual facets. Concerns arising from deep within your heart and mind will empower you to re-pattern your life. As new patterns emerge your Spiritual growth and development will encourage you to pause and re-examine your life situations and experiences from a different, higher perspective. There is a strong and significant emphasis on Spirituality and the energies will focus your attention on those things that determine at the most profound level who you are and why you do what you do.

    As you move through deep feelings, mending and releasing that which is required move gently and mindfully through these sometimes challenging times. Liberating yourself from old hurts, wounds and judgements will birth new values, new perspectives and new relationships. During this time of transition it is crucial that you listen to your heart, release your ambitions and expectations and decide what changes you wish to make and how you wish to make them. Basing your plans for the future on old, rigid, pre-existing ideas will be damaging. Changing the pattern of your life with the guidance of your heart will align you with the love and light of the Divine Creator, bringing blessings of harmony and peace into your life.

    by: Kate Spreckley

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