Can anyone give me a reading please?

  • Hello everyone,

    Blmoon helped me before, but I've read around she has since left the site. I'm wondering if anyone can help me, or offer advice. It's kind of a long story, but basicully, my scorpio ex-boyfriend broke up with me about 2 months ago. We were together for 1 yr and 8 m...and his reasons mainly came from me accepting a bartending job which he didn't want me to do, but I felt I had to get it out of my system, because it's something I always wanted to do. Plus, we would argue a lot in the past and it just took a toll and he said he's done. He text me everyday for 2 weeks after we broke up, he wanted to take me to dinner for my bday, and bought me a gift (my bday was the same week we broke up). Blmoon advised me to get busy with my life and let go of him, and he will come back. Hi sister and I are very close friends, and I was suppose to stop talking to her about him. I followed all this advise through October, and now I do feel like I'm in a much better place than before, however, I cracked 2 days ago and talked to his sister about him. She pretty much told me he is trying to get over me, that he is very over the relationship, and that he doesn't want me and her to be friends, he's not 100% comfortable with it. I feel like he is mad at me, or resents me and I just need some guidance. Do I let him go forever and how to do that? he told me when he was breaking up with me that he still loved me and had feelings for me, but just wasn't happy. I also know he is very unhappy with his life right now and how he his going nowhere and in debt and thats all he thinks about. I also know he has been hanging out with this girl who is his sisters friend who his sister says they would never be anything more, even though they are perfect for eachother. Well, she says he and I are perfect for eachother, but ya know. Sorry this is so long, but any advice would help! thanks so much!

  • Dear Flyaround the world,

    You need to Flyaroung the world in your mind and release the old and step into the new. Your ex boyfriend was honest with you and he has let go , he did care about you but I do feel you are headstrong and like to have your way about things. You have learned a lesson with him and must now carry it forward with you.

    You will carry on without both him and his sister in your life as I feel changes coming forth for you in this new year. One in which will find you engaged and happy by the end of it. You will continue to seek and find a man that will be more compatible with you, he feels like and Aries or a Bull and will simply have the know how to bring the very best out within you. He will like the color red and the good things of life. You will just shine when you are with him and he with you. I feel a K in his first or last name.

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