Help interpreting another reading???

  • I know I already posted on here, but I decided to do another reading just because I can. The question was basically the same (how can I get my ex back?).

    My advice: the devil

    My issues:

    His issues: four of coins queen of coins

    His advice: eight of swords

    Love situation: the chariot

    Challenges and opportunities: seven of wands

    Possible outcome: ten of cups

    I'm just afraid to interpret it by itself because I'll probably just see what I want to see.

  • My issues were the queen of pentacles, btw.

  • The cards are telling both of you to let go. The Devil and 8 of Swords. The chariot shows you are both heading different paths. The relationship is hard work for both parties involved 7 of wands.

    10 of cups is the outcome because you will probably meet someone who is a better match and makes it easy loving him if you choose to move on now.

  • oops and Issues .. both of you seem very stubborn and want your way without compromise. Queen of Coins and 4 of coins.

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