Dangala - Is It Clear For You? Because It's Hazy for Me!

  • Hi Dangala ~

    If you have time on the forums (not sure how often you check in; but do trust your abilities from threads I've seen you on!), I would greatly appreciate your input.

    I consider myself highly intuitive, and in fact have recently been able to provide very accurate and helpful readings for a number of people. I feel very positive about this ability; and only a little miffed that I haven't yet the ability to have complete objectivity as it pertains to my own path. At least, my love life.

    It's possible that this area is gray for me, because it just isn't going to happen this year - logically, there wouldn't be a lot of time for it. And yet, I can't help feeling I've already met the person who I know is of great significance in my life (romantically or not) - but believe we are incredibly well-suited and predestined to be lovers. Currently, he is in a brand new relationship; and I am happy for him that he has found someone who meets his standards and he can have fun with. He projects complete confidence in the relationship - but when I read for him the other day, a different story showed up. A story about us, and this relationship (current) being passing and too superficial for his needs.

    Simultaneously, astrologically I am getting messages to burst forth with my feelings (carefully but honestly) - yet I have honored a pact with him that we will get together shortly at his arrangement. I trust this to be within one week's time. I'm just not sure if I was objectively reading for him - and if I am just crazy as hell. I truly wish I could get some objectivity with absolute clarity on the entire picture between us.

    If you can see it - can you help me? As well, if you see someone else - can you let me know?

    I appreciate any time you have - and would be happy to provide you with the best of my own abilities for any insight you may seek for yourself (if you have the same objectivity issue ; )).


    Wild Places

  • Just bumping for you, in case you're on the other side of the world.



  • This man you speak of is very troubled emotionally. He is not happy with his current woman and the union wont last because he has issues with trust .He can't trust himself and this leads him to not trust others around him. He projects a lot of his own issues onto his partners making it impossible for any woman to get close to him. He is not looking for a serious commitment and will start dragging his feet once his woman starts demanding more from him. He prefers docile women who are not challenging as he doesn't have the patience for drama nor does he need it.. he just wants a woman to feed his needs of the flesh at this present time. if he feels cornered or drained he just stops contact and moves on. He is a real heart-breaker.

    I see a wake up call for you were he is concerned coming for you soon. This will be necessary for you so you can move on. You are under his spell, he has this affect on women because he appears , dark,mysterious and deep.. but really he is just a scared little boy who is too self absorbed with himself.

    I see the start of a romance in 9 to 10 months time with another man, this man will be older and more stable. He wont have too much emotional baggage as the one you are infatuated with now. He knows what he wants and doesn't like to play games. He doesn't hide anything, I see him as an open book, and he expects the same in return. I see happiness and joy and good times ahead.


  • Hi Dangala,

    Thank you for taking the time to tell me what you see. It's funny - because despite my infatuation as it truly is - I see all of this too. Except that because I'm infatuated, I don't see the older man. I know he isn't happy with the new woman - in fact, today I saw him, and he was trying to get me back on the hook (he doesn't know I never left).

    I see his need to be surface due to his insecurities, as well as his dreamy loner image. I, too, have a dreamy loner image. Yet, we both also share a space where we dream for a deep connection. He cannot break my heart, I feel, because I am so aware of him. And he is incredibly self-absorbed, and a couple years younger than I. I'm not entirely sure what the draw is, knowing that he represents such a challenge to my preconcepts of what I think I want - but I guess you're right ~ he put a spell on me.

    When I did a spread and communicated directly with him, I saw the disappointment with his current lover, the Sun card came up with what he truly wants with us, and I also saw that he will do nothing to attain it. He wants me to be the Queen of Pentacles, a maternal, ambitious figure who at the same time yields to his path. He knows this is fantasy - and so despite that I might be his true heart's desire - he will long to keep things on a sensual, and good times level. Funny thing is - because of the connection that I have with him, and I know he has with me - that's what I want too. I just am not a docile woman.

    What is the "wake up call" you see? And am I deluded or just rationalizing ~ because I feel for the first time in my life very very clear about the angles, and clear about what I want. It's just been his hooks, baits, and sinkers that have had me confused about my own intuition.

    Thank you for your time - and I truly appreciate any more time you can devote to my "perhaps" hopelessly romantic cause.

    Wild Places

  • Hello WP.. no you are not deluded.. love is blind my dear. lol,.. Wake up call as in there might be some tension and agitation between the two of you in future, You will see another side of him, and you wont be impressed. I feel you will follow this path to the end no matter what and this in my opinion is good as it will deliver you from his hook in future. Sometimes it's best to go through it than around it..

    I don't think anyone is hopeless when it comes to romance it's a journey and every road has bumps and curves and so on. You are a bright woman full of life and energy.. at least this is what I pick up from you. You will do just fine and you know it. So keep exploring with an open heart as you are doing now. You will get your answers soon.

  • Thank you Dangala - for everything. Particularly, for not judging me. It bothers me when I see that on these forums ; ).

    I guess we (you and I) both knew I'd stay on my path - being someone who in the past made the mistake of pushing my needs onto others with much force - I feel it is important to be on the other end. Not in a punitive way, but rather in that I never trusted that my former lovers truly loved me - I think same insecurity i see in him. And I feel like in either being a close friend, lover, or both - I can learn more about the true meaning of love and trust. It seems to me, that particularly with one who is so scared to be real - as long as you know the love is real and there - daily affirmations and constant attention aren't necessary. I'm shooting for mature love at this point in my life - even if it is one-sided (in the mature sense). And it helps he's incredibly dear to me.

  • You see kindness in him that is not there. But I admire your good heart.

  • Dangala,

    Can you tell me more about him? You have clarity and so much certainty; but kindness is something I'm certain he has in him, only that it conflicts with his self-absorption.

    I'd really love more details and insight. I hope I'm not asking you to repeat what you already have said. If I'm asking to much, please just let me know - and I'll back off. I'm always a sucker for these types...particularly his sign.

    Thanks Dangala,

    Wild Places

  • Hello WP, I feel I have told you enough about him, there is nothig much there, he is not exactly a deep or spitirually developed soul.. not as far as I can see... my last vision was of disappointment and after this you will move on. I didn't see anything more after that. ( Read back)

    You have found enough clarity and knowlegde about him and the situation to move on, but for some reason you wont let it go... That is something for you to ponder as to why you do this. I think it has more to do with you then him.

  • Thank you Dangala again, for your insight, time, and candor. I will reread and ponder why it is that I can't let go.

    All the best to you - and I will see you around on the forums. As I said before earlier, though I can be completely blocked/at least in complete denial regarding my own life - I do have abilities. Feel free if you ever are in need to contact me. Seems though, that you've got things pretty well covered ;).

    Nevertheless, I always like to repay a service, and return a favor.


    Wild Places

  • I know you have abilities.. I find even the best psychics need insight from others because as humans we can't trust our own judgment or messages we receive when it has to do with our own issues or queries.. Something to do with seeing what you really want to see. I am like that too! I can't read for myself.

    I am here if you need me, just ask. 😉

  • One good turn deserves another Dangala - either you can take a rain check - or I will ask you about something completely unrelated if that's okay?

    It's about a reading I did for someone a few days ago - in my heart I wanted to, but my fear had me reluctant to...attempt to channel/contact her recently departed loved one. I did though. I wasn't trying; but I did put out a disclaimer to his spirit prior to reading for her, that if he wanted to come through and help her - he was welcome as long as he knew he had to leave when his message was passed on - and he had to protect me from any other spirits.

    I couldn't believe it - because I have been skeptical despite my astral/subconscious contact with the living - but "he" came through, and essentially even shuffled my cards. It was intense to say the least, with clear messages to her and me as well (he had something he wanted me to share with me, and included me in the spread which was quite lengthy - 14 cards). I called her afterward, he was present again for the call; and gone as soon as the call ended. She seemed to get what she needed - and his message of confirmation was confirmed (I told him he needed to give me something for her to recognize her)...

    My question is a) have you ever had a similar experience (medium) b) how did you feel afterward physically? I immediately felt exhausted from this, and have been tired for a couple of days. I'd do this ten times over, though, just to experience the sound of her release on the other end of the line. They had a beautiful parting - one they were unable to have while he was alive due to an unanticipated, near instant death.

    c) if you've experience with this - any advice on how i can keep myself from getting so tired afterward? or is that just to be expected?

    sorry to ask again - but this is what I really should have banged your ear about earlier; just didn't know it then!

    best - and please, how can i help you?


  • Hey Miss Wild. I don't do medium work, nor astral travel. But I would imagine it will take all your energy because when I read for a few people I end up exhausted. I absorb the persons energy at the time of the reading and not only am I left tired but sometimes I feel a little sick when the reading gets too deep. I think what you did for this friend is wonderful. I imagine it made you feel great to give someone such a gift.

    You know no matter how I prepare I always end up tired... I think it's inevitable. Just make sure you don't burn out. The body and mind always tells you when they had enough just listen to your body and when you feel you had enough stop. 🙂

    Please don't apologize for asking things. That is why I give my time so I can try to help. I only stop reading on certain subjects when I am told to stop by my guides.

  • "best - and please, how can i help you?"

    By being good and being kind to yourself. 🙂

  • I will return the favor by being good to myself as you have asked - I know that's what I always want for those I read for, too. Thank you so much for your time and energy.

    Actually, this woman I read for is a complete stranger - I'm trying to do a minimum of 50 readings for complete strangers expecting nothing in return, so that I not only learn to hone my skills - but also, in the process - help others. And as they teach me, I teach them. It's mutually beneficial, isn't it?

    I wish I could "hear" my guides. I meditate to contact them; and I sense the presence when I can get to this very worldly yet timeless space - but I can not see or hear them yet. Does it take a long time? Or is it just one of those things that is different for everyone?

    You are a very generous and giving person - I feel that I know you - and I think you are fabulous!

  • Thank you for the kind words Miss W. You are these things too and this is why you see it so freely in people. You see people from pure eyes.

    I intuitively hear my guides. It took a long time for me to trust what I felt or "heard" from them. It all comes down to trusting yourself. I have never seen them or spoke to them as such. I believe that my visions come from them, that they help me see things. When the channels close it's them telling me no more and it's for the questioners best interest. It happens in some circumstances were the person has enough information whithin themselves and from others to go forth and either make a decision or ponder and evaluate a few things or be patient and wait for fate to give them a sign. At first I use to get nervous because people will ask me, "Why wont you read about such and such anymore"? they didn't like it at all but some accepted it and then when results came they understand what it was all about..

    So with the guides It's all about trust. trusting them and yourself. Even if you feel you might upset a questioner.. lol

    What you are doing is wonderful. so much learning and healing will come from it all 🙂

  • Thank you for your reciprocal comments - and helping me to understand what form our guides can take. I definitely can intuitively "hear" things - and those messages can be loud and clear. They always lead me to good. Nice to know what those messages are coming from now. : )

    PS - I have been good to myself all weekend; and in the process - met a very fun and interesting friend. Definitely not an older man - but this is suiting me just FINE right now! ; )

  • Hi Dangala,

    See you might be on the threads right now. Any thoughts on this new, younger man?

    Much Love,

    Wild Places

  • There is a lot of energy between the both of you. I feel he is not ready for a serious commitment because he is not emotionally developed for one. Take it very slow even if you view this as "fun" for now ,it could consume you at a later stage. Don't make it easy for him, I feel he is used to having everything he wants served on a silver platter for him. make him do the work. Keep it traditional as in the man does the chasing, let him be boss? I know this might not be easy for you because you seem like a free spirit who follows her heart freely without fear, but I feel this will could work best that way, which could mean he is not the one .. but what do I know.. I am just trying to read energies. Go with your intuition. 🙂

  • "But what do I know, I am just trying to read energies? Go with your intuition."

    You're a funny one Dangala - you of course, do see the irony of this statement? ; )

    You're definitely right about his youth, and yet - his preference for tradition. Though he's a free spirit, I sense myself being slightly dominated by him...although I told him this - and he adjusted himself quite nicely. We'll be taking it slow alright. It is SO hard for a free-spirited woman with a big heart to find the right match!


    Wild Places

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