Looking for help interpreting a 3 card reading, Thanks!!

  • I am a beginner reader, and am pretty confused as to what my reading had said tonight. I had did a 3 card past present future spread. I just shuffled/ cut 3 times, fanned out and picked 3 cards one at a time. My question was " how can I overcome my hypochondriacism"

    past- ace of pentacles reversed

    present 5 of pentacles

    future ace of swords

    I honestly have no idea how to interpret this. Why 2 pentacles?


  • I would say you have had a loss in the past which has made you become insecure in the present. You are living negatively and are hoarding your energies for fear of loss again. The good news is that the Ace of Swords will be showing you your truth in the future and also heralds a new beginning.

    On a practical note - why do you pretend to be ill or fear that you are more ill than you really are? Ask yourself what benefits you are getting from this... how does this serve you? what excuses can you use linked to it? what does it stop you doing for someone without you having to say NO and also why do you want/need the sympathy you may be getting linked with it?

    Th Ace of Swords may be your realisation of the truth and positive mental attitude to solving this problem within yourself.

  • I honestly dont mean to PRETEND to be ill. It is all in my head. I cause myself to actually believe that I am sick. And its more that I fear im going to get sick. Ever since I was young and saw my aunt die of cancer and get carried out of the house in a body bag, Ive been weird. Every little thing that happens to me...like a cough for instance...I immediately think " I have cancer" and then i build it up more and more until I get sick. It is getting progressively worse over the years.

    Also, I do not like sympathy at all for it. I dont tell anyone about it, and when I am having an episode I stay home and do not tell anyone about it. More than anything I am embarrassed..and sympathy would just make it worse.

    And thank you for your reply!! It makes a LOT of sense

  • I'm glad it makes sense 🙂

    Have you tried EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)? This would be very useful for you releasing the past trauma and then reaffirming your healthy future. There is a lady on youtube called Margaret (not sure of other name) who actually taps on video so you can see how to do it. If you google EFT you will get some good sites up.

    I wish you all the best. This seems to be the start of a new and exciting journey of self-discovery.

    Blessed be


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