Hello I am brand new here... re: love life challenge

  • Hi everyone, I came accross this site in my search for answers on the current dillema in my personal life. I already feel that I have gained so much insight into my situation just by reading the responses to others members topics. Thanks for that! I feel I am in the right place at the right time.

    I have been married for almost 7 years to Virgo DOB 12.09.1973. the marriage has been a partnership more than passion from my side. I have always doubt if I really love this man, however he is really good to me and spoil me rotten

    My DOB 03.02.1979, and I have now met another man DOB 22.08.1979 and cant get him off my mind. I ponder if my new found feelings are about the guy or about the idea of something exciting in my life. I cant seem to get him out of my mind, however dont want to jeapordise my families happiness for what might just be an fantasy.

    I would appreciate any kind of feedback and would take it to heart. Thanks for helping out here and giving of your time to strangers



  • Dear SugaAngel

    Welcome to the site and I'm clairvoyant and will be glad to read for you.

    Since you are in a marriage of conveniece than it leave your emotions wide open for smoothing with attention from other men. This new man is a dreamer somewhat to so I feel this would not be a strong enough match for you, romantic, charming yes but not a long lasting affair , better left to friendship. You have grown up and are a woman now really in need of finding your own way and happinews. It feels as though you are now soul searching for answers in your life and will find them. You will find purpose and it will be connected to helping others in a very unselfish way. Than you will deceide about your marriage and family life and move forward at a slower pace and find the man that you will be in love with and I hear the name of Charles here coming in around you, Anna will also be there to help you find your way and walk the life distiny path you are preordined to walk.

    Peace and Happiness to You

  • SugaAngel, Greetings! first, "YOU, are, scareing, Me, "FOR YOU"! Two relationships, (men; one, you,are married to......etc), is, a lot, like, "playing, two slot machines, at the same time; isn't, one, at a time, more, than enough, "TROUBLE", and enough, of an "investment", in time, energy, emmotion, Spirit, finance, resource,etc?, not to mention (also) hurting, your husband (who, is apparently, very good, to, you), taking, a chance, on ruining, your marriage, maybe, your life? I would, like, to suggest, you see/study "The Tower" card, from, The Tarot, if you, want, to understand "PASSION", and where, eventually, it leads, to. Perhaps, you need, to spend, a little time, getting, to know yourself, better; considering/appreciating, the Man, Husband, you have, and, think, about, "everything", you have (and whom) in your life, right, now, "The Gratitudes", and, how, would, everything/everybody, be affected; would you, be proud of yourself? would the other, important, people, in your life, feel, proud, of you?........ these, are, important, considerations; maybe, this, would be, a good time, for you, and your husband, " to reaquaint, " plan, a long weekend, go somewhere, do something, you, would both, enjoy, yourselves/each other, together, rekindle, "The Spark" , and find/look for, the, TRUE Strengths & Bonds, Genuine, Honest, relationship/friendship & "REAL MARRIAGE" bring; ' consider, ALL, very carefully, and, remember, to check out, "The Tower" card... Good Day! Cat-in-the-Moon

  • Hello Shuabby,

    I am in a kind of the same situation with SugaAngel. I wonder if you can do some clairvoyance for me. I can write some more in here or open a new thread if you would be able to.

    SugaAngel, I would advice you to not move fast with decisions. take a slow pace. If it is meant to be is going to. but it should be gradually and naturally. Its hard and I wish you luck!!

    cat in the moon, love happens and is never too late to open the doors to it. SugaAngel is saying there was never love in there, but partnership. so it happened, she is ready now to look for it. and she is confused, and of course not in a comfortable settings. this is inevitable, because is soul search based and is not mind wise decision.

    Blessings to all !!

    we all get our lessons in life and they are based on every day change.

  • Thanks so much to all of you for your feedback.

    I feel much better today and have yesterday with the help of my healing angel cards decided to finally surrender. Everytime I feel this anciety inside me over the situation I breath deeply and pray plus using the affrimation of Louisa Hay " I am willing to release the pattern inside me that created this" It seems to help and calm me tremendisly.

    Thank you Shuabby! You are right, I feel liked I have grown a lot this past year within myself and I know that I am exactly where I was meant to be in my life right at this very moment and yes you are right I am doing lot of soul searching since I am internally not where I want to be in my life. Strange that you would mention helping others, I do have an inherit feeling to help others or good causes,I feel very alive then and actually have a big dream for a charity next year.

    Thanks Cat-in the moon, I agree with most of what you saying but guilt has never done anyone anygood. I am working with my husband on this now and we are going for marriage couselling. I realize that I have more work to be done before I can make a decision on my marriage.

    And thank you art10, hope you find inner peace on this situation! ps: I have realised that my hunger for excitedment in my own marriage and life has now manifested a new man in my life!

    great day to you all!



  • SugaAngel, "GOOD-FOR-YOU! WOMAN"! you'll be on "The Path", now! It, is good, to remember, (for, all of us....) life is an experience, to learn, but, also, to enjoy; clearly, you, are" learning", tasting, deciding, choosing etc., and, I, agree, about ,guilt, remorse,etc., but, sometimes, life, is "sneaky" (on purpose, to learn, a specific, thing), and, the low energy, feelings etc, "Collapsing Tower", doesn't come, for years, and, can come, as a "catastrophic surprise", that can, not only, put you, on your knees, but, make you wish, you could, get, up to, that level; OH, SO BAD! 'New suggestions, from the Tarot, to consider: "The High Priestess/Empress, and all, four Queens; "channel" your "PASSIONS", in this manner, to "be, who/what you, spouse, life, meant to be; get where, you are going, and, I believe, you, are meant, to live, in Style, Grace & Gratitude, for the very, cool, person, you, are!, and "yours" cat-in-the-moon

  • Thanks so much Cat, may you be blessed for sharing your insights and time. I will definitely study the four queen cards, they seem quite interesting! ps: I like the part on style, and grace lol xoxo SA

  • Thank you, SugaAngel! My Pleasure! Enjoy, The "Divine Ladies", all, THEN, work on, the "Divine Gents", you won't, be disappointed,' promise! Practice, makes perfect! sooooooo....... "Practice, to Perfect, Your Art, You/Yours/Life; You're, a "Masterpiece", in the making! Blessings, on you/yours, also! lol XOXO Cat

  • Thanks Cat!

    What is the Divine Ladies and Divine Gents? Is this a type of tarot card? I have searched it and cannot find a specific answer.

    Also would like to know what is the case with Virgo men? From the amount of posts on Virgo men I get the distinct impression they are more difficult than others.

    My Virgo is definitely strict and all is black or white no grey

    xoxo SA

  • SugaAngel, my apology! " should've, checked back, sooner, sorry; ' didn't, realize, you, had, responded, sorry! "The Divine Ladies, etc., are Tarot Archtypes (yes cards/ concepts guidance,etc) you, can get, a number of (free) daily readings/explanations, etc., use, the glossary(small fee) look, up, in dividual cards, click on Tarot, dropboxes; I really, don't, know, much, about, astrology, so, maybe, do like- wise, click on, etc; anyway, how are, doing? 'been thinking, on you! for some fun, please, go to (forum topics) "high heels.... and I Hate........ very KOOL! Hugs! Cat

  • SugaAngel, silly me; forgot! (again!) Divine Ladies/Tarot/Magor Arcanca/ no, particular order: High Priestess, Empress, Strength, Temperance, Judgement, The Star World; "divine" ladies, The Queens( suits- cups/swords/wands & pentacles) do them first; "they", teach/show, you, who, you are; who you, have been; who you, can/will, be; that's, why, they, come, first! Hugs! Cat

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